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    Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

    Statistics indicate that affiliate marketing drives over 16% of the total ecommerce orders in the US alone. The true benefits of affiliate marketing come to light when combined with email marketing strategies. Affiliates can build confidence and trust among customers with the help of well-structured emails. Improved conversions and sales add to the commission potential as well. 

    Explore how to pick the right email marketing software for your business.

    Our list of four of the best email marketing software solutions for affiliates will make things even easier.

    The section on the three best practices for affiliates will also help beginners get started with email marketing right away.

    Best Email Marketing Services For Affiliate Marketers 2020

    • Sms marketing tools
    • Facebook ads for finding new clients
    • No limit for sending daily emails
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    • You can book a demo
    • Unlimited Email Campaigns
    • Responsive Templates
    • Lots of free stock photos
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    • Complete webinar marketing solution
    • Flexible terms for clients
    • Different tools for driving traffic
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    To avoid search engine penalties and email bans, you need to choose a credible email marketing software.

    Here are some other email services designed specifically for affiliates to tap into email marketing:


    One of the most economical email marketing options for affiliate marketers, EmailOctopus offers unlimited lists and campaigns. They are widely popular for making the process of sending bulk emails easy and cost-effective. Using Amazon Simple Email Service or SES, this marketer offers free templates for personalizing your campaigns.

    Drip feed emails is another forte of EmailOctopus to explore. Marketers will also find it easy to keep track of campaigns through this email marketing service.

    The only disadvantage for affiliates with EmailOctopus is the lack of segmentation.

    • Drip Feed Automation
    • Drag & Drop Email Builder
    • Bulk Emailing
    • Tracking & Analytics
    • A/B Testing
    • Integration With Amazon Web Services
    • Custom Campaign
    • Connect Starter: Free
    • Connect Pro: $19 per month


    Known for its exclusive features tailored specifically for affiliate marketing, SendX is one of the best email marketing services for affiliates. It offers a high deliverability rate owing to the unique Opti-Send technology. The Smart Send feature on this software helps marketers create campaigns based on the click-behavior of the lead.

    SendX optimizes your email campaigns based on 30+ parameters like analytics, time zone, and more. If you’re just starting out as an affiliate, free templates on this platform will help you create a responsive campaign for your target audience. Their extensive knowledge base is designed for assisting beginner affiliates.

    • Opti-Send Technology
    • Landing Pages, Pop Up Forms
    • Drag & Drop Editor
    • Audience Segmentation
    • Drip Sequence
    • Advanced Automation Tools
    • Executive ROI Analysis
    • Business: $9.99
    • Enterprise: Custom Quotes

    Omnistar Mailer

    A web-based email marketing software with a PHP mailing list, Omnistar Mailer is just one solution from a range of software services this company offers. The best thing about this service provider is its free templates with advanced tools to add unlimited custom fields.

    Offering over 20 professional templates, you can even import HTML templates that you created into this software. If you find the installation method too complex, the Omnistar team will install it for you. Accordingly, this fully customizable email marketing service is ideal for beginners and professionals. 

    • Pre-Built Form Builder
    • Unlimited Autoresponders
    • Performance Tracking
    • Advanced Target Search
    • Automated Reminders
    • Statistics & Reporting
    • Next-Level Personalization
    • Basic: $47.95
    • Professional: $97.95
    • Premium: $147.95


    This email marketer is popular for its tailored tools for affiliate marketers. GetResponse offers a unique affiliate tracking software that keeps tabs on visitor behavior. Their scoring points for tracking the engagement of your customers is another noteworthy feature. 

    The list builder apps like download box, exit pop up, scroll forms, shake box and signup box on this service are helpful for beginner affiliates. GetResponse offers pre-built workflows for getting started with automation too. You can share affiliate product reviews created by your partner via 30 RSS-to-email templates in your campaigns. Beginners and pros will find the function to create visual hooks for your affiliate programs excellent for boosting conversions. 

    • Free Templates
    • Affiliate Tracking Activity 
    • eCommerce Integrations 
    • Automated Email Sequences 
    • Drag & Drop Email Editor 
    • Drip Campaigns
    • List Builder Apps 
    • Basic: $15
    • Plus: $49
    • Professional: $99
    • Enterprise: $1,199 

    3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Good For Affiliate Marketing

    Email gives direct access to your customers, and this is why every affiliate marketer should try email marketing at least once. Besides being cost-effective, the ROI of email marketing is one of the highest in the industry.   

    Explore the three main benefits of using email marketing for your affiliate products.

    • Improving Relationships: Email marketing helps affiliates engage the target audience and build a good rapport. 
    • Saving Time: Switch to automation and save time and money for yourself and employees as well.
    • Decoding the Target Audience: Email marketing tools like surveys, A/B testing and analytics can reveal more about the target audience to help you create better campaigns.

    How Do I Pick The Right Software For Affiliate Marketers

    To pick the right email service provider to match your affiliate marketing ambitions, it is important to consider the budget, marketing goals, and other relevant criteria. The following describes the key parameters marketers can use for identifying the right software for their affiliate niche.

    • Total List Capacity: Depending on how big your email list is, look for software offering options to send bulk emails.
    • Email Builder Tool: Personalization is the trigger behind the shopping decisions of 59% of buyers. Moreover, a good interface for creating the email must be a priority for novices.
    • Automated Drip: Creating popups, signup forms, landing pages and brochures become easy with an email marketing software that offers many templates.
    • Tracking and Reporting: Given multiple follow-up emails lead to 69% more orders than one individual mail, it is recommended that marketers keep their email frequency consistent.
    • Segmentation: For sending targeted campaigns, keep an eye out for behavior-based triggers than preferences.

    Best Practices

    Do you know the ideal length of marketing email content is 200 to 300 words? Remember to keep your email neat with sufficient white space instead of building a wall of text.

    The three important tips to help affiliates with email marketing are explained below.

    Trust Building Emails

    From the lead magnet email to the welcome email, there are strategies to build a trustworthy relationship with your lead.

    The easiest way is to offer them unique information that helps them.

    Another pro-tip is to email them every day to get them into the habit of waiting on your emails.

    Be Vulnerable In Your Messages

    To really influence your subscribers, you need to open up about your mistakes and failures in your mails. It is crucial to be genuine if you want to build a good list of loyal followers. Mixing up promotional and educational emails will also help you appear realistic.  

    Invite Subscribers To Interact With You

    Proactively ask your readers to get in touch with you. Share your private or personal email at the end of the mail so that they can do so. This reduces the gap between you and the reader, making your content even more relatable.

    Bottom Line

    Email marketing strategies for affiliate programs are ideal because they boost engagement and help affiliates understand more about their target audiences. For an affiliate marketer, successful email campaigns can translate into authoritative and influential presences online too.