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    Best Email Marketing Software for Shopify 2021

    Best Email Marketing Software for Shopify

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 10/25/2021

    If you're selling products through Shopify, learn what email marketing tools you can use to boost your sales. With the right software you will generate up to 3,800% ROI or $38 for every dollar you spend.

    Powering over 500,000 businesses, Shopify merchants use at least six apps on an average to manage their virtual stores. If you own a Shopify website, integrating with one email marketing can help you generate up to 3,800% ROI or $38 for every dollar you spend. 

    Discover 10 options that can qualify as the best email marketing software for Shopify.

    Best Email Marketing Services For Shopify For 2021 - Full Analysis

    The email marketing services we analyzed below are some of the best options that integrate with Shopify. To put together this list, we looked into different capabilities such as each platform’s automation tools, their templates library, the segmentation possibilities, their pricing plans, and customer support options. 

    1. GetResponse - great automation and integration features

    GetResponse site

    A pioneering provider for small-to-medium sized online businesses, GetResponse has many features for online store owners. The platform was developed in the early ‘20s and it currently supports thousands of online shop owners

    Best For

    • Automations, integrations, list management


    • $15 per month


    • Automated workflows
    • Powerful analytics 
    • Numerous integrations
    • Abandoned cart notifications
    • Integrated payment processor 


    • Deep Data Integration: Develop custom email sequences on the basis of deep data fields. 
    • Professional templates: You can create and send marketing emails in a few minutes. 
    • Automation: Ecommerce owners can set up automatic emails based on follow ups, abandoned carts, and promotional messages for segmented lists.
    • Good Deliverability Rate: Use Time Travel feature to access a 99% delivery rate for your emails.


    • Default Sending Of Opt-In Emails: Although opt-in contacts are messaged automatically, users can disable this by unmarking API subscriptions.  
    • Delayed Contact Syncing: It takes up to 24 hours to import a contact list. 

    Editor’s Note: This can be the best email marketing service for bloggers who have little time to create their email campaigns from scratch. With this platform, you get numerous attractive templates to speed up your work.

    Bottom Line: 

    GetResponse provides all the basic tools you need to successfully implement your email campaigns: numerous design options, automated workflows, and A/B tests. 

    The platform also boasts an easy tag system that helps segmenting your contacts list. Moreover, it has a useful website event tracking feature that allows you to understand your readers’ behavior and craft email campaigns accordingly. 

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    2. Sendinblue - complex email marketing tool with added SMS feature

    sendinblue site

    Sendinblue was created in 2007. This powerful email marketing platform provides services globally and is particularly appreciated for its optimization features and transactional emails. 

    Best For

    • Rich customization features, transactional emails, SMS marketing


    • $25 - 1st tier


    • Send time optimization
    • Customizable workflows
    • Built-in CRM
    • Multiple integrations


    • Advanced Ecommerce Tools: Admins can use ecommerce functions such as sending in-store offers, targeting dormant customers, and more. 
    • Multichannel Functions: Apart from emails, use SMTP functions to send SMS alerts to the right customers at the right time.  
    • Segmentation & Automation: Syncing contacts is a smart way to create organized lists for automating custom campaigns. 
    • High Deliverability Rate: You can optimize mails to eliminate high bounce rates and reach recipients during relevant times. 


    • Coding Know-How: Certain features such as making dynamic lists demand programming expertise.  

    Editor’s Note: This tool provides powerful automated workflows you can easily adapt to your customers’ behavior. 

    Bottom Line:

    Sendinblue is a complex email marketing tool. Its send-time optimization feature allows you to reach out to customers at the best time. 

    The segmentation features are based on an easy-to-use filter system and the contact’s list is continuously updated. You also get customizable forms you can embed on your website. 

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    3. Constant Contact - great tracking features and multiple templates

    Constant Contact site

    Popular for its unlimited emails and powerful email automation, Constant Contact is one of the original email marketing service providers. Find out how it can help SMEs with marketing messages .email automation field. 

