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Best Email Marketing Software

Jason Rowse


What’s Our Mission? 

We’re here to align businesses with the email marketing software that promotes solid strategies and growth. Tapping into new markets; reaching new customers, and reengaging with existing ones are all possibilities with the right software and know-how. We make sure you’re armed with the information you need to succeed. 

How We Do It  

  • Try Them Ourselves: There’s no better way to get to the answers than to try every bit of software ourselves. Our reviews focus on what makes brands stand out, the areas they’re lacking in, and how they shape up against their competitors. 

  • Through Expertise and Knowledge: Every one of our writers has worked closely with email software before partnering with us, so you can trust that their opinions count for something. 

  • Considering All The Factors: For some people, buying software doesn’t mean getting the best of everything; key decision-making factors like budget can prevent that. But every review we perform leaves no stone unturned: automation, integration, user count, subscriber count, price, plans; it’s all in there every time. 

If you have any questions or would like our opinion on software we haven’t yet covered, be sure to contact us