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    Take Advantage of CRM Email Marketing Benefits

    Did you know that over 80% of customers prefer contact over email than any other medium? Customer relationship management (CRM) suites are the trending tools for email marketing because they can help increase brand loyalty, customer retention and ROI.

    You can integrate customer relationship management with email marketing to create responsive campaigns that reach customers and connect with their interests.

    While a CRM suite manages customer relationships, email helps build these relationships with customers. Bringing the two together can shorten the distance between the business and the customer. The article below will highlight the benefits of CRM for email marketing and four best customer relationship management service providers for today’s email marketing environment.

    What is CRM Email Marketing?

    CRM is a collective system or management strategy for handling the total interactions of the brand with its customers. When you combine this system with email marketing, you will also trigger increased efficiency, revenue growth, and tap into many other related benefits.

    The best thing about this strategy is that it helps you connect with the right subscribers at the right time with the right content. CRM systems are also famous for personalization options that include advanced audience segmentation.  

    How Can CRM Help You?

    It helps you directly communicate with customers, making it an ideal component of a marketing strategy that is less intrusive than its counterparts.

    Uncover the eight reasons why CRM integrations with email marketing platforms work so well.

    1. Data Integrity: A CRM keeps everything updated, leading to error-free campaign planning and execution. 

    2. Accuracy of Sales Forecasts: When integrating it with emails, the accuracy of sales forecasts can go as high as 42%, translating to consistent sales.

    3. Real-Time Sales Visibility: Any staff from sales, marketing or support can access emails detailing customer relationships, which otherwise stays hidden in personal inboxes.

    4. Boost Your Productivity: Besides improving sales productivity by 34%, this management strategy boosts workflow efficiency.

    5. Third Party Integrations: You can access all your email software in one location without wasting time by pairing up with this strategy.

    6. Increase Sales: With a record of generating $38 for every $1 spent, email marketing increases sales by 29% when combined with the customer relationship strategy.  

    7. Reduce the Average Sales Cycle: Opting for CRM integrations can reduce the length of average sales cycles for businesses by 8% to 14%.

    8. Easily Create Personalized Emails: This helps marketers create targeted mails that contours to the interests and preferences of subscribers.  

    5 Best CRMs for Email Marketing

    Which is the best CRM for email marketing today?

    Are there any free solutions that integrate well with email marketing?

    How do you select the best solution for email campaigns?

    Find out the answers by reviewing the five top best CRMs for email marketing below.  


    An easy to use customer relationship management software for email marketing, HubSpot is a software giant. It is best known for intuitive and non-obstructive CRM software which is a perfect fit for email marketing handled by companies and agencies.

    The free marketing tools and easy integration with Google applications makes this software worth noting.

    In terms of automation, this service provider offers automated sequences and a responsive template editor.

    The detailed reports feature on HubSpot is also capable of reading digital body language besides tracking phone logs and predicting lead actions.

    There are currently three CRM options available on HubSpot:

    • Basic Plan: Free with up to 1 million contacts
    • Marketing Hub Starter: At $50 per month with unlimited contacts
    • Marketing Hub Professional: For $800 per month with automated workflows and landing pages.


    Named the Best CRM in the World for the 6th time consecutively in 2019, Salesforce is known for its superlative features. It is a good fit for small to large businesses that need advanced features. The high accompanying price is due to the complexity of the unique features offered.

    Salesforce offers an array of advanced features such as lead forecasting, free templates, custom dashboards, lead scoring, mass emails, automated workflows and sales pipelines.

    In fact, anyone with an internet connection and a browser can start using it.

    IT or infrastructure support is not required to start working on your email campaigns. This is because Salesforces comes pre-built with everything email marketers need.

    Salesforce currently offers two customer relationship management plans:

    • Essentials: At $25 per user per month for up to 10 users.
    • Professional: At $75 per user per month.


    Zoho CRM is a one-stop-solution for complete business needs at an affordable price. Everything from the price books to accounting, and lead management are available with this CRM. Users can create emails quickly with the drag-and-drop editor. When it comes to analytics, lead assignment routine is the forte of Zoho customer relationship management software.  

    The best advantage of this service is the freedom offered to customize the dashboard according to your preferences. If you need bulk email services, switch to Zoho Campaigns, a dedicated email marketing tool.

    Zoho Emails is another software that pairs well with Zoho CRM.

    The pricing details of the three plans offered are as follows:

    • Basic: Free Plan with up to three users
    • Standard: At $12 per user per month with 250 mass emails
    • Professional: At $20 per user per month with 500 mass emails

    Active Campaign

    A CRM software provider that began as a marketing automation platform, ActiveCampaign is simple like most email marketing software.

    The best thing about this customer relationship management service is its in-depth on-boarding when signing up.

    The extensive template library is resourceful for sales professionals when seeking to create marketing emails that convert.

    Personalization with segmentation and targeting is also a fun feature to explore on ActiveCampaign customer relationship management. Their predictive sending and content is ideal for brands with varying customer personas.

    Another bonus of using ActiveCampaign is its feature of split automations.

    They offer three membership plans for email marketing as you can see below.

    • Plus: At $49 per month with up to 25 users
    • Professional: At $129 per month with up to 50 users
    • Enterprise: At $229 per month with unlimited users


    A software built exclusively for customer relationship management, Agile is easy-to-use and loaded with native integrations like Gmail and QuickBooks. Users can save time by using email templates and the drag-and-drop editor. Once you are ready to send the mail, marketers can segment the audience using advanced filters. You can also check detailed analytics or sync Agile CRM with Outlook or Email for seamless performance.

    By purchasing add-ons like user permissions, additional automation campaigns and triggers, customers can personalize their packages. While web management and automation are the best features of Agile, they are also rated high for their prompt and knowledgeable customer support.

    Agile offers the following four customer relationship management plans:

    • Free: A basic plan with 10 users
    • Starter: At $8.99 with up to 10,000 contacts
    • Regular: At $29.99 for up to 50,0000 contacts
    • Enterprise: At $47.99 per month for unlimited contacts


    Choosing the right customer relationship management software for your brand is vital for the success of your email marketing efforts.

    Try the free plans offered by popular CRMs to gain an edge in email marketing that is focused on delivering superior customer experience.