AllClients Review

AllClients is an all-in-one solution for growth marketing that delivers a whole package of features for companies and individuals that want to grow and expand with the help of a simple-to-use online tool. In this AllClients review, I will offer you more details about it and I will also give you my honest opinion.

AllClients Review
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    Written by Ria du Plessis - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated 9/2/2021

    What is AllClients?

    This is an online marketing platform that was founded in 2004 and is located in the United States. It provides a plethora of tools that are capable of helping businesses develop their marketing strategies, work from home more efficiently, and establish more durable and honest customer relationships. 

    AllClients Pros & Cons



    • It offers reliable education
    • It has a free trial
    • It has a mobile version (not an app)
    • Customer support is not very good
    • It doesn’t offer a free version


    • It offers reliable education: AllClients seems to care very much about the education of their clients and it offers video tutorials, a knowledge base, and a comprehensive FAQs section for people to check out and learn more about this industry as well as about the actual platform.
    • It has a free trial: This tool offers customers a free 14-day trial that requires no card details to be activated. The entire process takes only minutes and the trial allows you to try all of the software’s features.
    • It has a mobile version (not an app): Interestingly, AllClients doesn’t provide a mobile app yet but its platform has a mobile-friendly version that you can switch to whenever you want. It provides fewer functionalities but works very well.


    • Customer support is not very good: On AllClients, you can request customer support via live chat on the official website or phone. They also have an e-mail address where you can write about your issue but most of the time, you won’t receive an answer or you will get it very late.  
    • It doesn’t offer a free version: This platform doesn’t have a forever free version of its services that people who don’t want to pay can use. You can only test its features for 14 days and then pay for a plan.

    Who is AllClients Good For?

    • Small businesses: This is not just an idea that I got from testing it. AllClients is actually advertised as being created for small businesses of up to 15 employees. It also works well if you are an individual entrepreneur, like an online store owner, who wants to keep its subscribers close.
    • Clients who are willing to pay: This platform doesn’t offer a free version to its clients so it’s definitely more suitable for clients who can and are willing to pay for a service that can help them make more money with their business.

    AllClients Isn’t Recommended For:

    • Clients looking for a free tool: The only free thing that you will get from AllClients is a 14-day trial that allows you to test all of the available features so you get an idea about what kind of paid plan to choose.
    • Large businesses: This online platform is not good for large businesses, not even for medium-sized ones. Its capabilities only extend to a specific category of clients and, by doing this, the developers wanted to focus on a single section and do everything at the highest possible quality.

    AllClients Pricing

    E-mails/ month



    Contact Management & E-mail Marketing

    Marketing Automation & Landing Pages

    Onboarding assistance & an account rep













    It’s important to note that, besides the features that I’ve mentioned, the Starter plan only has 1 user and 2,500 contacts, the Standard one has 2 users and 5,000 contacts, and the Professional one has 5 users and 10,000 contacts.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    A client can terminate their account whenever they wish to and for whatever reason. Similarly, the platform has the right to do the same thing as well as to temporarily suspend the service for updates, fixes, etc. Refunds are only possible in the case of pre-paid months that havent been used by the client at the time of the termination. 

    AllClients Features

    In this section of the review, I will detail more on the most important marketing-focused features that AllClients offers so everyone can be fully aware of what they include and hot to use them for maximum benefits.

    ·      All-inclusive contact management

    Rating: 4.8/5

    Businesses can see all of their clients’ data on one single screen so everything can go smoother. You can also filter your contacts, put them into categories or flag them according to certain criteria. This makes list segmentation easier too because you can split your contacts and direct certain e-mail marketing campaigns to them. The ClientTouch tool also allows you to select a specific group of people and send them personalized messages. 

    ·      Customization & templates

    Rating: 4.9/5

    Customizing your dashboard is extremely easy and also important if you want to know exactly what to focus on. You can rearrange everything, see how your landing pages and campaigns are doing, and group activities into an automatic sequence. The variety of e-mail templates that you can pick from is also nice but you can always create your own. All of the design tools on AllClients are smart and easy to use, even if you lack experience.

    ·      Marketing automation tools

    Rating: 4.9/5

    You can design your landing pages by choosing a template that suits your style or create it from scratch. Besides this, the marketing automation tools on this platform can help you turn leads into clients by allowing you to come up with smart follow-up campaigns. The automation even goes beyond this to autoresponders, cloud attachments, and smart links for your e-mails. 

    Marketing automation tools

    A look at the simple dashboard that loads after creating an account on AllClients

    ·      Phone marketing

    Rating: 5/5

    AllClients has a very nice tool called Text-to-Join which can fill up your client base with new contacts. This makes it very simple for people to become subscribers by using their mobile phones. The SMS tools can also be automated and that includes opt-in texts and recorded messages. The Free Recorded Message tool allows people to call a line where they only hear a pre-recorded message and not a real person.

    ·      Great onboarding

    Rating: 4.8/5

    AllClients claims to have one of the best onboarding experiences out there, with lots of tutorials for new clients as well as an extensive knowledge base and intelligent support. I don’t know about the last one but the tutorials on this platform are definitely helpful, especially when you are a complete beginner in this field. 

    Great onboarding

    An example of an e-mail template on AllClients

    AllClients Automations

    The automation tools on this platform come in many shapes and sizes and are suitable for a large palette of clients. However, the most important details that I must present are related to:

    • E-mail marketing automation: With this advanced tool you can design, modify, and send your marketing campaigns with just a few clicks and without wasting any more precious time. You can create personalized workflows that help your customers every step of their journey, 100% automatic.
    • Autoresponders: These autoresponders are also useful in case new leads are interested in joining your contact list. After completing a form, they immediately receive a newsletter, campaign e-mail, or a free report. There is also a permission-based system on AllClients which is making sure that the e-mails always get delivered and don’t end up in the spam folder. 

    AllClients Automations

    This is how setting up an autoresponder looks like on AllClients

    AllClients Integrations

    The integrations that are available on AllClients are certainly playing a big part in the success of your marketing campaigns and the growth of your business in general. So, the most used and important ones are Google Calendar, SendGrid, Zapier, Google Mail, and many others. 

    AllClients Integrations

    A look at the integrations page on AllClients

    AllClients Alternatives

    Omnisend is a nice alternative for this platform because it has a wide beach of marketing-oriented features that come at a reasonable price (from $16/month) and which can aid all kinds of businesses, big or small. In fact, this is one of the most popular such platforms and it also offers a free forever plan.

    Sendinblue comes as an option in case you are a relatively large company looking for a more advanced marketing platform. This one is modern, has an intuitive user interface, and it’s simple enough to use even without a lot of experience. It has a free version too and its paid plans start at $25/month

    Benchmark is also a good idea if you are searching for a platform that’s similar to this one. This one is also very good for small businesses and brands that don’t have too many employees and subscribers. The starting price for its paid plans is $13/month and it also offers a forever free version.


    All in all, I think that AllClients is one of the very best CRM and marketing-oriented online platforms out there at the moment. The fact that they already advertise themselves as being the perfect solution for small companies is a big plus because it means that they have a clear focus. I truly appreciate a tool that only does what it is best at and at a reasonable price point too.