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    Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents

    Email Marketing Automation

    Did you know that 93% of realtors prefer email communication with their leads? In fact, over 94% of agents use it every day. Use email marketing to connect with home buyers and sellers because it helps to increase revenue, heighten engagement, and generate awareness.

    Explore the perks of email marketing and the best practices to help agencies grow. Also included is a list of the key features to help you pick the right software for your realty needs. 

    Our Top 3 Choices for Real Estate

    • Mobile responsive email
    • Feedback with surveys and polls
    • Tracking donations by a custom landing page
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    • Email marketing tool for a great strategy
    • Easy set up of customized emails
    • Live editing option
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    • You can book a demo
    • Unlimited Email Campaigns
    • Responsive Templates
    • Lots of free stock photos
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    Best Real Estate Email Marketing Services 2020

    Email marketing is perfect for real estate brokers and agents because it is a dynamic strategy that adjusts well to the changing trends of brokerage. 

    5 Email Marketing Software Companies for Real Estate Agents


    Brokers will find email marketing from Benchmark ideal for generating buyer and seller leads. With over 300 templates for building newsletters and brochures, realtors will find it easy to create responsive email content with this software. 

    Theyl are best known for its automation based on segmented lists. You can send triggered emails based on subscriber birthdays with the ‘drip email campaign builder'. The vast resources on their website can help beginners get acquainted with real estate email marketing at ease.

    Main Features:
    • Contact List Management
    • Online Surveys 
    • Drag & Drop Email Builder
    • Automation 
    • List Segmentation
    • Analytics Tracking
    • Free
    • Pro: $13.99 per month

    Constant contact

    Constant Contact is excellent for sharing vivid pictures and details of your property listings to attract more leads. It is the best service provider if you want to create visually appealing emails.

    Their email builder is intuitive and embed forms are easy-to-use.

    You can also purge contacts that aren’t interested or don’t open emails with a few clicks on this service provider. 

    For realtors, the segmentation and tagging tools on come in handy.

    Brokers can use it to tag contacts by the property they took interest in, or the budget they quoted.

    Another incredible use of Constant Contact is attracting social media shares to your emails. 

    Main Features:
    • Contact Tagging
    • Targeted Segmentation
    • Advanced List Maintenance
    • Automation Based On Triggers
    • Drag & Drop Builder
    • API & CRM Integration
    • Insightful Reporting & Analytics
    • Basic: $20
    • Plus: $45


    Over 90% of businesses on MailerLite are smaller scale given the service provider offers simplified email marketing tools fit for beginners.

    It helps you nurture contact relationships using smart automation and segmentation.

    They are also famous for releasing intuitive solutions and new features for email marketers regularly.

    Novices can use their real estate newsletter template gallery or resource page on best practices by industry to understand more about email marketing best practices.

    The best feature MailerLite is how it can expand your lead generation strategies with SEO landing pages via email.

    Main Features:
    • Behavioral Triggers 
    • Interest Groups  
    • Drag & Drop Editor
    • Automated Workflows 
    • Diverse Segmentation
    • Custom Landing Page & Popups 
    • Analytics & Reports 
    • Search Engine Optimized Landing Pages
    • Free: Up to 1,000 subscribers
    • $10: 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails
    • $15: Up to 2,500 subscribers
    • $30: Up to 5,000 subscribers
    • $50: Up to 10,000 subscribers


    Featured on Inman, a popular magazine for realtors, Mailify is an open email marketing software solution. If you’re getting started with email marketing for real estate, you can seek the support of Abilify available every step of the way on Mailify. 

    Mailify is one of a kind marketing service that offers customized templates and features exclusively for realtors. From editing email templates and adding photos to new listings or open house events, time-consuming tasks become easier with this software.

    The best advantage for real estate marketing is free storage. You can upload and use thousands of property images on this platform without additional spending.