    Best For

    • Integrations, engaging templates

    Average Price 

    • $20/month


    • Engagement-tracker
    • Social media and multiple other integrations
    • Autoresponders
    • Event management tool
    • Good reporting and customer support


    • User-Friendliness: Admins can directly add products to emails using the email editor or modify 100+ mobile responsive templates to send emails quickly. 
    • Keeps Your Data Updated: This service provider syncs contact data from your online store every 15 minutes.
    • State Of The Art Segmentation: In addition to deep data integration, you can send messages to the right person at the right time based on user data from your online store using pre-segmented lists.
    • Advanced Support: Award winning live support and a 60-day free trial makes this a risk-free platform that is ideal for small businesses. 


    • Absence Of Advanced Tools: The automation workflow is limited to abandoned cart recovery. 

    Editor’s Note: We find this tool to be one of the best email marketing software for Shopify options for its powerful automations, such as the autoresponders and their easy implementation.

    Bottom Line: 

    Sendinblue provides a rich set of reliable lead management features, as well as numerous beautiful templates. It’s easy to add images to your emails and you have a generous library of options to choose from. 

    The reports are easy to customize, generate, and understand and they’ll help you measure your campaign’s success with little effort.

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    4. AWeber - reliable reports and testing features

    aweber site

    AWeber provides a rich package of features. This tool has been around for the past 20 years and it supports more than 100K businesses. 

    Best For

    • Design features, reporting tool


    • $19/month - basic plan


    • Good deliverability and testing features 
    • Ready-made workflows 
    • Segmentation features
    • Autoresponders

    Editor’s Note: We like this platform’s quality and efficient autoresponders that allow you to target your customers automatically and save time.

    Bottom Line: 

    You can improve your email campaign with this tool’s powerful segmentation capabilities that track the number of clicks, store visits, and user behavior. 

    The A/B testing feature is also very useful for your campaign optimization, and your emails will look great thanks to AWeber’s responsive designs.

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    5. ActiveCampaign - great automation features and in-built CRM 

    activecampaign site

    ActiveCampaign was launched in 2003. Ever since it has been helping more than 140,000 businesses with their email marketing campaigns. Designed for large online shops with an ability to add up to 100,000 contacts, ActiveCampaign is good for creating complex workflows.

    Best For

    • Powerful automations, CRM


    • $9 - 1st tier


    • 120 + email templates
    • Split testing and flawless workflows
    • Good segmentation tools
    • Good customer support
    • Site tracking


    • Automation Workflows: Admins can use five pre-built automation workflows for email marketing on top of the predictive content and sending functions. 
    • Extra Features: Make use of conditional content for marketing in addition to SMS for notifying customers about new launches, deals, and offers. 
    • Advanced Segmentation: Import information from Shopify to ActiveCampaign to develop sophisticated lists and tags when dispatching relevant emails to your contacts. 


    • Lack Of Basic Features: Given ActiveCampaign is a cutting-edge platform, admins need to know coding to make complete use of its toolkit.  

    Editor’s Note: This platform can be the best email marketing service for Shopify if you’re also looking for a sophisticated CRM integration.

    Bottom Line: 

    Overall, ActiveCampaign is a great choice for eCommerce because it boasts highly efficient workflows. You can easily implement welcome or abandoned cart emails, and other personalized interactions based on your client’s behavior. 

    The segmentation features are also very easy to leverage and the predictive sending tool is a great extra feature.

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    6. MailerLite - the ideal drag-and-drop editor


    MailerLite is a reputable email marketing tool that has been around since 2010. The platform is supported by a team of approximately 100 experts. 

    Best For

    • Intuitive editor, good segmentation tools


    • Free for 1,000 contacts
    • $10 start plan


    • Quality email templates and forms
    • Reliable automations
    • Detailed reports
    • A/B split testing and handy forms

    Editor’s Note: MailerLite is one of our favorite tools for Shopify because it features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and you can easily create beautiful emails using this platform's original templates.

