A Disclosure for Our Advertisers

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When you read a review, comparison, or article on our site and one of the email marketing products we’ve covered piques your interest, you might end up clicking its link. This is our affiliate link, and if you then make a purchase from any of the following email marketing providers, we’re paid a small commission.

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Why Do We Use Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are used primarily for us to make money—we’re a business, after all. They’re also for your benefit: You pay nothing extra to click a link or buy a product from one of our affiliates, are an alternative to more intrusive forms of advertising, and helps us invest the effort into thoroughly reviewing the latest and greatest email marketing products.

But This Unfairly Influences Reviews, Right?

Wrong, affiliation with a product does not impact its rating on our sites. We strive to examine email marketing providers on a critical, case-by-case basis and with an eye to the competition. It helps that affiliation does not limit variety. The best email marketing solutions have affiliate programs, so we can choose to review only the products that we feel are best, all the same. 

Why Are You Telling Me This?

Because we want you to make the most informed decisions when choosing an email marketing provider and plan. Transparency is crucial. Showing you upfront how the industry works lets you identify the exact features of your perfect email marketing solution among many, when reading reviews here and elsewhere—something which is always encouraged.