Email Marketing Automation: Find the Best Tools!

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Jason Rowse

Email Marketing Automation

No matter how you choose to invest your marketing budget these days, there’s little doubt that a large percentage is still going to email. It may seem archaic, but email remains one of the most valuable channels marketers have, and it is still highly effective at turning leads to sales. 

However, when you have hundreds of clients, keeping track of your email marketing can become unfeasible.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of email marketing automation software, and make the most out of every dollar you spend on your email campaigns. 

What is Email Marketing Automation Software? 

Email marketing automation software lets you program menial but important tasks related to your email campaigns and automate them.

Software today can handle everything from scheduling mass email sends, cross-posting to social media, and even perform automated testing to determine the top strategies based on specific conditions and qualifiers.

Moreover, automation software lets you improve personalization such as sending birthday greetings, blog updates and nurturing flows that are triggered independently. 

The 10 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools 2020

Here is the list of the best email marketing automation tools: 

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot combines powerful marketing tools that include email, CRM, and sales with powerful content creation tools. With social media and analytics included, it’s one of the top names in the market. 

What Organizations Use It

Sales, B2B, B2C, eCommerce

Type of Marketing ToolAll-in-one CRM
Top Features
  • Centralize all your lead management from acquisition to conversion
  • Create automated workflows tailored to specific user-set goals
  • Track your campaigns’ success in real-time for a better understanding
Starts From$50 per month 


  • Advanced content creation tools for landing pages and social media
  • Powerful analytics for your marketing campaigns
  • All-in-one means you don’t need any other tools


  • Pricing can scale quickly as your user list grows
  • SEO tools could be better

    1. ConstantContact

A focused approach to email marketing automation lets Constant Contact add unique tools that connect with your social media and other channels for better campaigns. With a low entry price and a friendly pricing model, it’s great if you’re just getting started. 

What Organizations Use It

SMBs which require automation

Type of Marketing ToolEmail Marketing Automation
Top Features
  • Learn about the company’s tools and what metrics mean with deep educational content
  • Choose from over 160 ready-made templates to expedite your email creation
  • Connect to the tools you use most, such as Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce
Starts From$20 per month


  • Easy-to-use editing lets you create unique and impactful emails
  • A wide range of integrations lets you get more out of your emails
  • A good price point for small businesses looking to automate


  • Workflow management could be improved
  • Segmentation is less dynamic

  1. SendInBlue

SendInBlue stands out for its email marketing tools, which extend to SMS sending and email management.  The company offers a free plan and gives you unlimited contacts no matter which plan you choose.

What Organizations Use It


Type of Marketing ToolEmail Automation and Management
Top Features
  • Reach consumers in different ways with integrated chat and SMS marketing tools
  • Take advantage of the built-in CRM to stay on top of all your marketing
  • Make use of transactional emails with highly customizable features
Starts Fromfree


  • The free plan lets you try the service and send up to 300 emails daily
  • SMS opens new possibilities to reach customers
  • Auto-responder tools and transactional emails help you perfect post-sales flows


  • Setting up an account can take some time
  • Some of the included templates are a bit out of date

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  1. ActiveCampaign

With a deep suite of triggers and conditions to customize your email drips and marketing, as well as integrated sales and CRM tools, ActiveCampaign centralizes your efforts in one place. Robust analytics make it a great tool at any level.

What Organizations Use It


Type of Marketing ToolAll-in-one Email Marketing
Top Features
  • Find the blend that works with A/B testing and powerful analytics
  • Create mobile-optimized emails to capture a crucial segment of your audience
  • Easy-to-use email editor lets you quickly build and plan out campaigns
Starts From$9 per month


  • Combine lists and tags to create the most comprehensive subscriber lists
  • Take advantage of advanced automation and targeting tools
  • WYSIWYG email editor lets you quickly build any template you need


  • No landing page builder
  • No free trial

  1. GetResponse

Though it started out as a simple email automation tool, GetResponse has evolved into an all-in-one suite that includes landing page creation, webinar hosting, and fully automated sales funnels.

