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    How To Build Brand Awareness With Email Marketing Campaigns

    Build Brand Awareness

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    Simply put, brand awareness means how readily a consumer can identify a product based on a brand name. For example, people belonging to every stratum of the economy can associate the iPhone with Apple, Levis is synonymous with jeans, and Mercedes equates with a luxury car.

    While it’ll take years of sustained effort to gain as much credibility as these enterprises, it’s not difficult to gain brand recognition as a budding business using targeted email campaigns. 

    Email marketing is the most powerful tool to give your business the broad exposure it needs to stand out in the sea of new businesses. By involving every customer in the brand-building process on a more personal level, you’ll be able to create a one-to-one relationship with your consumers. This, in turn, helps promote your business in the long run. 

    Why Brand Awareness Matters? 

    Recognition of your business identity helps you create a personal connection with the audience. It’s important, especially when you want to promote a new product or service. Using Apple as a star example, let’s discuss why every business needs to build brand awareness:

    • Mark of quality. Over time, Apple has become synonymous with quality. Even when the business announces a product with average specifications, people flock to the stores to acquire it
    • Satisfied return customers. Once a customer uses Apple, every other business fails to impress them. Apple grants an air of exclusivity and quality, which makes the users feel confident in continually purchasing its products
    • Attracts new customers. Apple’s reputation in society makes everyone want to try one of its products for themselves, irrespective of the price tag. The burgeoning demand is reflected in Apple’s shares, which hit an all-time high in 2020. To attract even more buyers, Apple relies on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied existing customers
    • Important marketing strategy. Apple’s logo design has helped it to gain visibility in the market. Across all platforms, its symbol is instantly recognizable
    • Improved work efficiency. From the marketing to the R&D team, every employee at Apple puts in their best effort to be a part of the workforce that produces some of the highest-end products of the 21st century
    • Increased ROI. A well-recognized business has better chances to increase sales. For instance, people are willing to trust a credible company like Apple. Focusing on quality is the best way to boost the ROI of your brand

    How Is Email Marketing Crucial In Developing Brand Recognition? 

    Very few strategies offer as much potential for brands to grow as email marketing campaigns do. If you’re wondering why and how to build brand awareness through this technique, keep reading. 
    For starters, email campaigns:

    • Allow companies to create a personal relationship with the customers. The Digital Marketing Association has discovered that 66% of consumers make a purchase influenced by email marketing
    • Campaign Monitor has reported that for every dollar spent, advertising through these messages will generate an ROI of $38
    • Inboxes are more effective than social media handles at capturing a new customer’s attention. With carefully crafted emails, you can regularly connect with chosen customers
    • If you drop a message regularly in a customer’s inbox, realize that you’re sharing the best version of your business in that instant. A distinct brand tone helps your business develop a voice in the social community. These messages also allow your business to share its professional ethics
    • A business is incomplete without a distinct design that incorporates color, tones, fonts, and a memorable logo. All these elements come together to create an easily recognizable impression. Craft a unique image for your brand and expose it regularly to customers via email campaigns
    • A clear call to action (CTA) in your messages can lead users to check out your target destination, be it a website or social media handle. Thus, it generates more traffic and increases the chances of social media interaction. Properly placed CTAs on campaigns also boosts the conversion of ads to sales

    Inspiring Brand Awareness Email Examples

    There are a few tried and tested campaigns that every business swears by. Explore these examples of brand awareness email marketing to get an idea of why and how these messages can turn the tide of your business.

    • Welcome emails. These mailers tend to show gratitude to new people who sign-up for your business. If you can create a great impression from the get-go, consumers’ initial interest can convert to loyalty. Acknowledge their effort and show your business’s appreciation as well as professionalism through a welcome message. Lastly, to sign-off the email on a positive note, you can offer them a small gift

    • Occasional newsletters. This is a great way to connect with your customers daily. Having access to your buyer’s inbox is a great channel to market your business correctly. Hence, invest in making quality newsletters that keep the customers hooked on your brand

    • Social connect prompts. Whenever your brand’s social media pages are running a campaign, it’s necessary to inform the customers about it. This cross-platform method of marketing drives social engagement in your contests that are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth

    • Standard promotional mails. This is a great way to show up in your consumer’s inbox regularly. Make sure to spice-up the messages with wit, humor, and a unique tone that makes your brand stand out from the rest of the messages in the inbox

    • Seasonal promotional mails. These campaigns are rolled out mostly during the holiday season when buyers are in the mood to splurge. If you’re running an ecommerce business, utilize this season to craft emails that’ll generate huge traffic to your website and a high volume of sales

    How To Build A Successful Brand Awareness Marketing Strategy 

    While email marketing is a great way to achieve visibility, you must figure out a brand awareness strategy that best suits your business. Before we tell you about the different tactics, let’s clarify the ground rules for successful campaigns. Make sure to double-check the following:

    • Find the right brand voice. The personality of your business should be consistent and resonate with your target customers
    • Use consistent company colors, logos, and typography. This helps build recognition
    • Choose the right template
    • Always personalize your messages
    • Build segmented customer lists based on consumers’ personas and buying behaviors
    • Be consistent with the emails since building awareness is a process that needs patience and effort
    • Always create a matching landing page for your campaigns
    • Avoid sales pitches
    • A/B test your messages, analyze the data, and optimize your strategy

    Now that we’ve defined the ‘must-haves,’ let’s take a look at some evergreen branding techniques that work in perfect sync with email marketing:

    • Sharing well-designed and researched infographics is a great way to capture customer attention and increase their trust in your business. People are more prone to trust someone when they speak in terms of numbers and give away information
    • Use more visuals and don’t overload the newsletters with unnecessary text. It’s a good idea to use GIFs and HTML5 videos in the email body
    • Giving away free value-added perks (discount codes, referral bonuses, and so on) or free giveaways like T-shirts, pens, mugs, and keychains are a reward system that makes customers happy and more prone to check out your business 
    • Hosting contests on social media keeps the conversation going and attracts newer users to check out your business
    • Publish content on LinkedIn and establish yourself as a distinguished thought leader, then link it to your email newsletter
    • Weave a narrative around your business through video ads, written content, and smart copies. The best way to reach your users is to tell stories that everyone can connect with. There are millions of tips for writing the perfect copy and content, but as a brand owner, it’s essential to create a distinct tone that becomes your brand’s voice
    • Remarket adverts and target the users who have checked out your business page but didn’t take any action
    • Run paid ads on social media platforms to connect with more like-minded users

    Bottom Line

    A brand awareness campaign can bring in new buyers, but email campaigns will help keep those customers. The key to building a brand is to think smart and ideate what your business can do for your loyal clients. 

    The building blocks of a business are a great design, research, well-written content, and copy. Integrate these tools to create a smart strategy that explores the full potential of email marketing campaigns, draws more shoppers, and keeps followers invested.