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    10 Best Email Marketing Automation Strategies To Boost Your Conversion

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    With half of all businesses already using email automation tools, getting ahead of the competition requires proven strategies. You need to convert your leads skillfully if you want to outlast the competition.

    To help you compete, we’ve outlined 10 time- tested and confirmed email marketing automation strategies to increase your conversion rates.

    What is Marketing automation for?

    While automation is renowned for cutting down the human error, email automation tools are sought after for nurturing and converting leads. Automated email marketing is appreciated for its cost-efficient allocation of resources including time and money.

    Moreover, it cuts mundane repetitive tasks so that your resources can be best spent on converting interested leads into customers.

    Marketing Automation Strategies That Push Your Conversion Rates

    If your automation strategies for email marketing are not converting, you need to evaluate your results and processes in-depth. Today we will discuss the 10 most effective techniques in email marketing automation you can use to raise your conversion rates. We’ve also added actionable steps you can deploy straight away.

    Relevant and Responsive Triggers

    Automation triggers let you send emails contingent on the behavior of your leads and their series of actions. Lifecycle emails is another common phrase used to refer to triggered email automation. This is because triggered emails are dispatched depending on the position of your lead in the customer lifecycle.

    There are two types of active triggers for nurturing leads in email marketing. The first type is event-based, and the second is segment-based. The former applies to actions of leads completed inside or outside the application at a given time while the latter is comprised exclusively based on preferences or activities of the lead.

    • Customize a warm welcome email that rings with your brand tone and voice by adding new signups as a trigger. 
    • A gentle reminder attached with the same products based on the lead’s abandoned cart data or previous interests is a strong trigger to reconnect via automated emails. Send them a discount rate with the same campaign to woo them into buying instantly.
    • Sending order emails based on confirmation and transactional receipts after adding these as triggers leave a good impression for new subscribers. 
    • A follow-up email is another attractive reminder you can send to convert your prospective customers. Set triggers based on all the follow-up situations applicable to your marketing goals.
    • Once you have the personal information of a likely-lead, you can create milestone campaigns as a trigger. These include major life events such as anniversaries, birthdays and other special dates for the subscriber.

    Use Workflow Automation for Seamless Marketing

    Marketers no longer need to conform to tedious or lifeless automated email sequences. With workflow automation, you can create a well-structured series of automated emails sent to prospective customers when they meet certain conditions or behaviors.

    A good workflow will steer your lead into falling in love with your brand by assisting with their journey. How do you do it? Try the steps below.

    • Set clear goals based on thorough planning before you start your workflow automation.
    • Depending on the customer behavior and data, pick from workflow types such as abandonment to welcome or after-purchase workflow automation emails.
    • Offer a loyalty program workflow designed to draw attention to leads interested in privileges, discounts, and other exclusive deals.
    • Start with 1-2 automated workflows and expand to more when you obtain positive results. Remember to test, modify and optimize the multiple workflows with regards to segments and customer personas.

    Landing Pages + Email Marketing = More ROI

    From using FOMO to drive urgency and social testimonials to build trust, there are many reasons why landing pages combined with email marketing is the winning duo of automation today.

    Brand exposure with trust and engagement drives conversions in this email automation strategy. Landing pages have the unique ability to garner your attention by keeping the distractions like multiple CTAs, graphics and flamboyant links away. You are essentially supplementing traffic to your landing page via mechanized email campaigns here.

    • The outstanding benefit of pairing the landing page with your email marketing is the undivided focus of one Call to Action. Make sure you make the most of it.
    • Design an email that matches with the color palette and theme of your landing page or vice-versa.
    • Make sure your message flows homogeneously from the email to the landing page. 
    • Landing pages via email campaigns can zoom into the pros of your product or marketing goals. List them clearly in easy-to-read language with a skimmable structure.
    • We recommend you strategize a sales funnel that works with your target audience by testing multiple landing pages for each campaign you automate.

    Lead Scoring Translates to More Sales

    On any given day, websites get their majority of views from users with zero intention of buying. How do you filter out the buyers from the browsers so that you can cater your services accordingly?

    Lead scoring is the technique of identifying the rate of your lead buying potential. The process is handled by scoring your leads based on their actions such as following CTAs or clicking on a link.

    To get a good conversion rate from your leads via automated emails, you should know full-well if they are ready to purchase your goods or services. Sending emails based on assumptions might misrepresent your campaign as irrelevant or spam content.

    • Create a grading model suitable for your campaign based on the awareness, engagement, interactiveness and retention levels of your lead to get a positive conversion rate.
    • Scoring models can be customized for open rate, click-through rates, downloads, and social media activities for segmenting your customers accurately.
    • Methodize a threshold on lead scoring campaigns where you can transfer the lead to personalized support from the sales team.

