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Best Email Marketing Software For Bloggers

To be a successful blogger, you need more than good writing skills. To be able to promote your work efficiently, you should integrate email marketing in your strategy and to make the most out of your promotional emails, you should be using one of these 10 efficient and intuitive email marketing services.

Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

Updated: 09/02/2021

#1 Pick Overall - Best Email Marketing Software for Bloggers:

GetResponse- No.1 for templates and tracking feature

If you don’t know which email marketing platform to choose, start by looking into the options below. These are some of the best services currently available. Discover their features, pricing plans, and the advantages they can provide you. 

Short on time? Here are the Top 5 Email Marketing Services for Bloggers

  • Complete webinar marketing solution
  • Sms marketing tools
  • Best for bloggers and freelancers
  • Flexible Plans
$9.99 /m
  • Marketing Automation

Best Email Marketing Services For bloggers For 2021 - Full analysis

We tried to identify the best email marketing software for bloggers by analyzing several key areas of 10 of the most popular services: their distinct features, the level of intuitiveness, the customer support options they offer, and the pricing plans. Here is a short overview. 

1. GetResponse - beautiful templates and tracking tools 


GetResponse is one of the oldest and most renowned players in the email marketing software field. The company was founded in 1997.

Best For

  •  Segmentation, designs and website tracking tools


  • 30-days free trial

  • Subscription prices start from $15


  • Customizable automation
  • Reliable analytics and A/B tests 
  • Beautiful ready-made templates
  • Attractive landing page templates
  • Limited reporting 

Editor’s Note: This can be the best email marketing service for bloggers who have little time to create their email campaigns from scratch. With this platform, you get numerous attractive templates to speed up your work.

Bottom Line: 

GetResponse provides all the basic tools you need to successfully implement your email campaigns: numerous design options, automated workflows, and A/B tests

The platform also boasts an easy tag system that helps segmenting your contacts list. Moreover, it has a useful website event tracking feature that allows you to understand your readers’ behavior and craft email campaigns accordingly. 

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2. Sendinblue - great choice for reporting and large subscriber lists

This company was founded in 2011 and has delivered excellent email marketing automation services to more than 100,000 clients ever since. 

Best For

  • Flexible email editor, reporting tools 


  • Free for max. 2000 subscribers
  • $25 Lite plan 


  • Personalized funnels
  • No daily sending limit
  • Advanced reporting
  • A/B tests
  • Fewer templates than other platforms 

Editor’s Note: We like this platform's reliable integration with WordPress. You can also install a plugin to manage and customize your email campaigns directly from WordPress. 

Bottom Line: Sendinblue boasts a generous offer even with its Lite plan that allows you to send unlimited emails, carry out A/B tests, access advanced statistics, and benefit from email support. 

This platform also has some useful and user-friendly segmentation options, and the auto-responder function is another plus. 

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3. ConvertKit - effective automations and great design options


This tool was specially designed for bloggers and other content creators. This is a relatively new platform that soon grabbed the attention of influential professionals such as Pat Flynn. 

Best For

  • Templates, customized funnels

Average Price 

  • Free for max. 1,000 contacts
  • $29/month basic plan


  • Intuitive email builder
  • Customized sign-up forms
  • Filtering personalization system
  • Landing page builder
  • Outstanding support
  • Limited email templates customization options

Editor’s Note: This simple editor can be the best email marketing software for bloggers who want to put their email campaigns on autopilot fast and easily.

Bottom Line: 

The automation features you get with ConvertKit are quite reliable and easy to access. Overall, the platform provides a visual, user-friendly approach. You can easily use the tag-based system to customize your campaigns. 

The landing page builder is a useful addition and another plus is the ability to resend your broadcast to non-openers.

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4. MailChimp - outstanding templates and tons of integrations

MailChimp has been around since 2001. This is one of the most popular email marketing platforms, with more than 15 million users worldwide. 

Best For

  • Templates, integrations


  • Free for 2000 subscribers
  • $9.99 Essential plan


  • Professionally looking templates
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Detailed reports and testing tools
  • Advanced segmentation features
  • Groups can only be used with plugins

Editor’s Note: we love this platform’s free plan, it can be more than enough for a bloggers’ needs. The integrations with multiple 3rd party apps are another advantage.

Bottom Line: 

MailChimp is a good choice for bloggers regardless of their technical skills. The user-friendly interface helps you easily customize and schedule email campaigns. You can also send Facebook ads to your list using this tool. 

It’s easy to use the testing features, and the email templates you can access look quite professional. You can also integrate ad banners in your email with MailChimp. 

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5. ActiveCampaign - excellent testing and tracking tool 


ActiveCampaign is another old and reliable email marketing platform for bloggers and marketers. This service has been on the market since 2001 and it is one of the most complex and powerful tools you can get at an affordable price

Best For

  • Automated workflows, reporting and tracking tools


  • The first tear is only $9


  • Ready-made templates
  • Multiple segmentation criteria
  • Automation recipes
  • Personalized sign-up forms
  • Sticky help button
  • Spam test and split-testing tool 
  • The interface is slow according to some users

Editor’s Note: ActiveCampaign offers some of the most advanced automations and great tracking and reporting tools for a decent price.

Bottom Line: 

ActiveCampaign might not be the most user-friendly interface, but you’ve got plenty of training guides to learn how to use it. Moreover, you can also use the help button at any time. 

You can easily test your email’s effectiveness through split-testing and make sure they pass spam filters using the spam check function. The templates are also pretty good. 

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6. AWeber- Reliable customer support & great templates


AWeber is one of the oldest players in the email marketing field. The company started in 1980. It currently has more than 1 million clients worldwide.