    Bottom Line: 

    he forms ActiveCampaign provides are pretty good and the platform also offers additional personalization features that boost your email campaigns’ engagement.

    Since this is one of the best email marketing software for Shopify, it also features a good segmentation tool, and the split testing function is also very handy.

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    7. ConvertKit - Intuitive personalization tools


    From its very beginning ConvertKit, was specially designed for the needs of online store owners and bloggers. This tool was launched in 2013 and ideal for small sized enterprises. ConvertKit offers innovative features that are user-friendly for new and established ecommerce shop owners. Business owners currently use this tool to send more than 500 million emails/month.

    Best For

    • Automations, customizable forms


    • $29 per month for the 1st tier


    • Customizable segmentation
    • List building features
    • Reliable customer support
    • Personalized forms


    • Smart Segmentation: Create basic and advanced tags to send user-specific content automatically at appropriate intervals.
    • Sophisticated Automation: Visual automations with simple rules help to create custom email sequences based on customer behavior.  
    • Concierge Migration Service: Online brands with more than 5,000 subscribers can take advantage of professional migration services from ConvertKit.
    • Email Designer: The intuitive drag-and-drop editor combined with over 500 email templates makes designing campaigns a seamless activity. 


    • Purchase Triggered Automation: To create non-purchase automation emails, you need to integrate with Zapier first. 

    Editor’s Note: With ConvertKit, you can divide your list into different categories relatively easily by using tags or segments. 

    Bottom Line: 

    Although this software requires more advanced technical skills, it can be the best email marketing platform for Shopify if you’re looking for complex workflows you can customize according to your buyer’s actions, relying on drag-and-drop functionality. 

    The opt-in forms are another good asset, and the dashboard allows you to access client's data and conversion reports. 

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    8. BenchMark- optimum choice for reports

    Benchmark Email

    Benchmark is another one of the oldest email marketing services platforms. It was developed in 2004 and its headquarters are in California.

    Best For

    • Intuitive dashboard, generous free tier


    • $12/month - basic plan


    • Split testing and spam detection tools
    • A variety of templates
    • Great customer support
    • Advanced reporting

    Editor’s Note: This platform can be used for free for as many as 2000 subscribers. Therefore, it can be a good start point if you’ve recently launched your online store and you don’t have a large client database yet.  

    Bottom Line: 

    To use Benchmark, you don’t need to install any app, as you can access all the features online. This tool provides a good selection of email templates you can customize easily. 

    The A/B split testing capabilities are easy to leverage, and so is the useful spam detection tool that will increase your emails’ deliverability.

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    9. Moosend- seamless integrations for eCommerce businesses


    Moosend was launched in 2011. This platform provides a wide range of automations and personalization tools, which are extremely useful for online stores. 

    Best For

    • Integrations, built-in automation, templates


    • Free with max. 1000 contacts
    • $8 per month/basic subscription


    • A/B and spam testing
    • Cross-device preview options
    • Optin forms
    • Real-time analytics
    • Chat, email and phone support

    Editor’s Note: This platform features lots of  API and SMTP integrations. If you use different other marketing tools and social platforms for your online store, you can easily link and manage these accounts with Moosend, as well as your CRM or CMS.  

    Bottom Line

    You can easily customize your emails with this tool and rest assured they will be responsive. 

    The rich segmentation features allow you to divide your customers into multiple categories and there is an unlimited number of customization fields. This software also features multiple webinars and training resources, as well as reliable customer support. 

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    10. MailChimp - great customization and testing capabilities


    MailChimp is a US email marketing platform. It was launched in 2001 and it is still one of the most popular solutions for eCommerce businesses. 

    Best For

    • Built-in CRM, user-friendly dashboard


    • Free for. 2000 contacts
    • $9.99 - basic plan


    • Audience segmentation
    • Send time optimization
    • Interactive analytics
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Phone support

    Editor’s Note: this tool works very well for teams as you can grant different permission levels to each member.  