    Integration with Third-party tools

    With computerized email marketing campaigns, you no longer have to manually coordinate campaigns across various channels. The complex repetitive tasks can be unified into a handful of automated processes with the advanced integration options available today. This saves you time you might otherwise waste on logging-in-and-out of multiple channels.

    Integrating email marketing with third-party tools will also generate dynamic content relevant to your lead. When you have a steady automation process, there is also the added advantage of diminishing human error.

    • Omnichannel marketing is the core benefit of integrating third-party tools with automated email marketing campaigns to save resources.
    • Integrating eCommerce stores like Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress make it easy to sell and connect with your customers via emails.
    • You can now send automated emails that convert your leads whenever they like, buy or even show interest in any of your items.
    • Sending emails to leads requesting reviews post-purchase is crucial for boosting your conversion rates besides adding to social proof.
    • Adding PayPal and other payment tools to your email automation processes is practical for speeding up sales.

    Dynamic Email Personalization

    Humanizing your email sequences is the best way to prevent emails that annoy the recipient or sound like spam. You can follow the metrics stats to deduce customer behavior so that you can send follow-up campaigns that resonate with your leads.

    Take a look at the below strategies tailor-made to boost your conversion rates with marketing automation.

    • Create a warm and welcoming subject line that relates specifically to your lead given the subject line can increase or decrease your conversion rates.
    • When it comes to automation, testing is the headliner benefit. Do A/B testing to find out the right tone, content template, and strategy that rings right with your leads.
    • Actively recommend promotional discounts and deals on products that customers have shown interest in previously.
    • Customize the timing of email campaigns in accordance with the time zones of recipients.
    • Do not personalize more than three instances in one email as it might appear sinister to the lead.

    Retention Techniques to Reestablish Authority

    Retention in automation marketing refers to the total share of leads who return to purchase again from you. To make sure your email marketing campaign is running smoothly, you need to draw the attention of the right leads and ensure they are actively engaged with your campaigns.

    All is not lost even when a customer decides to deregister from your email subscription. Besides abiding by the preferences opted-in during subscribing, you can also retain a customer trying to unsubscribe by offering custom opt-in choices via email campaigns. You can propose choices for reducing the number of emails or subscription tenure to retain the lead.

    Other ways to retain customers via automated email marketing are listed below.

    • Create unique upsell and cross-selling offers with relevant and exclusive recommendations based on a customer’s past purchasing behavior. It saves the money of your lead besides creating an ascension ladder, thereby boosting your authority over the niche in the eyes of the lead.
    • Relevant updates with automated emails sent to your subscribers at regular intervals help to keep in touch and prevent leads from turning into stale addresses.
    • Design an optimal drip campaign from an array of campaigns such as educational drips to promotional drips or even competitive drips to re-engage leads who already purchased from you.

    Comprehensive Targeting With Segmented Campaigns

    The key advantage of segmenting your mailing list is related to your customer. If you are still using a generic template for your automation, conversion rates will not shoot up while the unsubscribe rates will.

    Segmenting your leads will automatically generate appropriate automated triggers and rocket your marketing campaigns to success. Because automation can be tailored to specific sets of leads from intermittent to consistent and VIP shoppers, it is convenient to send emails to target exclusive customer personas.

    • We recommend you keep the “keep it simple, stupid” (KISS) principle in mind when designing your campaigns for mobile responsiveness.
    • While automation offers a flawless experience for leads across your campaigns, it is important to do tests across a plethora of mobile devices to ensure positive usability with a wide range of leads.
    • Keep a check on font sizes to ensure readability across all popular mobile devices.
    • Choose patterns for your campaign backgrounds instead of images, as the latter may lead to distortions across different mobile screens.

    CRM Tools for Boosting Conversion of Automated emails

    When choosing your email marketing service, keep a keen eye out for CRM tools as specifications are unique. CRM tools are the industry-standard props for creating straightforward and memorable experiences for your potential customers. It will also sync all your lead data without interruption.

    • Use CRM tools to check and track the real-time stats of campaigns so that you can modify or follow-up with prospective leads.
    • Save the resources of your sales team by handpicking the best-fitting design from hundreds of templates for automated email marketing.
    • Simplify your sales workflow using third party CRM tools to save time and money.
    • Integrating CRM with other automation tools can improve the conversion rates of campaigns.


    In one glance, automating all your email campaigns might sound a tad bit scary. On the contrary, it will save your time, energy and capital so that you can attend to the creative processes for reaching your target customer easily.

    Check out the pros and cons of the best email automation tools if you’re looking for a dependable email marketing automation service to boost your conversions.