What Organizations Use It


Type of Marketing ToolMarketing Management and Email Automation
Top Features
  • Take advantage of an impressive catalog of 3rd party integrations to tailor your experience
  • Extensive automation features let you create powerful campaigns
  • Let your team operate as they need with multiple users on a single account
Starts From$9 per month


  • The free plan lets you try the service and send up to 300 emails daily
  • SMS opens new possibilities to reach customers
  • Auto-responder tools and transactional emails help you perfect post-sales flows


  • Templates could use an update 
  • The company doesn’t offer around-the-clock phone support

  1. Pardot

Thanks to its powerful analytics tools and extensive integrations catalog, Pardot is a great email marketing automation tool to shorten your sales cycle. With dynamic content and valuable testing tools, you can get more out of every dollar you spend.

What Organizations Use It

Enterprise-level companies in B2B

Type of Marketing ToolEmail Automation and Management
Top Features
  • Expand your marketing footprint with landing pages, form builder tools, and search connectors
  • Powerful lead management tools include lead nurturing and scoring tools
  • Integrate your social media marketing with built-in tools
Starts From$9 per month


  • Get the answers and help you need with reliable customer service
  • Integrate with SalesForce to add CRM capabilities
  • Get more out of your campaigns with unlimited automation branching


  • Geared exclusively to B2B companies
  • High entry price is not ideal for SMBs

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the best-known names in email automation thanks to its great free tools and its user-friendly interface. With one of the most popular platforms and an entry point for beginners, MailChimp is worth a look.

What Organizations Use It


Type of Marketing ToolEmail Automation and Management
Top Features
  • Easy automation tools let you start campaigns in minutes, even with no experience
  • Use preset triggers and conditions to plan email drips and flows
  • Personalize your content to get more out of your targeted campaigns
Starts FromFree


  • Get in-depth reports and analytics about your clients and campaigns
  • Take advantage of one of the top free options available
  • Build the perfect email with MailChimp’s intuitive email editor


  • Going from free to paid can be expensive
  • Missing some more advanced features

  1. Drip

Drip back-to-basics approach focuses on streamlining and delivering the features you need with no bells and whistles. Powerful automation tools are housed in a small widget that you can quickly set up.

What Organizations Use It


Type of Marketing ToolEmail Marketing Automation
Top Features
  • Create email campaigns quickly with over 150 fully customizable email templates
  • Send both HTML and plain-text emails to ensure wider reach
  • Automatically generate five-day email flows based on content you’ve already created
Starts From$49 per month


  • See if Drip is right for you with a free 14-day trial period
  • Get support when you need it with around-the-clock live chat
  • Create intricate multichannel automation flows;


  • Testing features are somewhat limited
  • Few, if any, email templates

  1. AWeber

Aweber is a great tool if you’re a small business or content creator looking to expand your brand’s reach and awareness. With valuable testing tools, drip campaign capabilities, and event triggers for email, among others, you can create powerful and effective strategies. 

What Organizations Use It

SMBs and content creators

Type of Marketing ToolEmail Automation
Top Features
  • Monitor your campaigns’ efficiency and find the best option with A/B testing
  • Create sophisticated drip campaigns with event-triggered emails
  • Ensure everyone sees your emails with mobile optimization
Starts From$19 per month


  • Take advantage of dozens of third-party integrations
  • Multiple channels available for customer support
  • Over 100 ready-to-use email templates


Some templates could use an update 
Higher tier subscriptions get quite costly 

  1. SendX

With a feature-rich and easy-to-use interface, SendX is ideal for small businesses that need to expand their email marketing capabilities but don’t have the time. Take advantage of rule-based automation that’s intuitive, and a variety of email drip features that let you plan layered campaigns. 

What Organizations Use It

SMBs in B2C, e-commerce, e-learning, content creators

Type of Marketing ToolEmail Automation and Management
Top Features
  • Intuitive “if/then” rules system lets you quickly segment and plan your drip campaigns
  • Around the clock live customer support is there for any unexpected event
  • Integrate with a variety of apps to get more out of your email campaigns
Starts From$7.49 per month (paid yearly) or $9.99 per month (paid monthly)


  • Easily integrates with your in-house CRM for streamlined marketing 
  • Support team offers quick and effective assistance whenever you have issues
  • Simple automation makes it easy for beginners to create campaigns


  • The templates library could be expanded
  • Branding your sign-up forms costs an extra fee

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What Are Some Common Email Marketing Automation Software Features? 

