Best B2B Email Marketing

Best B2B Email Marketing Software in 2021

89% of B2B buyers use the internet to find their vendor, making it worth your while to invest in the best B2B email marketing software, as studies have shown that every $1 spent on email marketing has a $44 return on investment. 59% of B2B businesses don’t yet use email marketing, giving your business a head start to create an effective email marketing strategy.

Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

Updated: 09/02/2021

#1 Pick Overall - Best Email Marketing Software for B2B:

ActiveCampaign- Built-in CRM, advanced automation, and segmentation. 

Short on time? Here are the top 5 email marketing software for B2B

  • Marketing Automation
  • Complete webinar marketing solution
  • Free plan with multiple features for bloggers
  • Sms marketing tools
  • Flexible Plans
$9.99 /m

Best Email Marketing Services for B2B for 2021 - Full Analysis

The best email marketing platform for your B2B should include features that focus on CRM to help manage your customer relationships. You should be able to A/B split test your campaigns, create automation workflows, and list segmentation to send relevant content to the right businesses.

1. ActiveCampaign- Best Email Marketing Software for Advanced Users 


This software has the most advanced features on the market.

Best For

  • B2B owners with a big budget
  • Powerful email automation
  • Users who are experienced in email marketing


  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • 1000 Contacts: $25 p/m (Limited Features) 


  • Send text messages
  • Build landing pages
  • Split test different campaigns
  • Tons of integration options
  • Great CRM 

Editor’s Note: Best software when it comes to email marketing automation. You can pretty much build anything you could think of.

Bottom Line: 

This software offers some of the best deliverability rates. Their marketing automation is incredibly advanced, and we can currently say that this is the best B2B email marketing software. 

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2. GetResponse - Offers more than the average email marketing software


This tool is great for B2B looking for more inbound marketing options. 

Best For

  • All-in-one Marketing platform
  • A B2B who wants not only advanced automation but also marketing


  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • 1000 Contacts: $15 p/m


  • Landing Pages
  • Advanced Automation 
  • Lead Generation tools to turn cold leads into happy customers
  • Paid Ads
  • CRM

Editor’s Note: It offers inbound marketing tools to help promote your B2B. 

Bottom Line:

GetResponse makes it easy to capture the attention of other businesses with their flexible forms and easy-to-edit templates. 

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3. MailerLite - Easy to use with great deliverability rates

They have everything you need to run a successful B2B at an affordable price.

Best For

  • 24/7 customer service that is reportedly very good
  • Marketing automation included in the free plan

Average Price 

  • Free plan you can use forever, including email automation with 1000 contacts and 12000 emails
  • 2500 Contacts: $15 p/m


  • Drag and drop editor
  • E-commerce Campaigns
  • A/B split testing
  • Subscriber Management
  • Email automation could be better, but it gets the job done

Editor’s Note: MailerLite is easy to navigate and offers incredible features at a low cost.

Bottom Line: 

This software offers the option to send abandoned cart emails and helps encourage businesses to continue their purchases.

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4. SendinBlue- Affordable All-In-One Platform

Their SMS marketing tool makes it easy for other businesses to keep up with current offers.

Best For

  • Advanced features at an affordable price
  • Transactional emails and SMS
  • Advanced segmentation


  • Free, unlimited contacts with up to 300 emails per day
  • 10 000 Emails per day: $25 p/m


  • Google analytic integration
  • SMS Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Open & Click through reports
  • Send time optimization

Editor’s Note: They offer solid email automation at an affordable price.

Bottom Line: 

This software is great for B2B that utilizes WordPress. Over 80 000 WordPress sites have integrated the SendinBlue plugin on their website.

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5. MailChimp - Offers Advanced Reporting

This software is easy to navigate and offers a powerful editor. 

Best For

  • First starting out and on a tight budget
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support
  • Customer Journey builder 


  • Free plan up to 2000 contacts
  • 100 000 Contacts: $14.99


  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Send Time optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Branding
  • Email Automation, not the greatest. I wouldn’t recommend it if that is your primary focus.

Editor’s Note: MailChimp offers better free option plans than most email marketing software, including signup forms, a landing page builder, and sending out email broadcasts.

Bottom Line: 

MailChimp offers advanced reporting, making it easy to analyze which campaigns are triggering businesses to subscribe or make a purchase.

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6. AWeber- Delivers Great Reports


AWeber does a great job at educating beginners on their platform with in-depth articles, videos, and even podcasts. 

Best For

  • A/B Split testing
  • Email Web Analytics 
  • Ready-to-send email templates


  • 500 Contacts: $19.99


  • List management tools
  • Sales Tracking
  • Overall Reports
  • 24/7 email & chat support

Editor’s Note: B2B’s can conveniently check their stats, lead captures, and organize emails using AWeber’s mobile apps.

