Bluecore Review- Email Marketing to Drive Sales

Your ecommerce shop can do so much more than just sell your products. Bluecore realizes this and gives you a tool that’ll let you fully recognize the potential of being able to sync sales with your marketing. In this review, I’ll be looking at how that can benefit your email marketing campaigns in particular.

Bluecore Review
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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What Is Bluecore?

    Bluecore is a marketing tool with a specific goal in mind - giving you the means to fluidly move information between sales platforms and email campaigns. The main standout here is the predictive AI that enables you to send email campaigns specifically tailored in real-time to the actions of your customers.

    Bluecore Pros & Cons



    • In-depth customer data
    • Personalized campaigns
    • Quality customer service
    • No free version/trial
    • Learning curve


    • In-depth customer data - The more information you can obtain on your customers’ spending and engagement habits, the better you’ll be able to target them in future campaigns. An intelligent system allows you to gain insight into how different customers interact with your brand and products so you can apply those insights into marketing campaigns
    • Personalized campaigns - I love the fact that you can automatically populate the body of your email campaigns with personalized information based on customer characteristics. This is especially useful for companies offering products to people with different shopping habits, like a fashion brand that sells both male and female clothing
    • Quality customer service - From the moment you start interacting with Bluecore, there’s someone there who is happy to help and guide you through the whole process. From personal product demos before you sign up to onboarding and helping set up uncommon workflows from within the platform, you’ll never find yourself lost. It’s always more comforting knowing help is just around the corner


    • No free version/trial - While you can request a live demo of the product, that might be enough for some people. I, for one, like to get stuck into a piece of software myself before deciding whether I want to commit further. Unfortunately, that’s not an option here
    • Learning curve - It’s to be expected on any system that has lots of features and possible implementations, but still worth mentioning. You’ll need to find out where everything is and where your limitations lie before you can really start harnessing the power this tool has. Luckily, the quality customer help team eases this process

    Who Is Bluecore Recommended For?

    This software could be well utilized by anyone with an ecommerce business. In particular, more established businesses offering a range of products to a diverse contact list will find the customer segmentation and personalized targeting a super addition to your toolbelt.

    The customer service from the get-go also makes this a solid option for those who feel they’ll need more help migrating and implementing a new system.

    Who Is Bluecore Not Recommended For?

    The tools afforded to you on this platform are focused on integrating data from your sales platform with marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for an email marketing platform but don’t operate through ecommerce, you could find yourself underutilizing a lot of features available to you here.

    Bluecore Pricing

    No pricing information is available anywhere for a quick overview. If you need more information on this, you’ll have to contact the Bluecore sales team directly to schedule a meeting where you’ll be able to discuss your options further based on your needs.

    The lack of an online pricing guide also means there’s nowhere for you to see some important information like sending limitations, contact list limits, or if any features are locked behind more expensive plans. Again, you’ll need to contact the sales team directly for this information.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    As per their terms and conditions documents, all payments made are non-cancelable and are non-refundable.

    Bluecore Features

    Bluecore aims to give you a fluid system for audience and campaign management for relevant targeted campaigns. A variety of features work towards keeping customers engaged, increasing their product lifespan, and increasing interest in products to improve sales.

    ·       Ease of Use

    An expert help team is available to you at every crossroads as you get your account up and running. They’ll help you set up your profile for the purpose that best suits you; it’s an especially useful service for those who dread that initial integration. You’re also given access to a library of resources on a range of different topics to accelerate your learning.

    ·       Reporting & Tracking

    An intelligent AI will collect customer information from shopping habits to email interactions, resulting in diverse profiles with a number of data points for more detailed contact lists. Campaign reports come in the form of either simple overviews or in-depth graphs with detailed breakdowns of how campaigns performed over a set amount of time.

    Reporting & Tracking

    ·       Smart Campaign

    Every customer is unique. Bluecore realizes this and gives you more options to create marketing strategies that are more in line with different preferences. Interchangeable fields will automatically populate based on certain tags and characteristics so you can make more engaging emailing campaigns.

    Smart Campaign

    ·       A/B Testing

    Fine-tuning your emails for maximum results can be a long process of trial and error. With this function, you’re able to maximize the reach of each email by testing 2 variants against a number of recipients, analyzing which hit best, then send the winner to your remaining contacts.

    A/B Testing

    ·       Dashboard Overview

    Having all your campaign information readily available from one place allows you to gain quick insights into a number of useful statistics. On your dashboards, you’ll be able to see your contact list health, top-performing campaigns, audience trends, purchasing habits, and top products.

    ·       Store Pop-ups

    Customizable forms are available to embed within your ecommerce platform to capture new leads organically when they’re most interested. Extend your capabilities from beyond email with this feature too, with editable store pop-ups advertising new deals and offers, so you can capture your audience's attention directly on site.

    Store Pop-ups

    ·       Multi-Channel Marketing

    With this software, you’ve got the opportunity to branch out and extend your reach to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SMS and Google Ads to name a few. Sync your intelligent audience recommendations between different platforms for ads that predict what your customers want to buy next based on various data points.


    Bluecore Automation Features

    Now, this is where Bluecore really sets itself apart from the competition. With some very intelligent systems in place, you’re able to create extremely nuanced campaigns that are sure to drive engagement and increase purchases.

    By feeding information automatically between your sales platform and campaigns, you can create a range of trigger events. For example, you can automate an email for discounts to only send to people who have browsed that item in the past. You can even send different email variations for abandoned cart reminders based on previous customer habits. The sky’s the limit for what you can automate with this tool, and a clean campaign designer makes them very easy to implement.

    Bluecore Automation Features

    Bluecore Automation Features

    Bluecore Software Integration

    Bluecore has partnered with Shopify and Magneto to host your ecommerce page, so you’ll be able to integrate seamlessly by downloading a plugin from your respective selling platform. 

    For third-party integrations, you’ll be limited to associated partners, including ad integration for Facebook and Google, and Salesforce for extra CRM functions.

    Don’t worry if the idea of having to integrate different software puts you off, as you’ll be given dedicated onboarding and success managers to do this properly for you. This is an option on all plans when you first set up your account.

    Bluecore Alternative Brands

    Active Campaign - Being able to automate your marketing campaigns is not only a great time saver but can also result in some really nuanced, targeted campaigns. This is where Active Campaign shines and sets itself apart as a fantastic tool for creating and automating your email marketing campaigns.

    MailerLite - Build your contact lists, expand your reach, build loyal relationships. All that is possible on this cost-effective yet very capable tool. If simplicity and affordability come near the top of your marketing checklist, this tool can tick both of those boxes.

    Omnisend - Why just settle for email marketing with so many means of communication out there in the digital age? With this platform, you can grow the selling potential of your ecommerce store by creating effective campaigns for email and complimenting them with many other marketing channels.


    Bluecore sets itself apart from the competition with its unique talent for processing customer interactions in real-time and feeding them back into meaningful, heavily personalized campaigns. 

    A powerhouse when it comes to customer interactions for ecommerce, utilizing this tool will have your customers keeping one eye on their inbox instead of rolling them every time you trigger a new campaign.