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    The Best Ways To Use Your Email Signature


    The space under your message in an email is the space for your signature. It covers a width and height of 650 pixels x 150 pixels. Most people use it to display their names and designation. An even better use for this space is to compliment your current campaign by sharing an actionable CTA or link to your blog.

    Read on to find out seven creative ways to use this space for driving website traffic, increasing social media connections, and so forth.

    Promote Your Website 

    For starters, you can use the space to provide a link to the homepage of your site. Keep in mind that this works only when your homepage acts as a landing page. In short, the page must have an actionable goal before you share it. One fine example is Mailchimp’s homepage which features an actionable CTA button above-the-fold, which says ‘pick a plan’.

    The best part is that you can use the mailing space to redirect your contacts to other pages on your site. 

    Take a look at an example below:

    • Jean-Luc Picard
      Captain of USS Starship Enterprise

    Connect Your Social Media 

    Sharing your social media profile helps your contacts discover more about the brand. There are two ways to add social media links to your email signature. Either add a link to your personal social media profile or share one to your company account. 

    Link Your Blog 

    For people in your contact list who wish to stay updated about the business, you can use the signature space to add a link to your blog. It’s a professional way to increase the traffic to your blog and improve its shareability score. 

    However, blog owners must first consider transforming static homepages on their blogs into dynamic ones. Adding interesting content helps keep visitors. Moreover, CTAs motivate readers to check out your new blog posts. 

    Here’s an example of how to do so:

    Atticus Finch

    Link To A Promotion/Offer 

    Are you doing a promotion for a new book? Add it to your email signature as shown below. This will help develop and define yourself as an industry expert. 

    • Jo March
      CEO | March Publishers
      Pre-Book My Latest Book ‘Little Women’ By Clicking Here

    Furthermore, an event promotion will help you build awareness around the brand and attract new signees too. Here’s an example: 

    • Professor Rubeus Hagrid
      Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
      Click to join 10,000 wizards for my talk on ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ on Tuesday 

    Link To A Free Giveaway 

    To help acquire new customers and drive up sales, consider using the space for a giveaway. Over 30% of marketers run a giveaway at least once per month. If you’re running one to redirect interested customers, then you can share a link to the giveaway page. 

    If you have a free tool or consultation ready, advertise it via the email signature space. Take a look at two different examples for giveaways below.

    • Sherlock Holmes
      Private Detective
      Click here to sign up for a free Magnifying Glass
    • James Bond
      Agent 007 MI6
      Get five minutes of free consultation on being a secret agent by clicking here

    Share Latest Updates 

    Did you receive an award recently? Perhaps your brand was voted the winner of ‘best baker in Toronto’. You can use this opportunity to share a link to the news article. This is exceptionally useful as it builds brand awareness and loyalty among readers. 

    Here’s an example:

    • Don Draper
      Creative Director At Sterling Cooper Advertising
      Sterling Cooper Won the Best Advertiser Award 1968. Click to read about it 

    Link To Product Videos 

    According to HubSpot, adding a video to your email can improve the click-through-rate by 300%. A branded video can help drive sales, improve traffic, and increase brand awareness.

    The best way to use promotional videos for marketing is by embedding a YouTube video in the email signature space. This is better than sharing videos in link format since contacts can watch your business video without having to exit the email window. Use the space to share videos about your recent campaign, promotional sales, and so forth. 

    Bottom Line

    There are many ways to use your email signature space for marketing. Start by promoting your website, sharing your social media profiles, or linking to your blog. Giveaways and updates are other great ways to capitalize on the signature space. Additionally, you can share brand videos in the same space to boost CTR.