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    Everything You Need To Know About Nonprofit Email Marketing

    Email Marketing If You’re A Nonprofit

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    Whether you’re geared toward profit or not, email marketing gets you into the inbox of prospects. It can even nurture relationships and spread awareness around your cause when done right.

    If you’re an organization spending more time on your supporters than with them, read on to find out the best practices for nonprofit email marketing. 

    Why Email Marketing Is Indispensable For Nonprofits 

    Since there’s already so much on their plates, nonprofits can find it difficult to market themselves properly. In such cases, these organizations can capture, canvass, and convert interested prospects into loyal donors with the help of advertising via e-messages. Benefits of email marketing include:

    • Increase the total number of patrons or reach of the fundraiser 
    • Thank supporters for their charitable donations 
    • Create a strong bond with followers 
    • Nurture prospects to develop a loyal list of donors
    • Boost the donations earned by the charitable organization 

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    Nonprofit Email Marketing Strategies 

    When all you want is to spread the gravity of your cause to interested persons, there are several ways to use e-message advertising.

    The following are the best email marketing for nonprofits.

    Gather The Right Information 

    According to Campaign Monitor, 78% of purchases are driven by personalization. In fact, customization can boost donations and engagement up to ten times. When it comes to fundraising, personalizing the messages by your patrons will enhance the way they interact with your content. 

    Here’s how to get started: 

    • Collect data: It’s important to gather accurate and in-depth data from the tools you use 
    • Incorporate data: You can integrate the ESP with the data you have to keep everything current 
    • Track engagement: Tracking how users interact with your messages will help you create custom content to engage them  

    Build The Donor Base Ethically 

    Unlike commercial audiences, supporters often seek out charitable organizations with great enthusiasm for nonprofits. You don’t have to buy or rent email lists and can focus on quality over quantity. This helps you build a tight-knit list of active contacts rather than thousands of uninterested recipients.

    Here’s what to do:

    • Make the sign-up process simple 
    • Set up enroll forms on your website footer, social media profiles, or the ‘About Us’ page
    • Create a sign-up form on a tablet that interested people can use to register at offline events
    • Obtain permission with a double-opt in to weed out wrong subscribers 

    Ensure Delivering Compelling Messages 

    Persuasive content is quintessential if you want your electronic messages to be opened, read, and converted. So how do you express the tenets of your mission? Since most people sign up for nonprofits out of an emotional-drive, it’s essential to connect with your subscribers at a personal level. 

    • Donor preferences: Set up a preferences option or segment your supporters. This is important because, according to Experian, personalized content drives six times more results
    • Invites: When you’re doing something as targeted as an event, invite hosts from past events to maximize responses 
    • Newsletters: Customize the content based on things like donations, campaigns, attendance, events, and so on
    • Gratitude and retention: Ensure that content aimed at thanking donors is personalized well. You can share how the donation has helped by making segments of the list based on the donation amount, mode of payment, and more 
    • Automation: The best way to save valuable time is by creating automated workflows. It can also boost your response and engagement 

    Use Visuals And Design To Communicate Your Brand Value 

    One of the critical parts of email marketing for nonprofits is humanizing the content and taking the corporate feel out of it. Graphics and layout can help you do so in several ways, as listed below. 

    • Clean layout: Keep it readable with white space and zero clutter
    • Captivating subject line: 35% of e-message users open messages based on the subject line alone. Hence, yours must engage and captivate the readers
    • Scanning and readability: Add bulleted points if your content is long-form. You can also use subtitles to break it up from being a wall of text 
    • CTA button: A call-to-action button stands out more than a link and prompts the reader to click 
    • Real pictures: To create lasting bonds with your supporters, you need images related to your cause 

    Monitor How Your Emails Perform And Improve Your Campaigns

    Here are the metrics for electronic-message marketing that you should know about:

    • The average open rate of nonprofits is 16%. You can compare it with yours 
    • The click-through-rate of non-commercial marketers is 3.3%. Moreover, 76% of nonprofits use e-messaging today 
    • Conversion rate is the total number of readers who clicked on the CTA, and if it’s lower than the CTR, you have a problem at hand 
    • Any score below 2% is a good unsubscribe rate. Review your content from scratch if it’s higher 
    • To determine the value of email marketing for your nonprofit, track the donations you received per campaign 

    The Bottom Line

    Advertising through emails isn’t just for corporates. You can nurture relationships, prompt donations, and increase the reach of your cause by utilizing email marketing services for nonprofits. 

    If you’re a nonprofit, get started by personalizing and automating your email content. You can build a passionate list of donors and supporters. In addition, create persuasive content with neat and gripping visuals. Lastly, once you keep track of the metrics, your conversion results will improve.