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    Why Email Personalization Is A Must For Your Next Campaign

     Email Personalization

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    Whether you’re talking about email or social media, personalization is crucial to all channels of marketing. Adding a personal touch will catch the attention of the reader. Email customization allows the campaign heads to segment customers and then target them separately. Additionally, personalized messages lead to 6x more purchases than generic campaigns.

    Find out how customizing emails can increase its open rates, convert more readers, and create a loyal community.

    Higher Opening Rates 

    The total number of people who opened your mail in contrast to the total number of emails sent is called the opening rate. The ideal open rate varies by the type of industry, but it’s generally in the range of 20% to 40%.

    According to Statista, personalization ensures an open rate of 18.8% compared to a rate of 13.1% for the emails without any customization. The trick is to tweak the subject line. Oberlo claims that this can boost the user to open the email by 50%. The simplest method of customizing a campaign is to use the first name of the subscriber in the subject line. This can increase the open rate by 26%.

    NetProspex is a brand that uses the customization strategy of including consumer personas. As a result, the brand experienced an increase in email open rates by 111%.

    Higher Conversion Rates 

    The rate of customers who buy from you or take the action prompted by your email determines the conversion rate. Aberdeen Group reports that custom messages grow conversions by 10% and CTC by 14%. 

    Small business owners, especially, should be using email customization because such a strategy brings about 760% more ROI. In regards to CTA, HubSpot found that custom CTA converts 202% more than generic CTA. 

    Marketers can customize the subject line based on age, location, purchase records, and other data available on users. 

    Building A Community 

    Personalization in marketing emails can also build a loyal list of contacts around your business. This is possible because the open rate of email is almost-double of Instagram and several times better than Facebook. 

    Given that over 82% of users go through their emails at least once a day, the chance of building a bond with the subscriber is high. Furthermore, millennials check their mail over two times daily. 

    Marketers can send custom messages regularly to users to generate brand awareness and loyalty. According to OneSpot, over 87% of customers say that they connect with a business based on how individually relevant their content is. 

    Best Practices 

    If you’re thinking of getting started with email customization, utilize the following top strategies to help you get the best results quickly.

    Use Dynamic Content 

    The HTML content inside your email that varies depending on the user is referred to as dynamic content. Such a feature brings insightful data about each block of content that’s seen by users inside every email you send. In practice, it means that webmasters can exhibit different parts of the content using a segmented email list. 

    All you’ll need to do is make a single campaign with several versions for segmented contact lists based on what you know about the content with your ESP. 

    You can boost the engagement with dynamic content and save time simultaneously. Start by making customer personas and move onto select content sections before adding the right metrics. 

    Make Relevancy The Center With Automation

    In order to make your marketing content highly engaging, you can automate customer journeys. Keep in mind that such a campaign is all about timing. Sending perfectly-matching information at the right time to the correct user makes them feel connected.

    One way to do so is by using behavioral triggers with automated reminder emails. For example, you can automate a ‘birthday campaign’ featuring that user’s wishlist products on or before their birthday. Other ideas include membership renewals and loyalty programs.  

    Create Personal Landing Pages 

    Once you’ve captured the attention of the reader with customized messages, the following step is to prompt them to purchase from you. A landing page is a standalone page made, which typically takes the email user to a different location. It can boost conversions and reduce the bounce rate by leading the user through a precise funnel.

    Creating a distinct landing page based on user data further continues and strengthens the bond with the subscriber. 

    Bottom Line 

    In this age of cutthroat competition, individualization helps customers connect with brands much more readily. When it comes to emails, personalized content increases open rate by 18% and conversion rate by 10%. Customization is excellent for building a dedicated and loyal community around your brand.

    Get started by using dynamic content to help generate several emails personalized for different users. Automated special event campaigns that are activated by behavioral triggers are a great way to customize messages. Custom landing pages that are based on a segmented contact list can also appeal personally to email readers.