Email Marketing Software Comparison

Email Marketing Software Comparison

Choosing email marketing software doesn’t have to be the confusing and otherwise drawn-out process it used to be. We’ve had a close look at all the options out there and created comparisons, pitting them against each other in one-v-one matchups. Get all the answers you need right here.

TLDR? Here is the Best Email Marketing Software for you: 

Constant Contact - No.1 for user-friendliness and training resource 

Comparing Email Marketing Software

We don’t just look at how other people get on with a company to decide what our thoughts are. Being able to offer our readers the best analysis means getting our hands dirty, and we can’t get our hands dirty without testing out the software ourselves. 

Naturally, we consider every factor at our disposal to get the comprehensive results you find in our comparisons and reviews. That means obvious factors like price, usability, UX, but also much more intricate components too. 

Just how many emails you can send, how many subscribers you can send to, and how many users can do the sending are equally important for getting the most out of your software. And not just that - integration with other marketing tools like social media, and the ability to automate make a huge difference too. You’ll find all these factors covered and more. 

What To Consider Before Choosing Email Marketing Software  

The way we compare email marketing software is to lay out all the important components for our readers. For you, as a company, you’ll need to decide which factors are the most essential, and whether you can live without certain features in order to get your strategies off the ground. Here’s what you should be looking at first. 

  • Scalability/The Number of Plans: If you don’t have a huge subscriber list, there’s no point in going for the most expensive plan to get unlimited email volume. Plus, if you’ve never used email marketing before, you might want to create a more focused strategy to assess success. Scale up as you need to. 

  • Budget: What can you afford? If it’s not in your budget yet, consider the free trials and free versions available with major providers. They might not give you the full experience you’re searching for, but it’s better to start small and move up as the cash becomes available in your business. Another way of bypassing budget issues might be to accept fewer subscribers or emails in your plan until you can afford the amount you need. 

  • The Number of Users With Access: If you don’t plan to be the only one at the company running these campaigns then you need to make sure you get the right number of users per account. Even if you pull the trigger on campaign decisions, you’ll soon feel the effects of being the only person able to monitor reports, outcomes, compile data, and so on. Be sure to check that plans can be customized with your chosen provider if you need to alter user count down the line.
  • Mobile responsive email
  • Sms marketing tools
  • Smart designer is for free
  • Complete webinar marketing solution
  • Marketing Automation