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    The 6 Best Cheap Email Marketing Software

    Best Cheap Email Marketing Software

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    Selecting a good email marketing platform is inevitable for marketers looking to boost clicks or sales on a tight budget. Without reliable software, your plans will remain subpar and ineffective. On the contrary, with a good solution, you can nurture customers who visit your website, read your blog posts, or follow you on social media.

    Today, we’ll discuss the cheapest email marketing platforms. The following top six options are premium yet affordable.

    The Cheapest Email Marketing Services To Try In 2020 

    Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, cheap e-messaging services come with several perks that may fit all your needs, all the while saving your hard-earned money. The trick is to compare and contrast several services’ features to find your business’s best solution. 

    The following will differentiate the six best platforms in the industry so that you can pick the best one that fits your bill.


    What business is it best for? SaaS and ecommerce companies 

    Lowest price: $9.99 per month 

    Most recommended for? Customer support 

    SendX offers the most affordable plan when compared to its competitors. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop message builder, over 500,000 royalty-free stock photos, and many free email marketing tools.

    Users can make pop-up forms, inline forms, and even track their campaigns’ results in detail. They offer free migration in case you want to switch your current provider. Interested customers can get started with a 14-day free trial for up to 500 subscribers without a credit card. SendX also offers a 30-day free money-back guarantee so that you can commit without fears. 



    What business is it best for? Freelancers, bloggers, and small businesses 

    Lowest price: $10 every month 

    Most recommended for? Landing pages and pop-up forms builder 

    This platform offers a ‘forever-free’ plan for up to 12,000 messages per month. In addition, members will find basic features with this marketing software. It’s sought after for the unlimited e-messages offered on paid choices, workflow-based automation, and A/B testing. 

    Mailerlite comes with multilingual support, list management, and 30+ video tutorials. On top of it, the drag-and-drop editor is easy-to-use. Its editing tools are straightforward when it comes to tweaking custom HTML, rich text, and photos. You’ll also love the many integrations offered here, especially if you run an ecommerce store. 



    What business is it best for? SMEs, startups, and bloggers 

    Lowest price: $13.99 each month 

    Most recommended for? Automation Pro

    Boasting over 1,000 integrations, Benchmark Email comes with premium autoresponders and segmentation tools for building highly-personalized messages. It provides an ROI analysis, but if you don’t know how to calculate return on investment, its customer support is available via live chat, email, and phone. 

    Benchmark Email offers several options to build promotional messages, whether you know HTML or not. It also offers many pre-designed templates to create personalized emails in minutes. It’s the perfect way to grow your audience, especially if you have a new website. To top it all off, it has a wide range of editing solutions for pop-up and signup forms. 



    What business is it best for? Small to large creative businesses 

    Lowest price: $15 every month

    Most recommended for? 99% deliverability 

    You’ll find lead funnels, sales funnels, collaboration tools, unlimited landing pages, and 500+ of the best free email templates on this software. On top of its stellar deliverability rate, GetResponse also offers deliverability consulting. Its effortless scalability options make it a complete tool, no matter how your needs change in the future. 

    GetResponse is good for webinars because it comes with webinar funnels and recording storage. You can sign up for this service via its 30-day free trial before committing to a long-term plan. 



    What business is it best for? Startups and small businesses 

    Lowest price: $25 each month 

    Most recommended for? Scalability 

    Sought for its intensive tracking of campaigns, Sendinblue comes with the best lead capture potentials. Beginners will find its free plan and unlimited subscribers feature as an optimal way to get to know the world of email marketing. It also comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder with 70 free templates. 

    Sendinblue is renowned for its extensive tagging with segmentation tools on top of automation. Additionally, you can create interesting conversations based on purchase behavior, website traffic, and funnel responses.



    What business is it best for? Marketing agencies, financial firms, and ecommerce sites

    Lowest price: $29 per month 

    Most recommended for? SMTP routing 

    Known for simplifying marketing tasks, Pabbly offers a ‘forever free’ plan on top of premium options for up to 12,000 emails. It’s the best tool for nurturing contacts and establishing better relationships with your audience. This is because of its unique features, such as bounce forwarding, built-in delivery engines, and bulk messaging services. 

    Building professional-looking templates are simple because of its drag-and-drop tool. Users will find this solution’s automation, segmentation, and analytics easy-to-use too. Pabbly also comes with the MX cleaner, which helps you weed out inactive subscribers from your contact list without any hassles. 


    Pros And Cons Of Using A Cheap Email Solution 

    When it comes to this type of marketing software, you can get started for free or invest in affordable, higher-end service. Take a look at the following to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a cheap provider.

    • One of the pros of cheap email marketing is that you don’t overpay for additional and premium features
    • When compared to free plans, there are more resources available with cheap software
    • White-labeling is one of the other benefits of paid solutions. This ensures your promotional messages are 100% branded for your business
    • A drawback of cheap solutions is that you might have to pay extra for additional features. These may include dedicated support, migration, and unlimited automation workflows
    • There’s also a chance you might end up paying more if you run out of resources 

    Cheap Vs. Free Email Marketing Software 

    Beginners and people trying out email marketing as a hobby will find free solutions perfect for their needs. It’s better to start with a service provider who has both free and paid plans so that you can switch to the premium packages when you feel ready. 

    For the following type of marketers, the best option is to invest in paid software. If you’re pressed on a budget, cheap solutions will fare sufficient for you.

    • Startups need a solution capable of mitigating the problems that pop-up at the very beginning. Hence, it’s a good idea to start with a paid solution 
    • Most small and medium-sized businesses will find it best to pick a cheap plan with guaranteed resources rather than a free one with restrictions
    • Ecommerce owners will find it practical to sign up with a cost-efficient provider that offers a guaranteed list of services. This will ensure your customers don’t bear the brunt of poor services in the long run
    • Designers and creatives should opt for a cheap yet paid software instead of a free solution so that they can create professional-looking emails that fit with their brand values. These individuals should take note that customization options are generally restricted in free software 

    Bottom line 

    Investing in a paid solution comes with many pros, such as trust, ease-of-use, and additional features. Instead of overpaying for a service with a hefty price tag, a cost-efficient solution saves your money in the long run. It’s a good choice for startups, SMEs, ecommerce owners, advertising firms, SaaS companies, and other similar entities. 

    While SendX offers the cheapest option, Pabbly records the highest per month price. Sendinblue is more costly than the others but comes with many premium features that are good for growing businesses. Above all, pick one that suits your needs the best.


    What is the cheapest email marketing service in 2020?

    SendX offers the cheapest email marketing service today at $9.99 per month, which is further reduced to $7.49 every month when you pay annually. 

    Which cheap email marketing software is the best?

    Each of the six aforementioned marketing solutions come with a unique feature. For example, landing page designer on Mailerlite, customer support on SendX, automation on Benchmark, scalability on Sendinblue, deliverability on GetResponse, and SMTP routing on Pabbly.

    How much does email marketing cost?

    The cost of email marketing software ranges from $9.99 to $29 per month if you’re looking for cheap solutions. However, the price can go up into the hundreds and thousands of dollars if you choose a premium plan. 

    Should I use a cheap email software or go for a completely free one?

    While the choice is yours, a paid solution is more reliable, brand-friendly, and efficient no matter what business you run. On the contrary, the free solution will always be restrictive and offer fewer resources.