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    14 Ways To Send Your Click-Through-Rate Skyrocketing

    Click-Through-Rate Skyrocketing

    CTR is an important metric used to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. It measures the number of clicks recorded by email users on your list. 

    While Paceco says 10% is a good CTR, Delivra claims 3.57% is a good rate across industries. Truth be told, CTR isn’t the same across different niches. Read on to find out the meaning of click-through-rate and multiple ways to enhance this metric for your business or blog. 

    What Is Click-Through-Rate 

    CTR is also known as the email-click-rate. It’s the measure of the total email users who clicked on the hyperlink within your email. The equation below is what’s used to calculate the rate.

    • CTR= Total email links that were clicked / (Total sent emails - bounced emails) 

    The prime objective of a click-through-rate is to reveal how users engage with your messages. It’ll determine the ‘email fatigue’. Additionally, it gauges the performance of the link position, media type, content, and so on. 

    Ways To Boost Click-Through-Rate 

    In order to improve the click-through-rate, you’ll need to improve several other metrics. Here are 14 ways to multiply your CTR strategically:

    Maintain A Consistent Branding

    Inconsistent campaigns may boost click-rates but it’s also the top reason for unsubscribe-rates. The first step to combat this is by matching your messages with the website logo, theme colors, fonts, tagline, and so on.

    Use Opt-In Forms

    The next step is to boost the open rate. This improves the CTR naturally. Go for a double opt-in to ensure your subscribers know what they’re signing up for. Avoid buying contacts. This is because genuine subscribers open your mail and have a higher chance of clicking on your links, unlike purchased lists. 

    Work On The Subject Line 

    An attractive subject space is responsible for 33% of email users opening the mail. Draft your subject line with a focus on the ‘fear of missing out’. You can use emojis or symbols to help set it apart from other messages in the customer’s inbox. For the best open rates, keep the subject line between six to ten words.

    Don't Spam 

    Email is personal. That’s why marketers must use it to build trust instead of annoying recipients. Moreover, you’ll get blacklisted if several users mark your email as spam. Over 42% of email users check the sender’s address before opening emails. Check the sender score and start using the name of your brand as the sender. 

    Make Use Of The Preview Text 

    The preview text shows an excerpt of the content. According to Litmus statistics, 24% of people scan the preview in their inbox before deciding whether to open a message. Add a second subject line, summary of the email, and a CTA to generate meaningful preview texts. 

    Use The Right Formatting 

    Here are three ways to format your emails correctly:

    • Avoid creating overly narrow or wide emails. Instead, use a responsive design 
    • Enhance readability by breaking long emails into subtitles and paragraphs
    • Don’t add important information inside images

    Optimize For Smaller Screens 

    Today, 70% of people read emails in mobile apps. Therefore, mobile optimization is crucial to email marketing. Hence, if your email looks unformatted or deformed on the mobile device, customers will leave instead of clicking on your attractive CTA.

    Write Effective Copies

    After subscribers open your message, your content needs to be powerful enough to keep them reading. If you want to write an excellent copy, keep it short and succinct. Other ways to create resonant content is by citing facts, using incentives, and asking for feedback. 

    Use Dynamic Content  

    According to the Litmus Report, a growing trend for boosting click-throughs is interactive emails. Truth be told, any stimuli in a message can improve the CTR of your message. You can add images, videos, GIFs, thumbnails, and moving elements. Such elements will help keep users engaged.

    Segment Your Target Lists 

    Creating one campaign for your entire contact list is a grave error. What attracts one customer, might not attract the other. Therefore, you must divide your customers into specific sections first. Once you know the different customer personas for your email list, you can draft targeted content for each segment. 

    Personalize The Emails 

    Combining segmentation with personalization increases the open rate by 46%. This is because it addresses the recipient. You can personalize emails based on the location, age, income, industry, life-cycle stage, purchase history, and so forth. 

    Understand The Right Time 

    To ensure users click after reading, they must see the message at the right time. Spaceship research suggests eight in the afternoon as the golden hour across different time zones. The best timing can change depending on the industry, location, and other factors. 

    Be Relevant 

    Email readers are motivated to take action based on the relevance of your message. You can start by testing targeted emails for segmented lists. Alternatively, create specific offers to encourage them to take action. 

    Use Compelling CTAs

    CTA is the final step that converts email readers. Digital Doughnuts recommends keeping CTAs to the right-side to boost click-throughs. You can also use clickable buttons, action words, and urgency to increase the CTR. 

    Bottom Line 

    The click-through-rate measures the effectiveness of your emails. You can enhance it by using brand colors, opt-in forms, formatting, timing, mobile-optimization, and dynamic content. Working on the subject line, senders score, CTAs, personalization, segmentation, relevancy, and content will also improve email CTR.