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    14 Amazing Holiday Email Campaigns To Connect With Your Customers

    Holiday Email Campaigns

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    The award for the busiest shopping season of every year belongs to holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, the 14 examples ahead will help spark your creativity. 

    Halloween Sale 

    You can always bring the festivity vibe into your Halloween email campaign ideas. Here’s a message from Starbucks using the chalk-on-blackboard graphic.


    The benefit of such a campaign is that it uses relevant products, keywords, and design elements that are tricky, gothic, or eerie. 

    Introduce An Early Bird Offer 

    Give your sales a kickstart by targeting the early-bird shoppers on your contact list with exclusive discounts.


    Using a campaign such as the above with discounts, coupons, or even freebies for early-bird-shoppers can increase your conversions. 

    Advertise A Free Shipping Campaign 

    Whether it’s a Black Friday sale or an International Free Shipping day, try offering free-of-cost shipping to email recipients.


    The National Retail Federation has found that 75% of customers expect the delivery rate to be free on orders below $50. Accordingly, it’s crucial to advertise deals on shipping whenever possible. 

    Set-Up A Cyber Monday Sale 

    In 2017, Cyber Monday beat Black Friday over sales. Today, you can spice things up for old and new shoppers with better offers such as the example below from the Quiz.


    The biggest pro of studying Cyber Monday email examples is that it’ll help you find ways to add curiosity to your marketing messages.  

    Announce A Black Friday Sale 

    One of the most important times for a holiday email campaign is right before a Black Friday sale. In addition to advertising on your store and social media, marketers can also drop an email to their subscribers. 


    Inspire buyers with scratch-cards like the above. This will help increase customers’ engagement with your brand. Since the reader already knows the clock is ticking, it also brings a quick response. 

    Weekend Sale 

    Instead of sticking to Cyber Monday and Black Friday, stretch it over the weekend with a grand sale. Here’s an example from Orange Cycle that takes the cake.


    A long-term holiday campaign keeps your shoppers interested in making purchases.  

    Holiday Clearance Sale 

    When you’re restocking or doing a store-clearance sale, invite your email contacts to take part. This is one way to do so: 


    The uniqueness of the aforementioned message is that it’s done on a greyscale with the important keywords in contrasting text.

    Customer Appreciation (With Discount Codes) 

    If you can’t thank your customers face-to-face after purchases, send them an email. 


    This is a good opportunity to offer discounts to your loyal customers, which in turn increases your sales. 

    Referrals And Loyalty Offers 

    You can also use referral marketing to engage your current leads and capture new ones.


    The above is a winning example because it sounds warm and personal. Additionally, it clearly offers the perks with the invite-link incorporated in the CTA-button.

    Emails About Party Ideas For Holidays

    Holidays are a stressful time for most people. Help your subscribers by suggesting party planning ideas for Christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving, and so forth. 


    This example from Plated proves successful because it answers many frequently asked questions around the holidays.  

    Emails About Holiday Videos 

    If you need some Christmas / New Year email campaign ideas, try adding a video. According to a Forrester Marketing group survey, incorporating this medium into your content can improve your clicks by 300%.


    In the example above, Animoto captivates readers by using a catchy thumbnail, concise copy, and a virtual play button over the video.

    Fundraiser Emails 

    You can also connect with generous subscribers on your list by seeking donations for a relevant charity or event. 


    The above email motivates readers to learn more due to its relevance to the hashtag ‘Giving Tuesday’. 

    Last-Minute Offers 

    Another brilliant way to inspire last-minute shoppers to make a purchase is by building an attractive offer.


    In the example above, you can see how the marketer uses ‘urgency’ creatively to drive more purchases for the holidays. 

    Limited Edition Deals 

    Planning a product launch? Unveil your new merchandise to email contacts around the holiday to boost your sales. 



    The email above from Quip uses dynamic elements and attractive copy to emphasize their limited-edition toothbrushes. 

    The Bottom Line

    Holidays rake-in maximum sales for most businesses. Liven up your campaigns with a video, party idea, fundraiser, product launch, clearance sale, and so on.