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    Moosend Vs Mailchimp: Compare Pricing, Features, And UX

    Moosend Vs. Mailchimp

    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/29/2021

    Should you focus on automation more than reporting when it comes to email marketing? Or is it better to go for a costlier software application that offers a total package? A detailed comparison of the best email marketing software providers reveals valuable answers to these essential questions. 

    See how top tier providers like Moosend and Mailchimp right away so that you can determine the best option that matches requirements like template creation, list management, analytics, and automation. 

    What Is Moosend Known For? 

    Moosend email marketing software

    Headquartered in Europe, Moosend was conceived by developer-marketer duo Yannis Psarras and Panos Melissaropoulos in 2011. It’s known best for the advanced automation tools offered. A leading European software marketing platform, Moosend has offices in both Athens and London. 

    The brand stands for ease-of-use and provides state-of-the-art features. You will find four plans with the basic one available for free and the Enterprise option open to custom quotations. Moosend’s Forever Free plan is suitable for up to 1,000 subscribers and comes with unlimited emails. 

    Another striking aspect of this software service provider is that all features are available across plans, whether you sign up for the basic plan or the premium plan. While the sign-up forms are quite basic, customization options can help you take them up a notch or two. 

    Its scalability option that offers a pay-as-you-grow model is by far the best Moosend attribute. The inclusion of detailed webinars, video tutorials, and multiple support modes makes this an ideal platform for beginners unfamiliar with marketing messages’ mechanics. You can contact the service provider via live chat, email, or phone. 

    Which industry is it best for? Ecommerce, Fortune 500 companies, and advertising agencies 

    Price range: $8.00 to $608.00 per month for 1,500 to 200,000 subscribers 

    Best for:

    • 98% email deliverability rate
    • Hyper-personalization
    • 70+ free templates 
    • Drag-and-drop builder
    • Contact segmentation 
    • SMTP server 
    • Marketing automation 
    • Landing pages 
    • Real-time progression
    • Ecommerce AI  

    Why is Mailchimp So Popular? 

    mailchimp email marketing software

    The brand synonymous with email marketing no matter the industry, Mailchimp caters to 20 million customers worldwide. It began as a paid email marketing solution in 2001 and started offering the free plan in 2009. Launched from Atlanta, this US-based company is famous for its advanced features and hundreds of theme-specific templates. 

    The brand stands for simplicity and offers a complete set of solutions needed for small to large businesses. Customers can sign up for the free plan for up to 2,000 contacts and one audience. The best thing is you gain access to more value-added features for free than Moosend, including the Creative Assistant and a CRM solution. 

    While its 95.45% deliverability rate is not better than Moosend, it’s slightly higher than the recommended rate of 95.00%. On top of it, Mailchimp offers translation into 50 languages in case you serve a multi-lingual audience.

    Note that the price rises depending on the number of contacts. Additionally, the monthly email limit is capped at 10x of your contact list. If you’re afraid of overpaying or are infrequently sending mail, consider Mailchimp’s pay as you go plan to purchase credits separately. 

    Which industry is it best for? Publishers, bloggers, small-business owners, and startups 

    Price range: $10.29 to $307.21 for 500 contacts 

    Best for

    • Drag-and-drop interface 
    • Unlimited landing pages
    • Automation tools 
    • Content management 
    • Bulk sending 
    • Personalization functions 
    • Spam filter diagnostics
    • Access management 
    • Real-time analytics 

    Moosend Vs. Mailchimp Test: Creating Emails

    Both the service providers offer drag-and-drop editors.

    Moosend integrates easily with stock photos, Google Drive, Giphy, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox so that you can design emails seamlessly. Another perk is the customization features designed to maximize engagement without having to build everything from scratch. These include ‘Essential Personalization’ for campaign customization, ‘Conditional Blocks’ for making dynamic campaigns, and ‘Product Recommendations’ to boost ROI with sales suggestions. 

    The editor is so intuitive that you can even suggest products to subscribers based on their locales’ weather. Bonus features include testing from inside the editor, design history, custom fonts, campaign scheduling, mobile optimization, and a countdown timer. 

    Moosend editor

    By comparison, Mailchimp’s user interface features a more old-school setup that’s very easy-to-use. Start by selecting ‘Design Email’ in the content section and proceed to choose from layouts, themes, saved templates, campaigns, or code your own. Add your content, drag the content blocks, drop them where you want, and finally edit styles to start publishing your email the way you prefer. 

    Mailchimp user interface 

    When contrasted, Moosend delivers a more intuitive drag-and-drop builder that’s stylish and modern, unlike the more old-fashioned option available from Mailchimp. 

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    Moosend Vs. Mailchimp Test: Email List Management 

    Segmentation of contacts and advanced purposes becomes effortless with proficient list management software. Read more about preparing and managing email lists in our following guide for Moosend and Mailchimp so that you can use it to the best. 

