Benchmark Email Review 2020

Email marketing software can be a handy tool to help grow your business and expand your brand’s reach, especially if you’re just starting out. With the numerous software solutions out there, one company stands out among the rest.

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    Benchmark Email in a NutShell

    Free Plan:Yes
    User Accounts:Multiple with different logins
    Segmentation and Geo:Yes
    Time-zone-based Delivery:Yes
    Free Trial:Yes
    Means of Use:Mobile, tablet, social media
    Industry:Advertising, media, Ecommerce

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    Key Features and Workflows

    Let's have a look at the key features and workflows for Benchmark Email Software. 

    Creating Emails and Campaigns

    As an email marketing platform, one of the most notable things I noticed about Benchmark Email is how it was designed to be easy to use for creating email campaigns.

    From creating the emails to sending them out, it was surprisingly easy to do with Benchmark Email.

    • Emails Sent/Opened and Links Clicked – Although it’s designed for ease of use, Benchmark Email offers a comprehensive look into your customized email campaign. It features a detailed graph and statistics of the emails sent, opened, and links clicked, among other things, to show how well your campaign is doing. This allows you to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly to become more effective. You can sort the reports by date or by the recipient.
    • Deliverability Rate and Delivery by Time Zone – To make your email marketing campaign as successful as possible, it needs to reach your targeted audience. Benchmark Email has an efficient and effective system of checking your emails for potential spam flags to ensure it reaches your audience, giving them an exceptional deliverability rate. Benchmark also allows you to schedule the time of sending your emails and the time zone that’s most convenient for your followers.
    • Creating and Importing Email Lists – The free plan allows you to create an email list by importing from an Excel, CSV, or TXT file; copying and pasting from a document; adding each email address manually one-by-one, or using other tools to import your contacts. If you want to create a more targeted email list, it requires you to subscribe to the paid version, Benchmark Pro.
    • Split Tests and A/B Tests – Another great feature of Benchmark Email is that it allows you to compare your email campaigns to see which one will yield more favorable results. With these features, you can compare the probable performance of up to 3 separate email campaigns and test delivery times to see which campaign is the best and will be sent automatically to your subscribers.
    • Personalization – Benchmark allows you to establish your brand’s unique campaign look through customization, both minor and major. From adding images and putting your own unique twist to the pre-existing template, all of these have been made readily available and easy to use with their drag-and-drop email designer. Additionally, you can divide your contacts and send different types of emails to various groups. For those who prefer their own layout, there’s also an option to store and use your own design and templates.

    Reporting and Analysis

    Monitoring your campaign’s progress is part of an effective email marketing campaign.

    Benchmark offers a simple yet sophisticated system for tracking and analyzing the progress of each email marketing campaign you have.

    With it's easy to understand analytics, you can easily track and analyze your campaigns and adjust them accordingly.

    • Engagement Reports (Email Open Rate and CR tracking) – Benchmark offers a comprehensive and straightforward system for viewing your campaign’s engagement rates and is updated in real-time, making it easy to find out if your campaign was a success.
    • Heat Maps – Benchmark also features a geographic tracking that allows them to show you which parts of the globe your subscribers are and where your emails are opened. This will enable you to know in what countries your targeted market is in.
    • Campaign Comparison Report – Benchmark also offers a handy and detailed tool that allows you to compare past and current email marketing campaigns with one another so you can see which ones were a success and derive inspiration from them for future campaigns.
    • Segmentation – Another convenient feature of Benchmark is that it allows you to create customized lists so you can send personalized emails to each one or send them during your desired time. This feature ensures that your emails are delivered in the most convenient time and reach your targeted audience.
    • Social Media Tracking – Benchmark also allows you to track subscribers who shared your email campaign on social media. With the prevalence of social media, this is a key aspect in determining your email campaign’s success. It also allows you to make tailor-made social media campaigns for those subscribers.
    • ROI Analysis – With its detailed system for tracking activity from your email campaigns, Benchmark enables you to analyze which campaigns are effective and why they are so. This will make creating future campaigns more efficient, both in effort and cost.


    A successful email marketing campaign will depend on the integration of various software and databases. I was pleased to see that Benchmark offers integrations for over 300 services, ranging from payment methods like PayPal to social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to tailor your campaign to reach your desired audience in an efficient and convenient manner.

    • Google Analytics – Benchmark provides software integration of Google Analytics to allow you to track the activity of your subscribers when they click on a link from your email campaign. You can also analyze which pages on your site are popular by tracking where your site’s visitors go after clicking on an email link.
    • API Integrations – With Benchmark’s improved feature for API integrations, there will be easy and instantaneous communication between your tools and applications. This will make creating email campaigns and reaching your audience more convenient and hassle-free.
    • Ecommerce Software and Tools – Benchmark also offers integration with various popular eCommerce software solutions such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. By integrating these tools with your Benchmark account, you can create more targeted and effective email campaigns in the future.
    • CRM Integration – Being able to manage your customers’ information via CRM tools is essential, especially as your business grows and develops. Benchmark offers integration with various CRM tools such as Zoho and Zapier to help you keep your business organized and streamlined.
    • Social Media Integrations – Social media has been incorporated in every facet of our lives, including eCommerce. Benchmark understands this which is why they offer integrations for the most popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and others to let your subscribers to share your email campaigns via their social media accounts.
    • Apps – Nowadays, app integration is something essential for businesses and Benchmark makes it easy for clients to manage their campaigns and business through the availability of connecting to over 200 apps like Shopify and PieSync.
    • Plugins – Another vital feature of the success of a business and its marketing campaigns is the availability and capacity of plugin integration. Benchmark makes it easy and convenient for business owners to integrate plugins for various sites like WordPress.


