AiTrillion Review - Email Marketing With Shopify

You’ve got yourself a Shopify account, set up an online store, and now what? You need to grow your brand! Marketing is essential to engage with your customers, so you must pick an email marketing platform that is best for your type of online business. Could that platform be AiTrillion? Let’s take a look at what they could offer you.

AiTrillion Review
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    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What Is AiTrillion?

    Shopify comes with the ability to integrate a range of services via their app marketplace. AiTrillion, featured on the Shopify app store, aims to give you a range of different features in one place to streamline your online business. You will have 1 app performing 10+ functions instead of 10+ apps to do the same job.

    AiTrillion Pros & Cons



    • Features available on all plans
    • Quality customer service
    • All-in-one platform
    • Lack of integrations
    • Setup could be easier


    • Features available on all plans - The pricing is only dependent on the size of your mailing list, so you’ll be getting the same access to features if you have a new setup or an already thriving business. 
    • Quality customer service - 24/7 support channels means you can get help any time, wherever you are, with easy-to-navigate documentation and demos to help you to set up without any fuss. They’ll even go as far as setting everything up for you for free!
    • All-in-one platform - With at least 12 different functions to utilize, each of which you could be paying for separately, this tool removes the need for many different apps. You can have everything in one place which is so much more convenient.


    • Lack of integrations - While there are plans to expand this service to other eCommerce platforms, it is currently only possible to integrate with Shopify. You’ll also find there aren’t many integrations available for other external services apart from the ability to log in via Google or Facebook
    • Setup could be easier - While customer support is great, some of us just want the ability to set things up ourselves. This becomes difficult when you get a very basic onboarding guide

    Who is AiTrillion Recommended For?

    eCommerce business owners. If you find yourself swamped under multiple tools and services and you want to condense it into one place, this is what you’ve been looking for. AiTrillion offers email marketing, loyalty rewards, reviews, chats, and more. All operating within one system, and an affordable one at that!

    Who is AriTrillion Not Recommended For?

    People who do not have a Shopify store. I don’t think it needs saying again, but if you haven’t got Shopify, you haven’t got access to this app. If you already have Shopify with other integrations in place, and hoping to find another service to complement these, you’ll struggle to do that with this software.

    AriTrillion Pricing








    500 emails/month, loyalty rewards, custom email campaigns




    15 emails/month per customer, all features




    15 emails/month per customer, all features




    15 emails/month per customer, all features




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    The price plans go for less feature exclusivity and more for the number of customers you deal with. Every plan is on a pay monthly scheme, while the Enterprise plan allows for annual subscriptions with associated discounts. Be wary though, your plan will update automatically if your customer count goes over the prescribed amount.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    AiTrillion has a no-refund policy, and all payments must be made within 30 days of invoice. Late payments get slapped with a fine of 2.5% of the amount owed per month, so make sure you’re paying on time. You’re able to downgrade to a free plan at the end of your contract if you want by deactivating the “number of customers” in your account.

    AiTrillion Features

    With several different features on offer, AiTrillion will allow you to perform plenty of jobs in one place without the need for multiple apps. Who doesn’t love efficiency?

    ·       Custom Email Templates

    You can create an email template to your liking by editing already created templates or upload all your images to create something that is uniquely yours. A drag-and-drop editor means you don’t need any coding experience, just an eye for design.

    Custom Email Templates

    ·       Smart Segmentation

    The Shopify integration means you can segment your emails by certain traits, sending personalized content to different customer groups by extracting data directly. 

    ·       Email Automation

    Custom triggers for actions like an abandoned cart or a new purchase can be implemented to automatically send emails. This will improve customer retention levels and will hopefully add to your profits. 11 premade automation lines make it simple to implement.

    Email Automation

    ·       Free Plan

    The free plan is a steal for businesses with a small customer base. You can take advantage of a whole bunch of premium features without paying a premium price. Even if you’re a big enterprise, the free plan will give you a good oversight as to what’s on offer before leaping.

    ·       Reports and Analytics

    Being able to communicate with your customer base is all well and good, but the ability to analyze these will improve future campaigns. Having multiple marketing features in one package means you can look at the data in one place and see what’s working best for you.

    Reports and Analytics

    ·       Loyalty Reward Program

    What better way to incentivize your customers than by giving them a reason to return? With this loyalty system, you can present rewards and discounts for interactions and then segment groups based on loyalty groups for better targeting.

    Loyalty Reward Program

    ·       Easy to Use

    The email template editor can be used by anyone and the help services means that you’ll never get frustrated at being unable to do something. More importantly, though, you get loads of features together in one package, so you’re not constantly shifting between different apps.


    AiTrillion Automation Features

    The beauty of having this app integrate directly with Shopify is that all your information is synced upon linking the profiles.

    Email marketing automation - The advanced automation capabilities mean you’re able to create personalized email messages for customers at different stages, times, and places. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can grab specific trigger events - the data needed to segment groups is already there. Whether it be an abandoned cart reminder or product recommendations, the AI in AiTrigger will sort it for you.

    AiTrillion Software Integration

    AiTrillion only integrates with Shopify stores, but there are plans to expand to other eCommerce platforms in the future. As far as external integration goes, I’m afraid to say there isn’t too much to show!

    Then again, who needs to integrate other services when you already have everything you need in one place? The purpose of this tool is to remove all those unnecessary integrations in favor of an all-in-one platform. In effect, AiTrillion is already one big integration machine

    AriTrillion Alternative Brands

    Constant Contact - If it’s an all-in-one service you’re after, ConstantContact could be a nice alternative. They give you the ability to create an eCommerce platform, website, and email marketing campaign, all packaged separately and affordably so you can pick and choose what you need.

    Hubspot - Split into different products; Hubspot offers email marketing starting at $45/month for 1000 contacts. More expensive, yes, but with that price, you’re getting access to a market-leading brand with over 500 integrations. 

    ActiveCampaign - If a vast amount of features puts you off, ActiveCampaign gives you email marketing at a competitive price, with the option to upgrade for more features as you grow. This could provide a good choice for someone looking for just email marketing with the possibility of expanding to more CRM capabilities in the future.  


    It’s hard to fault a powerful bit of software like this, so I won’t. It might be a big jump moving all your additional Shopify features onto one platform, but if you’re open to it, why not? This tool offers a lot, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting a worse service

    1 app with 10+ functions or 10+ individual apps… I know which I’d go for.