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    White Label Email Marketing

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/06/2021

    From reducing costs to increasing sales, there are many perks of signing up for white label email marketing. It can help you scale your business and build credible business relationships.

    The article below will walk you through the fine details of white label email marketing with its pros and cons. Our list of best four software is also included below to help you get started.

    What is White Label Email Marketing Platform?

    White labeling is a term for rebranding products offered by sale or subscription from another party. For email marketing, it is the removal of original branding materials like the software logo, name, and color themes to match your own brand. You can modify the original software information so that clients see your brand instead of the service provider.

    The solutions help in adding new products to the inventory without managing production and are often engaged via a license and subscription from the original creators.

    Best White Label Email Marketing Solutions

    Rebranding helps you expand the market and access the intellectual capital of the original company. We will outline top features of white-labeled email marketing solutions below so that you can select the optimal match.


    A developer turned marketer for software products, HubSpot is not 100% white labeled. The following five benefits of HubSpot for white labeling will prove why it is built for marketing agencies.

    Sales and Marketing Solutions in One Place: Sales solutions such as a sales pipeline, dashboard and account setup are available. You can simultaneously use marketing solutions designed for managing workflows or website integration.

    Extra Services: You get access to a CRM, social media management, authentication protocols (DKIM, SPF, and CNAME), and a service hub.

    Comprehensive Sales Coaching: Goal-oriented training from the HubSpot Partner Team helps create long-term relationships with clients.

    Co-Marketing Benefits: When you sign up for co-marketing with HubSpot, you can also generate leads while reaching new customers. 

    Great Tracking and Reporting: You can test solutions such as precision-tracking to trace the impact of an email that led to a sale.


    This provider offers expert rebranding solutions for emails with a 99.9% platform uptime guarantee.  You can create and share templates using drag & drop editors with clients while using SendInBlue.

    The following are the core uses of white labeling with this service provider.

    Custom Logo & Url:  SendInBlue permits clients to create and customize their own campaigns. You also get a personalized URL for logging in.

    Real-Time Reporting: Gain access to email deliverability experts, bounce management and advanced reporting.

    Multi-Account Management: This service also lets you personalize features per account besides dedicating a manager.

    Good Segmentation Tool: It is easy to divide, organize and manage large lists of clients at once with this service provider.

    Multilingual Support: SendInBlue is available in six different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.  


    Offering a built-in CRM and powerful automation, ActiveCampaign features flexible options for resellers and customers.

    The following are the four top features of ActiveCampaign for white label email marketing.

    Custom Domain: Marketers can use the custom domain feature on this service to boost their reputation with ISPs and clients at once.

    Complete Rebranding: Get quick and thorough white labeling in a click where you see no trace of ActiveCampaign.

    Varied Rebranding Options: You can personalize the software by adding or removing buttons by modifying the CSS/HTML. Marketers can pick the colors, borders, fonts, and logo branding elements too.

    Total Control Over Client Accounts: ActiveCampaign offers operational tools for specific-client-accounts. This is accessible by removing global changes or color changes attributed to a specific account.


    An email marketing expert with mastery over white label marketing, Instiller charges zero setup fees. With its powerful automation and API, resellers and clients can upgrade their services at ease.

    The following five features outline why Instiller is a good choice for white labeling.

    Personalized Rebranding: Marketers can set the ‘Instiller Branding’ to use the drag-and-drop interface. The design makes it easy for updating logos and colors by the client.

    Customize Accounts: You can control or change the access of your client via the white label solution.

    Unlimited Data Storage: Get unlimited client accounts and click tracking accounts besides unlimited sending domains on Instiller.

    Reseller Value: Marketers can rebrand Instiller solutions and resell to it to their own customers for added profits.

    Detailed Analytics and Reporting: White label reporting makes your brand appear authoritative. This is owed to the filtered performance analysis available from this provider.


    Focused on social media marketing agencies and freelancers, PromoRepublic offers social integration tools. Their white label solutions are best for rebranding elaborate social metrics and reports.

    Four key advantages of using white label marketing with PromoRepublic include the following.

    Custom Design: Over 100,000+ templates and visuals are ready for use in addition to the drag-and-drop editor.

    Collaboration Tools: White label solutions ensure seamless collaboration with clients and teams.

    Dedicated Success Manager: This service provides a manager to assist you with onboarding and similar tasks. They also provide training for boosting the efficiency of your agency.

    Smart Posting Automation Tool: PromoRepublic automatically sets the content plan and publishing time of your posts. It does so by taking the industry-specifics, social presence and the type of post into account.

    Pros and Cons of White Label Marketing Software

    Attracting new customers is a bonus for white label solutions. Yet, is it too costly to get the software?

    Could it become a potential liability?

    Explore the advantages and drawbacks of white labeling to determine the appropriate solution.


    • Good for Beginners and Pros: Low to negligible marketing and production costs/sales
    • Profitable Reseller-Value: Rebranded software solutions are products that add to existing revenues, making them popular as reseller marketing tools
    • Advanced Reports: Share real-time reports with clients after personalizing the marketing dashboard
    • Committed Clients: White label marketing helps forge long-term partnerships because it offers targeted solutions
    • Boosted Brand Reputation: White labeling can boost an agency-reputation with its sophisticated software


    • Liability: A poor choice of service provider can indirectly tarnish your reputation
    • Limited Control: Negligible to null management of the production process makes it risky, and expensive


    White labeling is the process of rebranding an existing software with your own material. It is easy and hassle-free when you do it professionally. Choose a credible service provider as it will ultimately reflect on your own brand reputation too.