    Bottom Line: 

    If you're looking for the best email marketing software for Shopify, you might stop after using this platform’s free version. MailChimp offers a full-service marketing CRM, an intuitive list management tool based on segments and tags, and a user-friendly dashboard. 

    The interactive analytics are quite accessible and they provide you valuable insights into your clients’ behavior. A marketing calendar, social ads and social posts management, surveys, and pre-built automations are other useful tools.

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    How to choose the best email marketing software for Shopify

    There are multiple features you should be looking for when you are trying to find the best email marketing software for Shopify. 

    First of all, you should look for a platform that can be integrated with Shopify. This way, you will easily get your contacts directly from your store and be able to customize your campaigns easier. 

    Another aspect to take into consideration is the pricing plan. Most of these tools offer different types of subscriptions. You should carefully analyze each offer to make sure you opt for the one that offers the best value for money. 

    The segmentation features are also important because, when you sell your products to a large number of different customers, you should be able to divide these contacts into several groups according to their preferences so that you can send them targeted emails. Moreover, powerful automation tools are also a nice addition that will ease your email marketing efforts.

    To determine the best tools, take a closer look at the most important email marketing features for Shopify stores. 

    • Direct Integration: This feature eliminates the need to code when connecting Shopify with your messaging campaigns. 
    • Drag-And-Drop Editor & Templates: Create campaigns quickly with free professional templates using an intuitive editor . 
    • Segmented Mailing Lists: Divide contacts based on data collected such as purchase history. 
    • Trigger Driven Automation: Email services can increase shop sales by sending messages activated by behavioral triggers such as abandoned carts. 
    • Insightful Reports: You can use perceptive reports based on user behavior generated automatically by software. 

    What makes an email marketing software solution for Shopify a great one?

    The best email marketing software for Shopify is one that allows you to easily access its features. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or simply someone who is in charge of a Shopify store, you should be able to use the platform’s interface easily without wasting too much time to schedule your campaigns.

    The in-built authentication features are also extremely important as they allow you to schedule autoresponders or create customized email sequences, which are indispensable for a successful email marketing strategy. 

    Moreover, your Shopify Email Marketing App should also provide you lots of ready-made templates that will save you time while creating email campaigns and customizable forms that will allow you to engage customers and learn more about their preferences.

    Shopify Email Marketing App

    The Shopify Email Marketing App is a relatively new tool you can use to create automated email campaigns for your Shopify store. This platform was launched in April, 2020. The application can be incorporated into your Shopify account and you can access it from the Merchant section. 

    This tool offers similar features as the platforms reviewed in this article. However, it doesn't offer the same complexity and scalability. For example, you only get a handful of email templates. 

    The platform doesn’t provide the same automations as most email marketing tools. You cannot send customized action-triggered emails. Some users even complain that the platform delivers emails at the wrong times.


    Email marketing is still one of the key elements of a successful promotional strategy. It is all the more important to create email campaigns if you conduct your business exclusively online. For your Shopify store, some of the best email marketing tools are those we reviewed in this article. They provide seamless integration with Shopify and a wide range of additional features that can help you create targeted email campaigns and track your results with ease.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Can I integrate any email marketing platform with Shopify?

    To make sure you can leverage the powerful tools of an email marketing platform for your Shopify store, you should make sure that the option you plan on purchasing can be integrated with Shopify. 

    2. Do I have to buy a subscription plan to use email marketing software for Shopify?

    You don’t necessarily have to purchase a paid plan. Many of these platforms offer a free plan for a limited number of monthly emails or subscribers.

    3. What is the best email marketing platform for Shopify?

    There are several platforms that integrate seamlessly with Shopify and also offer a robust package of features. The best one for you is one that provides the features you’re looking for. 

    4. Will an email marketing platform help me sell more products through my Shopify store?

    This type of platform will help you promote your products easier and target the right customers, so yes, it can help you increase your sales.