More than just sending your emails when you want, email marketing automation software lets you streamline a wide range of other operations.

From email to social media and even analytics, here are some of the most common and useful features in automation software: 

Email Marketing Automation

This is the most obvious, and most important tool in automation software. This goes beyond just sending emails at a certain date and time, allowing you to set specific conditions for when different emails will be sent. Furthermore, it can even automate large portions of the creative process, building out templates and emails using existing content, and even provide some testing capabilities.

Finally, you can set up your automation to reach out to users who reach you through a variety of touchpoints, ranging from site visits to social media mentions. 

Social Media

The ability to connect your acquisition and nurturing streams makes your email marketing significantly better. Automation software lets you automate certain portions of your social media, cross-post your email content and newsletters to social media platforms and keep track of your metrics in both cases.

You can also automate the creation of new user segments and lists based on specific social media interactions. 

Web Marketing

To send email campaigns successfully you’ll need to have a steady funnel of leads, and web marketing provides the perfect tool. With marketing automation software, you can set up PPC, digital marketing, and even SEO campaigns and monitor their progress.

You can also build landing pages specifically for email marketing campaigns, creating smoother lead pipelines. 

Workflow Management

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing automation is that it can centralize a lot of marketing activities. Being able to not just see your workflow, but instantly correct it, fine-tune it, and monitor it is a key advantage.

Additionally, you can have multiple workflows active at once for testing and different marketing stages. 


Understanding your campaigns’ success comes down to being able to interpret the data you gain from it. One of the key advantages and features in email marketing software is the ability to monitor campaigns in real-time, set KPIs, and effectively track and report them.

This also includes being able to connect to other analytics suites and data streams to better comprehend your campaigns.

Lead Management

The most successful email campaigns nurture leads from their first interaction to their eventual purchase and beyond. To do so, email marketing automation software gives you the tools to track leads, know exactly where they are in the pipeline, what interactions have occurred, and what is next to be sent.

In addition, lead management tools collect crucial data automatically at every touchpoint. 

Advertisement Management

Email marketing automation software also helps you manage your advertising campaigns and track their progress.

You can deploy ads that match your email campaigns and program them to be released in parallel with your email campaigns to provide a better flow for your broader strategy. 

Mobile Marketing

With the rise of mobile as one of the defining trends of the past few years, marketing campaigns have to account for this shift. Email marketing automation software often provides tools to use mobile channels and craft campaigns designed specifically for the medium.

You can also connect them to your email drip to get more out of each campaign. 

Our Choice of Email Marketing Automation Tools for Ecommerce

  • Free courses and certifications
  • All-in-one sales software
  • Inbound marketing strategy tools
  • New developer accounts
Visit site
  • You can book a demo
  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Responsive Templates
  • Lots of free stock photos
Visit site
  • Complete webinar marketing solution
  • Flexible terms for clients
  • You can book a demo
  • Different tools for driving traffic
Visit site

Emerging Trends in Email Marketing Automation Software 

  • Interactive Email Marketing – Instead of static emails that can become repetitive and boring, many email marketing suites are starting to offer dynamic content capabilities.This includes adding things such as animated gifs, promotional videos, in-line games that can lead to other CTAs, and quizzes that encourage greater engagement. As these become more widespread, email marketing will be forced to dive into interactive design
  • Consumers Get Savvy – Spam is already a major problem, and the prevalence of security breaches and phishing attempts have consumers on high alert. Additionally, privacy concerns mean that engaging with customers is becoming a more nuanced affair. Too many automated responses can harm your reputation and rely too heavily on bots can turn customers away. 

Final Thoughts 

The rumors of email marketing’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Indeed, email remains one of the most important and efficient channels for marketers to employ. With powerful automation tools already available, and innovations around the corner, you can engage with customers on a whole new level.

Check out our in-depth expert reviews for the best email marketing automation software to find the one that works best for you.