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    Best Online Survey Tools That Don't Cost A Penny


    Consider for a moment that 95% of customers will share their unsatisfactory experiences with others according to Zendesk. This alone illustrates why it’s so important to receive feedback directly from your audience. Surveys are one way to accomplish this. This research method not only recaptures disgruntled shoppers but will also nurture leads in a better manner.

    Free online survey tools make it easy to create and send polls to hundreds of subscribers. Accordingly, it's among the most straightforward ways of collecting data. Read on to discover the five top free questionnaire tools. Additionally, find out if the paid versions are worth it. 

    Survey Monkey 

    With 20 million questions answered daily, this platform is the best in the market for questionnaire email marketing. From product feedback to customer satisfaction and market research, there are many ways to study your subscribers with this free tool. 

    You can get more advanced features with paid plans. These packages start at $26 per month. However, the free version is the best option for those who need just the basics. 

    Top features included in a free package are:

    • Ten questions
    • 15 question types
    • 40-100 responses per questionnaire
    • Hidden responses deleted within 60 days 
    • Customizable themes 

    Google Forms 

    Google Forms is one of the standard tools that taught most of us how to create a free online survey. It’s known for its extensive array of basic to advanced tools. You can also embed the polls you create into emails. 

    The best advantage of this free tool is its ease-of-use regardless of your technical proficiency. This option also offers an extensive range of content types like customer feedback, work request, order forms, and so on. 

    Best Features:

    • Countless polls
    • Endless respondents 
    • Skip logic
    • Custom logo
    • Automatic collection of data in Google Sheets 
    • Collaborate with others 
    • Several free themes
    • Add pictures and videos 

    Survey Planet 

    This is another tool that’s efficient at creating email marketing surveys. With this option, marketers can even run anonymous studies while collecting important information. It has several themes that can be embedded in emails and you can customize the opening and closing greetings. 

    If you need to add images, export results, or customize the themes, then go for the premium version. This package costs $15 per month. The free version offers basic in-app alerts, duplication of polls, email compatibility, and the ability to remove unwanted people. 


    • Unmetered questionnaires
    • 20 languages 
    • 90 pre-written polls
    • Endless questions
    • Unlimited responses 
    • Theme options
    • SSL security  

    Zoho Survey 

    This platform is one of the best email survey tools today. It presents customizable templates that are verified by experts and ready for your use. You can use it via mobile, which makes tweaking the questionnaires a fairly quick process.

    The best thing is you can embed the study into bulk emails. It also comes with password protection and real-time reporting. Premium plans have additional features such as piping logic, custom variable, multilingual questionnaires, and more. You can test the paid versions with a seven-day free trial. 

    Features that come with the free package:

    • Endless polls
    • 15 questions 
    • 150 responses 
    • 25 question types 
    • Duplicate questionnaires 
    • Over 200 professional templates 
    • HTTPS Encryption


    This is a great choice, especially if you want a free survey maker for more than 10 questions. Typeform calls its free plan ‘Core’. It comes with basic reporting and some advanced features. One such feature is the ability to pipe the answers of respondents into the poll’s content. You can also personalize the study by the name of the user.

    Typeform has a classic style that’s easy to use. Moreover, the paid versions start at $35. You can try out the premium package with a free trial. 

    Features available with its free version:

    • Ten questions 
    • 100 responses every month
    • Up to three Typeforms for each account
    • Custom design themes
    • Data export  
    • Password protection 

    Added Capabilities That You Can Get With The Paid Versions 

    According to FluidSurveys, online questionnaires have a response rate of 24.8%. If you see the value and want to tap into the best survey tools, these are the add-ons to expect in premium versions:

    • Branding: If your questionnaire tool doesn’t offer white labeling, go for a paid version in order to add a custom logo 
    • Data export: For those of you who need to analyze the data, exporting is essential
    • Survey logic: Using previous answers to input data such as the name of the user is a full-edition feature on most premium tools 
    • Extensive types of questions: This is often unavailable on the free versions, therefore opt for an upgrade if you need more details and flexibility in your questionnaires

    The Bottom LinePolls can be used to learn more about your target audience.  

    Typeform offers data export, Zoho Survey gives unlimited questionnaires, and Survey Monkey comes with customizable templates. On the other hand, Survey Planet has the most premium features for free. Regardless of what you want to use it for, Google Forms features the best tools at no cost.