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    MailerLite Interview | How They Help Businesses With Email

    Mailerlite interview

    Written By Stefanija Kukunovska

    Reviewed by Ria du Plessis - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 25/10/2021

    Own A Startup? MailerLite will help you build a successful business.

    Email marketing allows you to build relationships with leads, prospective customers, and past customers. It's your opportunity to speak directly to them, at a time that is convenient for them. More importantly, find the best email marketing solution that works for you. Find out why MailerLite can be a great choice to help build email marketing success.

    Company: MailerLite
    Person: Ignas Rubežius, CEO

    I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Ignas Rubežius, the CEO of MaileLite to find out a little more about this amazing email marketing platform. In this interview, you will learn more about how MailerLite started and more!

    It is fascinating to see how a single idea can be transformed into a life-changing goal when we are determined and driven. Let's see how one idea turned into a successful business:

      1. I would like to know what is MailerLite, and where did it all start?

      Well, originally, we were a design agency. As we worked with clients, we fell in love with designing newsletters and saw the potential of email marketing. It was around 2008 when we launched MailerLite. We had a mission to offer an intuitive yet powerful email marketing solution to the marketing world. A tool that anyone could use without having to hire a design agency. To make it happen, we were committed to providing the best possible customer support. 

      1. What are the main products and services that MailerLite offers? 

      At its core, MailerLite is an email marketing software that enables people of all skill levels to create and manage newsletters and email campaigns so they can keep in touch with their subscribers. MailerLite provides the tools for every aspect of email marketing, starting with building a subscriber list using signup forms, designing professional newsletters with the drag & drop editor or templates, and sending these emails in a targeted way with features like segmentation and interest groups.

      Over the years, we added many valuable features, where you can build landing pages and websites, set up email automation, sell digital products and conduct surveys via email. 

      1. What are the core values that make MailerLite a successful company?

      We have a set of values that we take very seriously. We wrote them down about 8 years ago to explain what we stand for and our overall approach. These values guide our decisions, our daily life and drive our strategic plans. Every new team member must read and agree to these values before they come on board to ensure we are all on the same page. Our 10 values are...

      • We focus on people
      • We are passionate about our products
      • We communicate with purpose
      • We are ready to grow
      • We simplify
      • We care about long-term goals
      • We take responsibility
      • We are positive
      • We treat people right
      • We take care of ourselves
      1. What would you say are the best and the worst parts of the industry? What do you love about your job?

      The best part of the job is seeing our customers succeed. We now have over a million people using MailerLite, and every story is unique. We learn so much from them, and it inspires us to make better features to give them the tools they need to keep growing. As for the worst part, I am not sure. One of our core values is to keep it positive and to be honest, that mindset keeps us focused on the best aspects of email. 

      1. In your opinion, what is the need for Email marketing in this era of social media?

      That’s a great question! Firstly, social media and email marketing complement each other nicely. While social is amazing for providing quick updates about your business and reaching new people, email marketing is more about curating and sharing your most valuable content and offers with a captive audience. 

      The big difference between social and email is that businesses don’t own their social media assets. If Facebook has an outage or your Twitter account is suspended for some reason, you lose that connection to all those people. All your hard work and investment are gone.  
      With email marketing, you own your subscriber list. You never lose contact with your audience.

      We encourage our customers to get their social media audience onto their email list. Your social followers and fans want to hear from you. They are your best candidates to become subscribers. Email is like a social media insurance policy. Once you connect social media to your email marketing, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will never lose touch with that hard-earned audience.

      1. Now, let’s talk about customer satisfaction. How important do you think customer support is?

      Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. That’s why we put so much time and effort into providing exceptional customer support. Because we are a remote team, we have people in every time zone which allows us to offer 24/7 support. I believe our caring customer support is one of the main reasons people stay with MailerLite. 

      We believe in a more human-to-human approach (that's why we do not have bots answering support tickets). Real human conversations are so important, especially for making authentic and personal connections. We’re proud that our customer support team continually exceeds expectations. 

      The positive customer feedback keeps us inspired and helps us grow. Every year we run an NPS survey to ensure our customers are satisfied. In 2020, our NPS score was 55%, which is well above the industry benchmark of 30%! For comparison, Amazon is 53%, Google is 51%, and Apple is 56%.

      1. With which sites and platforms can MailerLite integrate?

      The last time I checked, MailerLite integrates with over 120 different web apps ranging from eCommerce and social media to CRMs and analytics. That number turns into over 3000 integrations when you use our Zapier integration.

      1. I can see that there are new and improved features added to the rich-text editor. Can you tell us about that?

      Sure. Rich-text emails have become very popular lately. They can feel more personal, reminding us of the emails we send to friends and family.
      We wanted to add features that allowed you to be more creative while still adhering to the plain-text aesthetic. First, we updated our inline editor so you could select editable elements and adjust them in place. What you change in the editor is a direct reflection of what your final email will look like.
      Another important update that might not sound like a big deal—but it is—is that you can change your email’s width. You can choose between regular width (640px) and full-width which automatically resizes to fit the reader's email client’s width. When you opt for regular width, you can decide whether to align the email content center or left, and languages (like Hebrew or Arabic) can also be aligned right.
      Then, you can change each element's global style such as the text, dividers, and URLs as well as adjust how headings (H1, H2) are displayed. These formatting updates provide a lot more flexibility. 
      Finally, you can add dynamic content, which is a cool feature. You can target 1 section of the email to a certain group. So while the entire email list sees the email, that select group sees an extra piece of content that is only relevant to them.

      1. There are new features in email marketing that are helping customers send their emails. What new products, services, and features are you planning to introduce in the future?

      We believe that anyone should be able to create a successful business online and scale it. We help our customers achieve success by offering tools that are designed intuitively, with advanced features, that are easy to use. Our goal is to keep adding advanced features and automation that will help our customers maintain meaningful connections with their audience.

      As part of The Remote Company, we can provide an ecosystem of other digital products that share the same values and goals as MailerLite.

      For example, we take a lot of pride in being named a top performer for email deliverability. Our customers can improve their deliverability by using another product in the TRC ecosystem called MailerCheck, which analyses and verifies email lists and email content.

      If a customer also has transactional emails (password reset emails, account confirmations, invoices, etc.), MailerSend can help them. It’s a transactional email service designed to help companies level up their communications in similar ways to email marketing using features like email personalization and team collaboration.

      The Remote Company has several other exciting products in development including a no-code web builder (Ycode), a hiring app (MyZenTeam), and a partnership program platform (Partnero).

      1. Where do you see yourself and your company 5 years from now? Are there any milestones you want to reach by then?

      I am thrilled when I think about the future. We have so many ideas and exciting improvements planned for MailerLite. We’re working on a major MailerLite update that will be announced in the coming months as well as a few other product announcements for The Remote Company’s ecosystem. Stay tuned! 

      MailerLite helps growing businesses and startups by providing a meaningful email marketing platform to help you connect and engage with your customers. The platform has helped companies go beyond marketing automation to optimize their customer experiences. MailerLite will be a great choice to help you build a great email marketing strategy.

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