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    Best Email Drip Campaign Examples in 2021

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    Previously, we have written in detail, about all the aspects of e-mail drip campaigns that can help you push your marketing affords. 

    In order to succeed with those campaigns, you have to segment your audience and set proper rules for each and every focus group you will be creating. 

    For your information here are the best drip campaign examples.


    Building leads is only the first step towards increasing conversions. Oftentimes, leads are not ready to make a purchase after the first touchpoint in the conversion funnel. That is where lead nurturing comes into the picture.

    Ultimately, lead nurturing helps businesses build trust and remain relevant in the minds of leads until they arrive at a conversion point. While you can send promotional emails, this is not your only option.

    Framebridge highlights this perfectly by demonstrating that you can add value without being promotional. By simply teaching a skill, in this case how to hang art, Framebridge provides value for readers and prompts them to ask for something in return - in this case, a buying guide.


    Welcome Emails

    Welcome emails are often the first interaction that your readers have after visiting your site. Therefore, the email needs to be clear, informative and actionable to immediately connect with the reader.

    Considering the average open rate for a welcome email is 50% and the fact that up to 76% of subscribers expect a welcome email, it is obvious that this is a crucial part of any successful drip email campaign.

    The welcome email below from Airbnb underscores this critical point with a clear and concise message that provides the reader with ample information and certainty as to what to expect.

    Welcome Emails


    One of the most effective ways to convert leads is via onboarding emails. Customers need to understand the benefits of the product and how it helps make our lives easier. Therefore, once the customers discover the benefits and are onboard, you can turn them into life-long clients.

    Raven offers a guided training for their SEO, social media and reporting tools. Moreover, new customers can sign up for a free class where they also get a chance to ask any questions they might have. Raven is aware that users who sign up for the class are likely to convert into paying customers, adding to this drip campaign’s appeal.


    Abandoned Shopping Carts

    Up to 75% of online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts, meaning a significant loss in potential revenue. In addition, what’s even more interesting is that of shoppers who abandon shopping carts, 75% of them plan to come back and make a purchase.

    Constructing well-thought-out abandoned shopping cart emails can help remind shoppers to complete their intended purchases.

    Amazon may be the world’s largest online retailer, but they have an effective yet simple abandoned shopping cart email template that includes an image of the item. The buyer is reminded of every part of the transaction process, making it easy for them to complete the order.

    Abandoned Carts


    Amazon has reported that product recommendations are responsible for up to 1/3 of their total revenue. This information should prompt any online business to make use of recommendation email drip campaigns.

    Still, not just any general product recommendations will do. Sellers need to recommend products that shoppers are truly interested in. By analyzing past customer behavior and search results, you can create personalized recommendation drip emails that increase click-through rates.

    Amazon sends an entire email full of product recommendations, providing customers with multiple options on products that they would prefer to purchase. One of the reasons why this strategy is so effective is because the customer still feels like they made their own choice.



    Customer subscriptions are great recurring revenue streams given you know that your business will receive regular income. The downside side is that subscriptions are only valid for a set amount of time. To remain relevant in the minds of customers you have reminded them to renew their subscription long before the due date.

    The benefit of sending renewal email drip campaigns long before the due date is you have a chance to gauge customer experience and fix any issues to help to turn them into very satisfied customers.

     Experian’s renewal email campaign helps subscribers’ budget for the upcoming year, adding a little extra value to the equation.

    Customers can sign up over the holidays as part of their new year’s budget and thus reap the benefits.



    Subscribers expect a confirmation message every time they subscribe or make a purchase. In addition, customers also want to know their order progress and track shipping. Without confirmation email drip campaigns, customers are likely to question the effectiveness of the business, become anxious, and possibly lose confidence.

    Below is a strong example of a confirmation email from Classic Specs. Immediately after a customer places an order, they receive an email containing the type of product, order number, as well as some tips for using the product.

    This action leaves little room for doubt and helps the customer understand exactly what to expect.



    Not all of your email subscribers will remain active and read all the content sent to them. Almost everyone can name a newsletter that they subscribed to but avoid taking the time to read. However, engagement drip campaigns help rekindle lost contact and convert these readers into regular customers.

    After all, it is much easier to turn inactive subscribers into customers than to acquire new customers.

    A classic example of a re-engagement email is one from duolingo. It is a casual and cute message presenting a sad bird saying “we miss you”.

    The drip campaign is simple and effective and quickly catches the reader’s attention.



    Having regular customers depends on a business’s ability to provide value. One of the most effective ways to offer value to subscribers is by giving them useful information that is actionable while also educating them on important aspects of the product.

    Treehouse provides a perfect example of an educational email drip campaign.

    They offer courses on programming and coding in different languages. Furthermore, they also show their customers the benefits and value of each of their courses.

    One of the main courses centers on building a WordPress site by giving users an overview of what the course entails and what they can expect.

    Educational h2>Unsubscribes

    The unsubscribe email is more important than most people think. Many newsletters make it difficult to find the unsubscribe button. Consequently, readers end up marking your emails as spam which will negatively impact the deliverability score.

    The better alternative is making it easy for users to unsubscribe.

    JetBlue provides a new preference form, an unsubscribe button as well as a social button to provide users with an easy option in case they wish to opt-out. Making it easy offers users the chance to change their minds by knowing they can opt-out any time.



    Holding events is a great way to showcase products or services. However, you need to plan the events and set up event email drip campaigns that feature a timeline and a Call-to-Action if you are going to be successful.

    Below is a great example of an event email sent by Hypedmarketing that is straightforward and makes all the important information immediately visible. The user doesn’t have to scroll down to access the event details.

    Subscribers often do not want to read through long texts and an event poster email is a good way to catch a reader’s attention and provide them with the necessary information simultaneously.


    Final Thoughts

    An email drip campaign is a great way to improve your customer outreach and engagement from the top of the funnel downwards.  Moreover, it presents a way to encourage conversion or other actions from subscribers and potential leads.

    With a great degree of automation available and multiple different applicable formats, email drip campaigns represent another potential force in your marketing arsenal.

    To discover the full potential of email drip campaigns, explore our in-depth expert reviews to discover the email marketing software that can maximize the results of your next campaign.