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    How To Create A Website With Constant Contact

    In the world of business, having a digital storefront is vital. If you would like to get started with a website builder that can create a gorgeous web portal for your business without compromising on the design due to limited skills in website or software development, Constant Contact is loaded with the right features for small enterprises

    Keep reading to explore the steps for launching a website in 15 minutes with Constant Contact.

    What Is Constant Contact? 

    Founded in the 1990s, Constant Contact offers a plethora of marketing software for small businesses and freelance professionals seeking to upgrade their customer relationship techniques.

    While its email marketing software is filled with unlimited features and state-of-the-art tools, you can also get started with a responsively-designed website using its software. 

    If you’re an enterprise-owner looking for hassle-free website design, this solution offers a range of features such as using the Unsplash image library or editing your website appearance with precision. 

    The intuitive builder is easy to use for beginners without any coding knowledge. It works by generating a website with AI-assisted decision-making tools.

    You can even customize your website for mobile users if that’s your requirement. The best thing is that you can sell up to three items with this website builder for free too. 

    It offers customer support in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, Spain, Mexico, and the UK in case you encounter any issues. 


    • One-year free domain
    • Free hosting
    • Unlimited storage and products
    • Fast load response time with CDN
    • WYSIWYG Website builder 
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Blogging tools
    • Payment integration
    • SEO tools
    • Tax management
    • Logo maker 
    • Contact list management
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Layout and widget modifications
    • Phone/chat support


    • Free Version
    • Starter: $10 per month

    How To Build A Site In No Time 

    Did you know it takes just about 50 milliseconds for your target customer to judge your website? When it comes to online sites, the design speaks faster than the text and that’s exactly where Constant Contact can come in handy.

    Follow the three steps listed below to see just how simple the process can be. 

    Install The Platform 

    The first step when getting started with Constant Contact is the installation of the software on your computer. You can use the 1-click WordPress installer via a hosting service such as BlueHost.

    Once you’ve entered your business details and payment information, you can get your own domain via hosting services.

    For example, on BlueHost, you could start by choosing from different plans such as Basic at $3.95 per month, Plus at $5.95 per month, or Choice Plus at $6.95 per month.

    You need to make sure you select the right hosting plan based on the needs of the website you’re setting up.

    Depending on the speed and capacity of your computer, the installation process will be quicker.

    Choose Your Theme 

    The next step is to pick the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors of your website typically in the form of a theme.

    In this case, the priority is to choose a theme that resonates with your target audience and not just your brand values. 

    For example, if your target audience is a peppy millennial woman traveler, you can choose from hundreds of paid and free travel-related themes on Constant Contact. 

    You can modify the theme settings as demonstrated below.

    • Colors: Light/Dark with Minimal, Bright, or Pastel color-themed bricks.
    • Fonts: Choose from font size, font styles such as presets or custom fonts. 
    • Effects: Enable activation time for effects. 


    The entire weight of making your website stand out from the sea of competitors depends on personalization.

    You can use this solution to add branding features like logos and custom images at the drop of a hat.
    Here are helpful seven steps for customizing your digital storefront. 

    Step One:

    Choose your cover picture from Unsplash image library by typing the name of your niche. 

    Step Two:

    Upload your business logo from the computer to Constant or generate one with LogoMaker.

    Step Three:

    Choose your fonts from six options including Alfa Slab One, Alegreya Sans, Merriweather Sans, Indie Flower:400, Muli, and Audiowide based on what matches your customers’ inclinations, readability, and so forth. 

    Step Four:

    Choose the site colors from the dual-color selection of 18 pairs of colors.

    Step Five:

    Choose from five navigational styles to adjust how the website appears to visitors.

    Step Six:

    Add contact details for your company along with an email address where customers can reach you. 

    You can also add new pages such as About Us, Contact Page, Our Story, Our Background, Gallery, or Lead Capture forms via this helpful website builder software.

    Bottom Line

    Constant Contact is much more than just an email service provider.

    Today, this provider offers a straightforward and streamlined website builder that’s perfect for small businesses seeking a striking digital presence. 

    Moreover, this solution delivers easy installation, customization, and other visual features designed to resonate with your audience from the get-go.

    Check out the free trial to start setting up an online store today with Constant Contact.