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    5 Proven Steps To Build Email Marketing Campaigns That Generate Results

    Email Marketing Campaigns

    Wondering how to create a successful email marketing campaign that gets results? Improve your ROI immensely by using the top proven strategies. Read on to find out more about these techniques and how to execute them in your campaigns. 

    Proofread Emails Before Sending 

    Whether you studied literature, linguistics, or marketing, errors are a common factor to deal with. In fact, Grammarly found that most people make on average 13.5 typos when writing emails. Error-filled copy comes off as unprofessional and even spam-like. 

    Here’s what you can do to avoid errors: 

    • Proofread the copy for the first time from the top downwards 
    • Check the message for a second time from the bottom to the top 
    • Read the content aloud to help spot mistakes easily
    • Ask another person to read the copy out loud 
    • Don’t overlook the subject line and headers 
    • Use the free Grammarly or paid version to scan your text 


    Be Specific About The Who's And What's 

    The first things email users look at to decide whether or not to open the message are where it’s coming from, when it was delivered, and the subject line. These attributes are at the core of email marketing because they drive the trust and reliability of the reader. 

    Two factors to keep in mind are: 

    • Sender’s address: This should specify the name of the official person that the recipient has a relationship with or your company name. It helps recipients figure out who you are 


    • Subject line: This is where you outline what the email is about. It has to be concise, brief, and captivating to attract opens and click-throughs 


    Add Clear CTAs And Links 

    With the above details, the recipient knows where it’s coming from and what it’s about. Your next step is to deliver on your promises. Add an eye-catchy CTA-button or link and you can make this a smooth process for subscribers.


    Here’s what to remember:

    • Links: These are URLs that can take your readers out of their inboxes and to your website or app. You must ensure your links work well no matter what. In addition, use UTM codes to help track the performance of your campaign
    • CTA: It’s best to stick to just one call-to-action sentence or button. According to Ellie Mirman, VP of Marketing at Toast, campaigns with a single CTA had 371% more clicks than those with multiple calls to action. However, if you absolutely need several CTAs, then it’s best to highlight the most important one so that it catches the eye more easily. Use contrasting colors or bolds fonts to make it stand out

    Review Your Email List 

    When it comes to email addresses, the quality of your contacts determines the success of your campaigns. For instance, Neil Patel uses the scrubbing technique every week with his list. 

    Marketers should do a spring cleaning of their lists every once in a while. It can boost your reputation by cutting down spam complaints against your address. You should scrub the list especially when the open rates and CTRs fall low. 


    Take a look at what you can do to keep your list clean at all times.

    • Analyze hard and soft bounces before cleaning the list
    • Remove invalid, expired, and duplicate contacts regularly 
    • Add an opt-out or unsubscribe option inside every message
    • Don’t buy or rent contacts because it ultimately backfires 
    • Conduct polls or feedback surveys to find out what you can improve 
    • Identify which contacts are spam and eliminate them 
    • Edit the typos in addresses
    • Use remarketing campaigns aimed at driving engagement 
    • Make use of automation to clean your list 

    Test, Analyze, And Optimize 

    Every marketing message gathers analytics that can teach you more about your audience. The best way to take advantage of this is by testing different types of messages and picking the best that resonates with your audience. You can accomplish this through split-testing and mobile optimization.

    Split testing or A/B testing is a process of trialing versions of the same email with different segments of the audience. It helps determine the best version. By tweaking one variable at a time, you can determine the perfect design or the CTA button for your readers. 


    Since 48% of emails are now opened on mobile gadgets, your content must be optimized. This factor affects the readability, accessibility, and engagement of the message. Start by using templates that are mobile-responsive.


    The Bottom Line 

    Successful email marketing still leads to better results than most other forms of marketing. If you’re not getting groundbreaking results with your campaigns, step it up by proofreading the copy twice. You can also use a clear and relevant sender’s address with a captivating subject line. Highlighting CTAs buttons or links will also better catch the attention of users. 

    Get started today.