Best Email Marketing Software for Hotels

Best Email Marketing Software for Hotels 2021

If you run a hotel and you need to boost your business, you might want to start by improving your email marketing strategy. To do this easily, you can rely on an email marketing platform that will automate your work. In this post, we are going to provide you a quick overview of the best email marketing software for hotels by analyzing 10 of the most popular options.

Professionally Reviewed by: Karen McCandless

Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

Updated: 09/01/2021

#1 Pick Overall - Best email marketing software for hotels

Moosend - The ideal tool for automation

While analyzing the best email marketing software for hotels, we looked for different essential
features that can help you handle your email marketing strategy with ease. These features
include powerful automations, a user-friendly interface, the ability to personalize emails, and
good customer service. To help you make up your mind easier, for each software we analyzed,
we also included the basic plan price.

Short on time? Here are the top 5 email marketing software for hotels:

  • Creating messages and campaigns
  • Flexible Plans
$9.99 /m
  • Mobile responsive email
  • Free courses and certifications
  • Sms marketing tools

Best Email Marketing Services For Hotels For 2021 - Full analysis

Our team conducted this review taking into account the most important features that would be helpful in promoting a hotel. The level of intuitiveness, the variety of templates and forms, and the range of automations are some of the aspects we took into consideration.

1. Moosend - Great automations and lead management features

Moosend is a complex, yet intuitive email marketing platform that can easily adapt to the marketing needs of hotel owners. This platform was founded in 2011.  

Best for

  • Automations, integrations, ease of use


  • $8/month


  • Good automations
  • High-converting workflows
  • Lead generation tools  
  • Excellent segmentation 
  • Responsive templates 

Editor’s note: From our perspective, this is one of the best email marketing software for hotels because it is easy to use, even for newbies and provides responsive, quality templates.

Bottom line: 

You can easily set up automated workflows that will allow you to keep in touch with your contacts with minimum intervention. Moreover, you also get good list segmentation features and
the possibility to grow your clients’ database through engaging customizable forms

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2. MailChimp - Great customer support, generous features with the free plan


This platform was developed by the Rocket Science Group. The service has been available
since 2001 and has been supporting thousands of businesses and content creators ever since.

Best for

  • Automations, in-built CRM, customer support


  • $14.99/month


  • Easy-to-personalize templates
  • Send time optimization
  • Good segmentation features
  • Complex analytics and reporting

Editor’s note: We appreciate this tool for its excellent customer support that’s available round the clock.

Bottom line: 

This email marketing platform can be a good choice for hotels because it helps engage
customers easily thanks to its rich segmentation features that can contribute to well-targeted, high-converting email campaigns.

The real-time performance tracking tools are also very useful in helping you understand your emails deliverability or open rates.

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3. Constant Contact - Outstanding deliverability rates

Constant Contact is one of the oldest tools of this kind. The company was founded in 1995
and it has been improving its service ever since, providing today one of the most complex email marketing automation solutions. 

Best for

  • Reports, deliverability efficiency, user-friendlinesss 


  • $20/month


  • User-friendly platform 
  • Engagement tracking features
  • Social media ad campaigns
  • Follow-up emails 

Editor’s note: We like this tool’s customizable forms and recommend it for its overall efficiency.

Bottom line: 

According to user testimonials, this platform can offer outstanding deliverability rates of 97%, which means your emails will most probably reach your contacts’ inboxes. The fact that you can integrate it with social media platforms and set up ad campaigns is another plus. Overall, although it’s a complex tool, Constant Contact is pretty intuitive, with a drag-and-drop editor. 

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4. HubSpot Email Marketing - Great integration and optimization features 

HubSpot is a robust email marketing tool. It was developed by a leading player in the online marketing field. The platform has been around since 2006.  

Best for

  • Integrations, CRM, website builder, landing pages  


  • $50/month


  • Great segmentation
  • Lead management tools 
  • Dynamic email personalization options integrations/CRM
  • Reliable testing and analytics

Editor’s note: Overall, we like HubSpot’s email marketing platform because it provides a
complete solution for your marketing needs offering landing pages, email templates, Google or social media ads etc.

Bottom line:

This can surely be among the best email marketing software for hotels as it easily allows you to integrate other marketing tools and social media accounts and manage everything withease from one dashboard.

The dynamic email personalization features help you save time and create beautiful, engaging emails, while the AI-generated insights and A/B tests help you optimize your campaigns. 

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5. Sendinblue - Easy-to-use drag-and-drop design blocks


This email marketing software is relatively old. It was developed in 2007 and it currently supports customers in over 150 countries.

Best for

  • Flexible email building features, ads, transactional emails


  • $25


  • Smart scheduling function
  • Personalized workflows
  • Built-in CRM
  • Numerous integrations

Editor’s note: We like the level of intuitiveness you can enjoy with this platform and its
generous library of responsive email templates.

Bottom line: 

This platform provides you everything you need to start increasing your hotel’s popularity through effective email campaigns: rich personalization and segmentation features,
transactional emails and other automations that help you keep clients engaged, or a smart send time optimization tool that increases deliverability rates.

The drag-and-drop design blocks are time-effective and very easy to handle while creating

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6. MailerLite  - The most intuitive email marketing tool 

MailerLite is a reliable and affordable email marketing tool for small hotel businesses. This software was created in 2010.

Best for

  • Ease of use, segmentation, pricing plan


  • $10/month


  • Good-looking email templates and forms
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Bounce checking tracking feature
  • A/B split testing
  • List management features

Editor’s note: What we appreciate in this tool is the intuitive editor. The easy subscribe/unsubscribe management features are another good addition.