Best For

  • Design options, integrations prompt assistance


  • 30-days free trial
  • Basic price: $19/month


  • Multiple integrations
  • Ready-made campaigns
  • Subscriber management tool
  • Quality email and form templates
  • Autoresponders and deliverability tracking
  • The automations could be improved

Editor’s Note: We like this platform’s generous selection of email and form templates.

Bottom Line: 

You can easily add tags to customize your email campaigns. This platform helps you monitor your deliverability rates, use autoresponders, integrate WordPress or other apps effortlessly. 

It also provides myriad useful resources and outstanding customer support, which makes it one of the best email marketing software for bloggers. 

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7. Benchmark - excellent list management features

Benchmark has been around since 2004. This tool is a great option for bloggers, especially those who are barely getting started with their email campaigns and want a free platform

Best For

  • Intuitiveness, free plan


  • $12/month for the basic subscription


  • User-friendly editor
  • A multitude of templates and design options
  • Anti-spam tool
  • Social media buttons
  • Reliable customer support
  • Some integrations might not work well

Editor’s Note: You can edit and enhance your emails’ look quite easily with this drag-and-drop editor. You can also add social media buttons

Bottom Line: 

Benchmark is an excellent tool for bloggers due to its ease of use. You can send up to 14,000 emails for free each month. 

There are more than 400 quality email templates you can use. There is also a useful anti-spam function, as well as an A/B testing feature.  

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8. MailerLite - the best choice for web forms

Mailerlite has been on the market since 2010. It is one of the most intuitive email marketing platforms and it offers a variety of useful tools at an affordable price.

Best For

  • Good looking templates and myriad web forms


  • Free for up 1,000 contacts
  • $10 for the 1st tier


  • Beautiful email templates
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Tagging and segmentation 
  • Multiple testing features and reports 
  • Embedded signup forms
  • The automations are basic

Editor’s Note: We appreciate this tool for its good-looking email templates and the 12,000 emails you can send for free each month.  

Bottom Line: 

You can easily create your campaigns from the drag-and-drop editor using modern templates or designing your own. 

The platform also provides landing page tools and autoresponders, as well as A/B testing and reliable customer support options. 

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9. Constant Contact - Multiple integrations and plenty of templates

Constant Contact is among the oldest players in the field. The company was founded in 1995. Other products they own are HostGator and Bluehost

Best For

  • Integration, tracking feature, email templates


  • 2-months trial
  • The minimum price is $20


  • User-friendly editor 
  • Engagement-tracker
  • Different segmentation possibilities 
  • Social media integrations
  • Good reporting tools
  • The template designs are not very flexible

Editor’s Note: We like most of the templates you get with Constant Contact and the intuitive email editor.  

Bottom Line: 

Constant Contact offers all the basic tools you need to send well-targeted email campaigns. There is an intuitive tags-based system that enables you to classify your subscribers. 

The reporting options are ok and you can also benefit from multiple useful 3rd party integrations

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10. HubSpot Email Marketing - outstanding automations and flexible pricing


HubSpot Email Marketing was created by a team of online marketing experts who have been developing marketing tools since 2005. This team means more than 4,500 people and 11 global offices. 

Best For

  • Templates library, reporting, knowledge resources


  • Free tier 
  • Pricing plans start at $50


  • A wide variety of templates
  • Good segmentation options
  • Good A/B testing and lead management analytics
  • Different integrations
  • Live chat
  • Multiple configurations required

Editor’s Note: We love this platform's multitude of templates you can use to create emails, landing pages or even for your blog posts. You can also access a template marketplace through HubSpot.  

Bottom Line: 

This is an all-in-one marketing system. Due to its complexity and the fact that it can also be used as a complex contacts management tool, it is not as intuitive as other services.

However, HubSpot Email Marketing provides lots of training materials to get you started and good customer service. The integrations with multiple other tools like WordPress or Slack are another great asset.

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How To Choose the Best Email Marketing Software For Bloggers

There are different aspects you should be taking into account if you’re a blogger and you want to gain more popularity through email marketing campaigns, or you simply want to keep in touch with your subscribers easily.

A good email marketing platform for your needs is one that allows you to access all its main features easily. We can only imagine that you prefer focusing on your writing rather than spending hours figuring out how to use your email marketing tool. Therefore, choose an option that's got a user-friendly interface, multiple training resources, and offers good customer support.

What makes an email marketing software solution for bloggers a great one? 

The best email marketing software for bloggers is one that’s not hard to use and offers a variety of different features. Some of them are called segmentation features and they are important because they allow you to divide your subscribers into different categories and send them personalized emails that boost engagement.

Another must-have is the email templates library. To set up your email campaigns with ease, you should be able to access high-quality, good-looking email templates.  Finally, to understand if your email campaigns are successful, this tool should also provide you sufficient statistics and reporting options.


The best email marketing service for bloggers can be one of the 10 services we reviewed in this post. The selection was made based on several key criteria including the available email templates, training resources, and the level of user-friendliness each platform offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best free email marketing service for small bloggers?

There are different free email marketing tools you can choose from. Some of the best services that allow you to send a significant number of emails per month are Benchmark and MailerLite.

2. Why do bloggers need email marketing?

This is one of the most effective ways to boost your blog’s popularity. Email marketing can be used to attract new visitors and keep existing subscribers hooked. You can easily promote your new posts by sending automated emails from these platforms. 

3. Is it hard to use an email marketing platform?

It depends on the platform you use. Most services are quite intuitive. To make sure you enjoy one of them, we recommend you use one of the solutions we reviewed in this article. 

4. Do I need to create emails from scratch if I use an email marketing platform?

The best email marketing services for bloggers offer a wide range of ready-made templates you can choose from. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and avoid creating emails from zero.