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    13 Tried And Tested Email Marketing Hacks That Accelerate Growth


    It’s true that 80% of marketers recommend email as the best way to gain new consumers and make old customers buy again. However, what if you don’t have the time to test and create your own strategies? 

    Read on to discover 13 proven marketing methods that’ll improve your campaigns by leaps and bounds. 

    Ways To Accelerate Growth Using Email Marketing

    Creating successful campaigns is harder than it looks. Here are the best techniques to speed up your marketing emails quickly.

    Use Automation

    Did you know that over 64% of marketers use automation today? It’s excellent for advanced segmentation, profile-targeting, lead scoring, and so forth. The Aberdeen Group study found that email automation improves conversions by 53% and overall growth by 3.1%. Altogether, it generates 320% more income than from non-automated emails. 

    Webmasters can get started by automating personal messages in plain text and trigger them based on customer actions. 

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    Start Collecting Email Addresses

    Chances are you’re already using the ‘wheel of fortune’ or landing pages to capture email addresses on your site. Although, why not try other avenues to help grow your electronic mailing list even more? 

    For example, Ryan Hoover experienced a 60-80% spike in conversion rates by using a Lead Generation Card via Twitter. The best solution to collect more email addresses is by using opt-in forms across multiple channels. 

    Craft The Perfect Subject Line 

    Over 33% of electronic mail users open messages based on the subject line alone. Likewise, 69% of people mark messages as spam based on the subject line. Hence, marketers must focus on crafting creative and attention-grabbing subject lines.

    Constant Contact recommends to spice-up the subject line with the following elements:

    • Statistics
    • Commanding words like ‘sign up today’
    • Includes a deadline
    • Uses a question 
    • Concise and appealing
    • Joke/pun

    Include Social Proof On Your Emails

    88% of people trust reviews from people they don’t know. Therefore, social proof is a brilliant way to enhance your marketing. Good customer success stories can make customers spend up to 31% more. Additionally, it boosts conversions by 34%. 

    Social proofs influence new customers and motivate others into reviewing their purchases.

    Optimize The Email For Mobile Devices 

    With over 75% of U.S email consumers opening messages via their smartphones, your electronic mail must be mobile-responsive for a good UX. Check if the messages automatically fit popular screen sizes amongst your customers by testing your content on different devices. When doing so, avoid completely ignoring non-mobile users. These users are still a substantial number.

    Use Effective Storytelling

    According to recent research, stories are 22x more memorable than hard-cold facts. In fact, Sleeknote increased open rates by 123.74% and CTR by 352.63% by incorporating stories. 

    Marketers can share real anecdotes when writing newsletters. They can also use emotional words when writing e-messages. This helps you build a powerful bond with your readers. Effective storytelling helps create a relatable brand personality.

    Share Content That Helps 

    With 293 billion e-messages received in inboxes per day in 2019, users have excessive options when it comes to emails today. Unless you shower them with useful content, there’s no hope for self-promotional messages. 

    You’ll need to provide helpful content to prevent your messages from getting buried under thousands of messages. Find out what your readers want by conducting surveys on their demands. You can also request feedback directly from users to help improve marketing messages.

    Work On Email Retargeting Campaigns

    SaleCycle claims retargeted messages account for 28.3% of all eCommerce revenue. Retargeted content results in 41% of conversions. Without retargeting, conversion can be as low as 4%. On top of it, ConversionXL claims the brand Busted Tees recorded a 390% increase in ROI. They did so by re-targeting shoppers who didn’t complete their purchases.

    Online shops with high cart-abandonments and inactive users will find such a campaign useful for growth. 

    Use Appealing Call-To-Action 

    Do you want to increase clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%? If so, then tell customers what to do in your message with an attractive CTA. HubSpot says anchor-CTAs are extremely effective because they boost conversions by approximately 121%. Moreover, adding buttons to your call-to-action sentence increases the click-through-rate by 45%. You can also draw attention to the CTA by using 3D effects, surrounding whitespace, and contrasting colors. 

    Add More Personalization 

    Electronic mail campaigns record an increase of 50% in open rates when you personalize the subject line. Additionally, segmenting and targeting the messages boosts the overall revenue by 58%. Personalization is crucial since over 52% of users will leave messages that are generic. Put simply, customized content creates positive brand impressions. 

    Webmasters can start by personalizing the subject line with the name of the recipient or with a topic they’re interested in. 

    Share Tailored Offers And Discounts 

    Did you know that over 60% of email users are overlooking your messages? A great way to incite excitement in customers is to offer relevant incentives with it. In fact, messages that include promo codes increase the campaign revenue by 48%. 

    40% of revenue is generated from repeat consumers. Therefore, create coupons for inactive customers. Alternatively, offer dynamic offers such as discounts on items wishlisted by customers. 

    Be Consistent

    According to Campaign Monitor, electronic mail can bring 4400% ROI. While this may be true, you’ll need to work at it persistently to build a bond, earn trust, and influence users into taking the action you desire. Statistics reveal that it takes up to seven impressions for users to remember a brand. This is very important to keep in mind since consistent branding can boost your revenue by 23%. Quitting midway or sending e-messages whenever you want will lead to zero response from readers.

    Analyze And Optimize 

    Whether you’re sending three or five messages a week, it’s mandatory to keep track of the analytics. Reports measure the effectiveness of your campaigns so that you’re able to improve them for the next time.  

    Start by comparing the ROI, clicks, open rates, conversions, and so forth with industry standards. To keep progressing, you’ll need to keep evolving your strategies based on the reports and metrics that you see.

    Bottom Line

    Electronic mail is a profitable marketing channel. You'll need to use growth hacks to see substantial gains with it. There are many ways to see positive results quickly such as using capturing leads, automation, social proofs, mobile-optimization, and personalization. Moreover, storytelling and brand consistency will make your messages more memorable.

    Your results improve when you work on the subject line, use shareable content, and add discounts. Shortlist your favorite strategies from the above hacks to get started right away.