Bottom line: 

MailerLite can be the best email marketing software for hotels with limited staff or budget. you don’t have to be an expert to learn how to use this tool and create appealing emails, engaging forms, send automated drip campaigns, or track the results of your newsletters.

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7. ActiveCampaign - Great integrations and CRM 

This software was developed in 2003 and it is one of the most popular email marketing tools on the market. ActiveCampaign has all the features you need to promote your hotel business, regardless of the size of your contact list.

Best for

  • Automated workflows, CRM integration


  • $9/month


  • Rich library of templates
  • Multiple segmentation options
  • Different integrations
  • Excellent customer support

Editor’s note: We appreciate this platform’s support options, especially its practical help

Bottom line: 

ActiveCampaign is a versatile and complex email marketing platform. You can easily set up
personalized workflows and segment your subscriber list according to different criteria.

The in-built CRM and the other integrations facilitate data sharing, and the platform also offers
a plethora of educational resources.

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8. GetResponse - Some of the most comprehensive reports

GetResponse has been on the market since the early ‘20s. This robust tool currently supports businesses of different sizes located in over 180 countries.  

Best for

  • Segmentation tool, in-depth reporting



  • $15/month


  • Customizable workflows
  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Appealing templates
  • Integrated payment processor

Editor’s note: There are plenty of things you can achieve with this tool. You can even integrate a payment processor on your landing pages to facilitate and speed up the booking process.

Bottom line: 

This is a complex platform that features a wide array of automations, segmentation possibilities, and integrations. You don’t have to be a data geek to understand the straightforward, yet detailed reports this platform offers.

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9. ConvertKit - Great tag-based segmentation options 


ConvertKit was developed in 2013 by Nathan Barry. The company is based in Boise, Idaho. This is one of the most effective email marketing tools, providing a typical delivery rate of approximately 98%.

Best for

  • Personalization features, landing page templates, high deliverability and open rates


  • $29/month


  • Intuitive editor
  • Multiple styling options
  • Flexible sign-up forms
  • Customizable funnels
  • Powerful automation features

Editor’s note: This platform’s segmentation features are based on tags that can easily be applied to your emails to help you target your campaigns better.

Bottom line: 

ConvertKit offers a wide array of automated workflows, more than 15 landing page templates, easy-to-use styling features, and even a paid newsletter option.

This is a complex email marketing software that will allow you to build visually appealing and high-converting email campaigns.

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10. AWeber - myriad email design options

AWeber is one of the oldest players in the email marketing automation niche. The company was founded in 1998 and it has supported more than 1 million businesses.

Best for

  • User-friendly editor, ready-made campaigns, email design options


  • $19/month


  • Advanced analytics
  • Image carousels integrator
  • List management
  • Powerful automations
  • Ready-made campaigns

Editor’s note: We like this platform’s diversified email design options. You get a gallery of 6,000 royalty-free stock photos and an image carousel integrator to help you personalize your campaigns by showing the best part of your hotel business. 

Bottom line: 

AWeber is a simple email builder that offers myriad customization possibilities. The pre-built campaigns are also a great plus and a timesaver.

There are also numerous integrations you can leverage, for example, those with social media platforms that will allow you to promote your business on multiple channels.

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How To Choose the Best Email Marketing Software For Hotels

  • There are multiple features you should consider when getting an email marketing tool. One of them is the automation level. A good tool for your hotel business is one that allows you to easily send pre-built emails, such as booking confirmation emails or autoresponders at the chosen time.
  • Good segmentation features are also essential for the success of your email campaigns. A good platform will allow you to capture behavioral data easily based on how your clients interact with your website or to get this data from your existing database.

  • Once your email campaign is on autopilot, your job is not over. You should constantly monitor the results of each campaign starting with the open and deliverability rates to understand how successful your emails are and what you can improve. Good customer support and affordable pricing plans are other aspects to take into consideration.

 Email Marketing Automation Service

Hotel Email Marketing Best Practices

  • To make the most out of your email marketing strategy, you should first start by choosing a reliable email marketing platform that will support your efforts. After you have access to such a tool, you should start by linking your customer database to your email platform so that all the contacts can be managed from this account. A tool that has good integration features will allow you to accomplish this easily. Afterward, you need to analyze your database and start segmenting it to understand what eachgroup of customers has in common so that you can send them targeted emails that convert.

  • There are different types of emails you should send to your contacts periodically, to keep them engaged: loyalty emails that can entice a new booking, thank you emails, feedback request emails, booking confirmation emails are just a few. A good email marketing platform will provide you templates and automation options for these emails.


If you are looking for a reliable email marketing platform for your hotel business, there are numerous options you’ll come across. Because some tools are more suitable for this industry than others, we recommend you start by looking into the 10 options we reviewed in this article, which offer a set of robust features you could leverage for this niche.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I use an email marketing tool for free?

Yes, there are multiple email marketing software options that also offer a free tier. However, keep in mind that most of them limit the number of contacts you can use them for to 1000-2000 email addresses.

2. How do I connect my client database to an email marketing platform?

You can import your contact information in your email marketing platform and manage contacts directly from this tool’s dashboard thanks to its integration capabilities.

3. Is it hard to use email marketing software with no prior experience?

Some tools are more complex than others and therefore require more training. Nonetheless, many of these platforms, such as MailerLite or GetResponse, have a simple drag-and-drop editor and an intuitive interface you can easily use with no prior experience.

4. Is it profitable to use an email marketing platform for my hotel?

With this type of marketing tool, you can easily send personalized emails to your previous and current clients. Regardless of their purpose, these emails can help you increase your ROI by helping you engage your audience. According to statistics, email marketing is the main marketing strategy for more than 80% of small companies.