    Benchmark offers excellent automated features that make creating your campaigns and managing your business easier and less of a hassle.

    Benchmark’s automation system lets you create emails to be delivered based on specific user activities (such as opening a new account, adding items to a shopping cart, completing a sale, and more).

    It’s designed to be as easy to use as possible, so clients won’t have any problem when creating the specific marketing path they want customers to follow.

    Their automated features can also be used to build email drip campaigns and to send emails like greetings on your subscribers’ birthdays, increasing your customer engagement.

    There’s also an option for sending automated emails to targeted lists, ensuring you don’t spam all your subscribers with irrelevant content.

    Design and Ease of Use

    I was happy to see that Benchmark’s platform was designed so that even a beginner can use it without any complications or extensive research.

    It pleases me to report that when it comes to design and utility, Benchmark Email receives a full score across the board.

    Drag-and-Drop Interface – you can easily create a new email or campaign with Benchmark’s drag-and-drop designer, which lets you build great-looking pages even if you’re not a design expert.  

    Landing Page Creator – Benchmark’s paid subscriptions allow you to access their landing page creator to build landing pages for each campaign that are relevant and effective conversion tools.

    Email Templates – Benchmark also offers free HTML templates with various themes for their clients who want a quick but organized design for their email campaigns. With these, you can create a streamlined email marketing campaign even without design experience.

    Sign-up Forms within Newsletter Tool – Sign-up forms are a great way to build your contact list database and expand your brand’s reach. Benchmark has easy-to-create sign-up forms. They operate in a strict “opt-in, opt-out” process so clients will need to agree to receive your emails.

    Benchmark Email Pricing


    • Price: Free
    • Enables you to send 250 carefully constructed emails monthly
    • Build personalized sign-up forms
    • Access to excellent customer support 24/7
    • Access to over a hundred email templates
    • Unlimited subscribers


    • Price: $13.99 monthly
    • Automated features
    • A/B testing feature
    • Ability to make targeted lists
    • Dedicated manager to your account
    • No more Benchmark logo
    • Ability to create main and sub-accounts

    Customer Service

    Benchmark offers excellent customer service for both free and pro subscribers. Their customer support is available via phone and live chat support.

    The company’s agents are available to help you around the clock, so you can always find answers even in an emergency.

    Aside from this, they also feature an extensive FAQ section that answers the most frequently asked questions by their clients, eliminating the need to contact them for the more common problems.

    Contact Information:

    You can call them at:
        International 1-562-252-3789
        USA 1-800-430-4095
        Switzerland (+41) 43-508-4676
        UK (+44) 20-3695-2266

    You may also contact them via their email form and live chat support which can be found on their website.

    My Verdict

    Benchmark Email. After exploring its features, I have found an email marketing software solution that offers everything a small business owner needs to develop their business and improve its overall efficiency.

    From easy-to-use email designing suite to competitive pricing for each type of subscription, Benchmark Email is a valuable email marketing software tool for your business in terms of function, accessibility, and pricing.

    What I Liked About Benchmark Email

    What I liked the most about Benchmark’s email marketing software is its user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it convenient for those who are new to email marketing tools to create personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

    Additionally, Benchmark offers comprehensive and well-organized tools like reports and templates that allow you to have an easier time creating email campaigns and having a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

    What I Didn’t Like About Benchmark Email

    Although Benchmark has a lot of useful tools to make creating email campaigns a breeze, most of it is only available with a paid subscription to their service.

    However, despite the need for a paid subscription, the features they do offer are worth every penny.

    With a Benchmark Pro subscription, you will have all the tools you need for an effective and fully customizable email marketing campaign at your disposal.

    Benchmark Email FAQs

    How can I export contacts?

    If you want to export your email contact list, you can export it into a CSV or Excel file and do so through the following steps:

    • On your dashboard menu, select the “Contacts” section
    • Open the contact list you want to export and click on the 3 dots on the upper righthand corner
    • Select “Export to File” after which an export list will pop up
    • Choose from the extensive list of filters that allow you to categorize your contacts according to your preference
    • After this, click on “Download as CSV” or “Download as Excel” to export your contact list

    How can I delete an account?

    To delete your Benchmark account, follow these steps:

    • On your Account Settings page, choose “Plan Information” then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    • There you will find text and a link that leads to a deactivation page.
    • Once you click the link, it will prompt you to input your registered name and email.
    • After this, your account will be deleted a month after your cancellation date.

    Are there any other payment methods other than credit card and Paypal?

    If you don’t have PayPal, or prefer not to use a credit card, you can pay via wire transfer. This is not readily available upon registration; you will need to contact their customer support to get their bank details. However, take note that there is a $25 transfer fee on each transaction.

    For checks, you can address them to “Benchmark Internet Group LLC 10621 Calle Lee Building 141 Los Alamitos, CA 90720”.

    Do they have discounts for prepayment?

    They offer discounts for non-profit organizations and for those who subscribe to their Pro plan on a semi-annual and annual basis. For non-profit organizations, they offer 25% whereas they offer 10% and 15% for semi-annual and annual subscriptions respectively.

    What happens if I want to send more emails than my current plan?

    If you want to send more emails than what your current plan allows, you will have to upgrade it to accommodate your campaign needs.

    Do they have training materials available?

    Benchmark has an extensive database for resources on their website. In addition to this, they also offer webinars so you may have a deeper understanding of email marketing strategies.

    Do they accept marketing affiliate links?


    Benchmark Email has an affiliate partner program that allows them to refer people to avail of their services.

    As an affiliate partner, you will receive a 25% commission from referrals.