    Users can import their list of contacts via Excel or CSV file and manually add it or directly send it from Google Contacts or Salesforce. The best thing is you can track subscribers based on actions such as links clicked, type of subscription, and emails opened for segmenting contacts here. 

    Take a look at list management on Moosend. 

    list management on Moosend

    Guaranteeing neat and easy organization of lists, Mailchimp enables you to create segments based on your contacts’ actions for precise targeting. The best advantage of this platform is you get to clean the email list by eliminating contacts who aren’t interested in your messages. 

    Marketers can check the list of subscribers by status categories like Ongoing, Draft, and Completed, besides type categories such as Emails, Automations, Landing Pages, Postcards, Social Posts, Ads on Mailchimp. 

    Mailchimp Email List Management

    While Moosend only allows regular campaigns, Mailchimp eclipses the competition in this area by offering automated and plain-text options. Overall, Mailchimp wins the battle owing to its range of advanced features, whereas list management is quite basic on Moosend. 

    Moosend Vs. Mailchimp Test: Reporting And Analytics 

    Both email marketing platforms offer real-time analytics and reporting. Yet, to understand which one is superior for your needs, it’s important to break each one down separately.  

    On Moosend, you get a bird’s eye view of how your campaigns are running. Marketers can put their customers on the map to determine high-engaging locations, check devices of users, and share reports with the team. Moreover, its function for checking customers’ behavior via ‘Recipient Activity’ is incredibly useful.

    Moosend Reporting And Analytics

    With Mailchimp, you gain campaign comparison reports, heat maps, engagement reports, and social media tracking. Users will find ROI analysis useful because it imports data from all your channels, such as the ecommerce store and social media pages. 

    Custom reports and advanced audience analytics are also available on premium plans from this service provider. 

    Mailchimp Reporting And Analytics

    In a side-by-side comparison, Moosend shines thanks to an intuitive and highly visual analytics interface that makes it easy to view detailed insights in a matter of seconds. By extension, this is one area Mailchimp’s could improve given its interface is quite dated. 

    Moosend Vs. Mailchimp Test: Automation 

    Everything you need to know about email automation benefits boils down to a few key attributes: time savings, lower expenses, and efficiency. 

    Moosend tops the list for best automation features given its unique filters like interest-areas, upsell or cross-sell opportunities, and repetitive buying reminders. All you have to do to set it up is to select the triggers and conditional filters to trigger automatic actions. 

    The best news is you get 18 premade automation workflows called ‘recipes’ to get started right away on this platform. 

    moosend Automation example

    Marketers will find marketing automation on Mailchimp relatively straightforward. You can automate emails to recipients when they sign up, are tagged, share your email on their social media, or take part in a survey. 

    Same as Moosend, it’s easy to set triggers such as user activity, event, or select dates to trigger automated messages here. However, you only receive 15 pre-designed automation workflows under the ‘Automated’ tab on Mailchimp.

    MailChimp automation example 

    Marketers will find the automation builder on Moosend more visually appealing than the competition’s comparable option. The same applies to the total number of templates offered by Moosend, making it the winning brand in this category.

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    Moosend vs Mailchimp - Compare Core Features 




    Price Range

    $8.00 to $608.00

    $10.29 to $307.21

    Free Plan



    Free Trial



    Devices Supported

    iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Linux, Windows, and web-based

    iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, and web-based 

    Main Features

    Intuitive email builder, excellent reporting and analytics, and powerful automation

    Pre-designed templates, advanced audience analytics, and customer support 




    Email List Management



    A/B Testing



    Third-Party Integration

    Basic with no native integrations

    Extensive integrations with 200 apps 

    Which Email Marketing Software is Better for My Business? 

    When you’re trying to decide on the best platform for your business needs, it’s important to compare multiple options and features before determining the most appropriate service.

    • If you have a limited budget, you should start with Moosend because it’s cheaper than Mailchimp when you compare the features and cost against the size of the contact lists
    • It’s best to start with The Forever Free plan on Mailchimp as it comes with maximum features and contact size than its counterpart if you’re only getting started with email marketing
    • Small businesses and entrepreneurs should consider Mailchimp because it offers the complete set of tools and integrations required for your business 
    • Moosend is perfect for customers with physical storefronts or online shops due to the inclusion of Ecommerce AI. This feature comes fully equipped with automation functions such as cart abandonment, cross-selling, product recommendations, and integrations 
    • Mailchimp is an excellent place to familiarize yourself with the various functionalities if your activity online involves more basic operations like running a blog  

    Bottom line 

    After a detailed comparison of Moosend vs. Mailchimp,  there isn’t necessarily any clear overall winner simply because the right choice wholly depends on the functionality your business needs. 

    Both the software platforms come with drag-and-drop editors along with forever free plans. However, Moosend offers a sleek and stylish interface for email creation instead of the old-fashioned look and feel of Mailchimp. 

    Moosend is also a cheaper alternative and comes with loads of attractive features. While Mailchimp offers the best way to handle contact lists, Moosend takes the top spot for analytics and automation. Ultimately, the better option rests on the use case and budget. 

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