    Main Features:
    • Email Templates For Free
    • Free Cloud Storage Space
    • Analytics & Reports
    • Real Estate Newsletter Templates
    • Premium Deliverability
    • Monthly: $169 
    • Annual: $600


    A cloud-based marketing tool, CleverReach is known for its ease-of-use for realtors new to email marketing. This service is used by 175,000 customers from 152 countries including Shopify to reach their customers. You can create surveys or automated email sequences based on event triggers for your buyers and sellers. A/B testing is another way to create impactful email content around open houses and listings on CleverReach.

    The thing that drew us most is the list of third-party integrations offered by this email marketing provider.

    You can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Google, Salesforce, Drupal, Magento, Shopware, and Eventbrite with CleverReach.

    Main Features: 
    • Drag & Drop Builder 
    • Third Party Integrations
    • Free Email Templates 
    • Drip Campaign Automation 
    • List Management 
    • Assessment & Reports 
    • Supports Multiple Languages

    Clever Reach plans are based on total contacts.

    For example, the total bill would be $92 for 10,000 contacts.

    Why Email Marketing For Real Estate

    Want to look professional in front of your clients and prospective customers? You can now quote facts, show reports, and distribute analysis with real-time data using email marketing software. It is faster, affordable, and more effective than snail mail. Another perk is its second-highest open-rate against all the other industries.

    Here are the five key benefits of this popular tool for realtors:  

    High Demand: Over 50% of buyers find their homes online and tapping into this demand translates into new leads. 

    Improved Conversion & Reach: You can increase monthly closing ratios with email marketing for real estate as it offers 90% deliverability rate, 28.5% opening rate, and higher overall conversion than any other medium. 

    Save Time: Smart automation complements the busy schedule of realtors by eliminating repetitive tasks.  

    Increase Revenue: Besides being cheaper, email marketing records 3800% ROI. 

    Build Trust & Confidence: With personalized email content that connects with your subscriber and helps them, you can establish authority over your real estate niche. 

    How Do I Pick The Right Software For Real Estate

    For real estate agents new to this marketing technique, selecting the right software can seem overwhelming at first.

    You need to know the best features of email marketing software to select so that you can create a successful brokerage business.  

    The following specifies five features that businesses need for generating buyer and seller leads:

    Contact Organization: Tagging your contacts helps in tracking and storing their interactions with the business. 

    Email Builder: Look for a drag and drop email builder that’s easy to use, given you’re new to the specifics of email marketing. 

    Automation: Search for triggers like location, property size, and budget that you can use to target your leads with specific listings. 

    Integrations: Keep an eye out for API and CRM integrations as it will supplement your strategies to keep customer information in one place. 

    Reporting & Analytics: From checking the open rates to bounces and conversions, real estate marketers should assess the parameters used by a marketing software to generate reports before signing up. 

    Best Practices 

    When you’re getting started with email marketing, it is recommended you don’t purchase or farm email lists. Make use of landing pages and sign up forms as they are excellent for generating leads. 

    Here are the five best practices 

    Automate Workflows

    Create a workflow that opens with an incentive email (when the user signed up in exchange for a downloadable resource), followed by a welcome email. Don’t forget to add a clear “Call to Action” (CTA) in every email you send too. 

    Announce New Listings 

    Email marketing lets you notify subscribers when you list new properties, offer coupons, or have local open houses. You can also automate a roundup of listings by the week or month. 

    Personalize Emails 

    To nurture your leads and stay in touch with them, personalizing the subject line and the body of the email is vital. Use split testing and personalization tags based on the field data you have on clients to do so.  

    Attract Referrals With Incentives

    Statistics quote that over 40% of home buyers and 38% of home sellers go for realtors referred by their family, friends or neighbors. When you add incentives like ‘10% discount for every referral’ to the email, it increases engagement and sales with former clients. 

    Offer Resourceful Information

    From sharing a video tour of your new listing to a comprehensive analysis of market trends, you can keep a balance between sales and educational content by sending helpful information in their emails.

    Bottom Line

    Email marketing is the right strategy for real estate agencies because it reaches and converts leads better than other available mediums. What’s more, popular email content can even increase social shares, in turn creating a buzz around your agency.