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    7 Amazing Email Marketing Software Solutions That Are Perfect For Agencies

    Email Marketing Software Solutions

    When you’re a freelancer, basic marketing software is something you’ll probably need. However, if you have an agency, you’ll need a program that can take care of all its sophisticated tasks. Read on to find out the top seven tools that can help you create responsive electronic messages in a matter of seconds. 


    Mailchimp has been one of the most popular email marketing service providers for two decades. It can streamline tasks, collaborate with clients, and generate in-depth reports in a click or two. It offers hundreds of templates and pre-designed landing pages for agencies.

    Paid versions start at $9.99 per month and go up to $299 per month with a contact limit of over 200,000. You can also sign up for the agency-specific newsletter or try the free plan.  

    Main features:

    • 84% deliverability rate 
    • A/B Testing
    • Integration
    • Automation
    • ROI analysis 
    • Macro and micro personalization
    • Social media tracking
    • Advanced list segmentation 
    • Drag-and-drop builder

    Campaign Monitor 

    With prices starting at $9 per month and ranging up to $149 per month, companies will find the pay-as-you-go model convenient. Its agency edition comes with an edge-to-edge design for mobile and web. It also features hyper-personalized content, pixel-perfect control, and customizable templates.

    While Campaign Monitor doesn’t offer any free plans, you can try its free trial. Additionally, agencies receive 10% off. Moreover, 50,000 organizations are already using this software. 

    Main features:

    • 99% deliverability rate 
    • Responsive designs 
    • Split testing 
    • Add several admins
    • Customization
    • Advanced segmentation tools 
    • ROI analysis
    • Campaign comparison
    • Integrations
    • Pathway automation
    • Drag-and-drop interface 

    Benchmark Email 

    Besides ease-of-use, Benchmark Email ranks at the top of the list for its intuitive template building tools. To work seamlessly with your clients, you can enroll in partner services or get an agency account with this provider.

    Agencies can get started with a free plan with 2,000 contacts but it’ll come with the logo of the service provider. The paid plan costs $13.99 every month. 

    Main features:

    • A/B Testing
    • Automation
    • Dedicated support
    • Customized lists 
    • ROI Analysis
    • Integrations
    • WYSIWYG editor 
    • Reseller tools
    • Dynamic content
    • Live editor 


    This is the easiest email sending service for agencies. Even though Moonmail offers only basic segmentation, it comes with detailed performance reports. The disadvantages include a lack of pre-designed templates and a landing page creator. 

    To send one campaign per day, you can get started with a free version with 2,000 subscribers. If you’re an established organization, go for the starter version with 25,000 contacts at $23.99 per month.

    Main features:

    • Unlimited campaigns 
    • Zapier integrations
    • Super-secure 
    • Autoresponders
    • Free trial
    • Automated workflows
    • A/B testing 


    This platform uniquely combines sales and email. Since it’s tailored for agencies, it’s a good investment. From its intuitive dashboard to drip-campaigns and trigger tools, Hatchbuck’s agency edition offers a free trial and separate pricing too. 

    Automating repetitive tasks is another good use of this tool. Combined with award-winning customer support, it’s a great choice for all types of companies.

    Main features:

    • Dynamic segmentation
    • Lead scoring 
    • Tag system automation
    • Detailed insights
    • Predesigned templates
    • White-labeling 
    • WYSIWYG editor 


    Offering a total package of tools for companies to deploy complex plans, this software was created by a leading advertising agency. Its partner program provides easy toggling, advanced client approvals, and effortless reporting.

    Organizations get a platform with personalization, lead generation pages, client outreach programs, and more. For easy reporting, you can tag your social media content or landing pages after creating a campaign.

    Main features:

    • Email and social media automation
    • Surveys 
    • Custom email templates
    • Advanced reporting 
    • White label reporting
    • Integrated marketing campaigns 
    • ROI analysis


    Promising high-deliverability, this is a service provider known for its specialized support and advanced targeting tools. Agencies get a 10MB free image hosting space with a full email editor that’s useful for adding HTML codes.

    However, there isn’t any spam filtering on Campaigner. To try it out right away, you can get started with a 30-day free trial. It’s ideal for established or large companies looking for a reliable tool.

    Main features:

    • Personalized interface 
    • Autoresponders
    • Over 900 templates
    • Personalized content delivery 
    • Third-party integrations 
    • Drag-and-drop builder
    • White-labeling and markup
    • Mobile app 

    The Bottom Line 

    Unlike a freelance graphic designer, a graphic design agency needs a robust email marketing tool. It's necessary for managing clients, scalability, and sales.

    While Mailchimp offers advanced metrics, Campaigner comes with a customizable interface. Hatchbuck and Emfluence are good choices for round-the-clock tools. Moonmail is the best for upcoming companies. Benchmark Email is a good email marketing software for agencies owing to its free plan. Overall, though, Campaign Monitor has the best deliverability rate.