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    6 Strategies To Improve Abandoned Cart Email Results In 2020

    Abandoned Cart

    Did you know three out of four shoppers abandon their carts without completing the purchase? That being said, when you remarket to the same customers, over 50% will buy the product. Read on to find out the basic reasons why consumers abandon their shopping bags and six ways to improve the results of your cart abandonment emails today. 

    Primary Reasons Behind Cart Abandonment 

    Also referred to as the ‘cart recovery message’, the abandonment cart email is a follow-up message sent to people who’ve added items to their shopping bag but haven’t closed the purchase. It’s a great way to recapture leads since such an email has a conversion rate of 18.64%. 

    Take a look at the example below to understand it better. 


    While a few shoppers forget to complete their orders, some may intentionally leave it too. 

    Here are the top reasons why most shoppers abandon their carts:

    • Exorbitant rates of shipping or delivery 
    • Hidden charges 
    • Forced to make a new account
    • Too sophisticated of a checkout 
    • Lack of reliability 
    • Problems with the site 
    • Payment security issues 
    • Delayed delivery rate 
    • Poor return regulations
    • Lack of optimum payment methods
    • Declined credit card 

    Ways To Improve Abandoned Cart Email Rates 

    Wondering how to improve abandoned email cart results for your campaigns? Take a look at the following.

    Work On Your Subject Lines             

    Given that 47% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone, you can use it to target users who haven’t completed their purchases. 

    Here are some ways to improve your subject lines for these emails:

    • Increase the curiosity of readers 


    • Get straight to the point 


    • Use the FOMO technique 


    • Add incentives such as discounts 


    Write Clear, Compelling, And Persuasive Copy         

    Generic copy may convert a handful of times, but it won’t work forever. The trick is to inspire and motivate the readers with your copy. 

    Take a look at the things you can do below.

    • Get creative with the preview text of the email 
    • Personalize the subject line with the name of the subscriber  
    • Make use of sensory words 
    • Use the psychology of conversion such as FOMO, customer reviews, and so forth
    • Add an image of the product you’re selling 
    • A/B test of your email  

    Here’s an example from a DNA testing provider doing the same: 

    Optimize The Call-To-Action 

    The CTA you use is the last part of the purchase funnel. In order to improve conversions for cart abandonment emails, you’ll need to be clear rather than pushy. Put simply, low-commitment CTAs like ‘buy’, ‘resume your order’, and similar are better. 

    Here’s an example to help you better understand this approach. 


    Time It Right

    Not all follow-up emails for abandoned shopping carts result in purchases. This is often due to the wrong timing. Experian reports that ecommerce users who get several emails about their potential purchase abandonment issue are 2.4x likely to buy than those who received one message. 

    The following is an outline of a series of perfectly-chimed messages for these emails:

    • In 40 to 60 minutes: Email one 
    • Within 24 hours: Email two 
    • After three to four days: Email three 
    • Two weeks after: Optional Email four 

    Push The Best-Selling Products In Your Customer's Abandoned Cart 

    Consider that a shopper on your site added 12 items to their bag. It’s safe to consider that not all items in it have the same purchase intent. Hence, in the follow-up email, you’ll want to highlight the bestsellers from their shopping list instead of focusing on every item.

    Here’s an example:


    Take a look at how to do it below. 

    • Point out the bestseller product on their wishlist
    • Highlight the prime features of the same 
    • Add customer reviews of the product to the email 

    Always Aim To Build Credibility And Long-Term Relationships 

    When it comes to email offers today, most shoppers have a dime a dozen to choose from. That’s why it’s important to use things that boost your trustability and credibility. According to statistics, reviews and ratings from other customers impact the purchase decisions of readers by 88%. 

    How to accomplish this? Here you go: 

    • Find two to three reviews surrounding the product you’ve shortlisted
    • Make sure it matches with the theme of the email
    • Add it to the bottom of the template before the CTA

    Take a look at the following example.


    The Bottom Line 

    Users mostly exit their shopping bags without purchase due to shipping, complex checkouts, site issues, and a lack of payment options. 

    You can target users who abandoned their carts by tweaking the subject line or by introducing FOMO. The next step is to clarify the body of the email and after finishing that, you can optimize the CTA with low-commitment copy. Once you schedule the message with the bestseller items alongside customer reviews, the reader is more likely to convert.