Bottom Line: 

Create dynamic segments based on tags, opens, clicks, purchases, visits, location, and signup forms.

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7. ConstantContact- Best deliverability rates 

ConstantContact’s high deliverability rates ensure your emails make it into your prospects' inboxes. 

Best For

  • Survey & Social Campaigns
  • Event management
  • Basic users who aren’t looking for over the top features


  • 60 Day free trial (US & CAD)
  • 30 Day free trial for the rest of the world
  • 500 Contacts: $20 p/m


  • Shop-able landing pages
  • Customizable templates
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Industry-Specific Templates
  • Not the best for email automation

Editor’s Note: ConstantContact is a basic tool, yet it still offers all you need to run a successful B2B campaign. 

Bottom Line: 

You can create visually appealing campaigns that also offer a lot of information. 

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8. Moosend - Most affordable option for B2B E-commerce

Moosend has been bought by Sitecore, a software company that offers powerful CMS.

Best For

  • Affordable Prices
  • Compare client tracking
  • Advanced application programming interface


  • Free forever 1000 contacts with limited features
  • 1000 Contacts: $8 p/m


  • Transactional emails
  • SMTP server
  • Landing pages
  • Ecommerce AI
  • Reporting & Analytics

Editor’s Note: B2B e-commerce can significantly benefit from their powerful AI tools.  

Bottom Line: 

Moosend’s affordable prices are great for any B2B on a budget, and their site is simple and easy to use.

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9. BenchMark- Best User-Friendly Software

If you need a simple and easy newsletter tool, this is it.

Best For

  • Easy to navigate the software
  • Online Support, loads of videos to watch
  • Free Spam testing


  • The free plan includes unlimited contacts but only 250 emails per month
  • 1000 Contacts: $23 p/m


  • Wide variety of templates available
  • Fast drag-and-drop editor
  • Built-in-image editor
  • Not the best deliverability rates

Editor’s Note: BenchMark offers an extensive library of videos ensuring you never get lost when using their software.  

Bottom Line: 

They have all the essential features you need to run a successful B2B campaign. 

Plus, they offer high-quality templates with an easy-to-use editor, and their automation does a great job at lead nurturing.

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10. HubSpot- Advanced CRM


Great tool for maintaining a relationship with your current clients.

Best For

  • Advanced users with a big budget


  • Free CRM
  • 2000 Contacts: $50 p/m


  • Contact Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Free CRM
  • Traffic and conversion analytics
  • Automation

Editor’s Note: B2B can benefit from their advanced CRM and automation at a premium price.  

Bottom Line: 

HubSpot is great for B2B looking to capture leads and convert them into clients. B2B can help grow the business by nurturing their relationship with clients using HubSpot’s built-in CRM system. 

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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software for B2B

Look for features that include the following:

CRM: Customer relationship management helps your B2B stay connected with other businesses.

Automation: Create a targeted campaign that sends your clients emails whenever a specific action is triggered. 

Segmentation: Divide your clients into different categories based on business type, size, or location. This way, you can send relevant content to the businesses in your contact list.

A/B Split Testing: With these features, you can test different campaigns with various segmented groups and analyze which ones perform best. 

Custom Templates: Because you are targeting businesses, you want to modify the templates that relate to a business entity and not a sole customer. 

What makes Email Marketing Software for B2B a great one?

B2B's primary focus is attracting other businesses while still nurturing the relationship with the companies they are currently working with. 

To choose the best B2B email marketing tool, you want to look for advanced features at an affordable price. Working with other businesses makes it possible to spend more money on email marketing software. Unfortunately, not all software that charges high fees is offering the best value for money. 

B2B Email Marketing Campaign Examples

Examples include:

  • Informative content 
  • Re-engagement 
  • Announcements 
  • White paper
  • Campaign support 
  • Webinars 
  • Case studies 
  • Free trials being offered


We have reviewed 10 different email marketing software best suited for B2B. Some stand out more than others based on features offered and price points. 

As a business focused on other companies, you need software that makes automation, segmentation, CRM, and A/B testing easy yet professional

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is B2B Email Marketing?

It is an email marketing strategy where you target other businesses instead of individuals. 

2. What are the open rates for B2B Email marketing? 

According to the data marketing association, the email open rates for B2B is about 15.1%.

3. How to grow a B2B Email Marketing list?

  • Giveaways that need emails to compete 
  • Trade Shows 
  • Live chats that need an email to start 
  • Webinar signups 
  • Signup field on your website 
  • Offer quizzes on your website 
  • Have popups on your website 
  • Purchase a bunch of cold leads 

4. How to use B2B Email Automation to align Sales & Marketing?

  • Improve cold email outreach 
  • Improve relationships with current businesses 
  • Create higher engagement with relevant emails 
  • Engage with users after a webinar or zoom call