Campaign Monitor Review: Features and Pricing 2021

Campaign Monitor is one of the most established email marketing tools in the industry, being founded in 2004. It has perfected its email automation options and templates over the years, making it a great choice for medium sized businesses. Being able to send unlimited emails is also the icing on the cake.

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    Campaign Monitor in a nutshell

    Free plan:


    User accounts:

    Yes, you can add multiple administrators to your account

    Segmentation and geo:


    Time-zone-based delivery


    Free trial:


    Means of use:

    Desktop and mobile devices


    Small to mid-sized businesses

    Key features and workflows

    Creating emails and campaigns

    It’s quite straightforward to set up a campaign using the software, and a drag and drop email templates make things even easier.

    Emails sent/opened and links clicked

    You can get a feel for how well your campaign is doing by looking at the reporting tools available via your dashboard. You’ll get critical marketing benchmarks like open rate and click rate and, if your marketing isn’t quite having the impact you’d like, Campaign Monitor can offer you advice on how to improve these key metrics.

    Bear in mind, though, you can’t track open and click rates on any non-HTML emails, so you’ll need to use this format if you want any reporting statistics.

    Deliverability rates and delivery by time zone

    Campaign Monitor has an impressive delivery rate of 99% and regularly monitors its users’ bounce rates, spam complaints and unsubscribe rates. It uses this data to improve email formats in the future to ensure your messages will get through.

    You can also schedule emails to go out at different times across different time zones; this way, your customers won’t be woken up by notifications in the middle of the night.

    Creating and importing email lists

    You can create email lists from scratch, or you can import a CSV list of contacts you already have. You won’t be able to import bought email lists, or any emails associated with gambling or pharmaceuticals, though. Otherwise, there are no restrictions, and you have a lot of freedom to choose your own headings.

    Split tests and A/B testing

    Basic A/B functionality is available with Campaign Monitor. You can send different variations of the same email to various segments of your audience and get analytics on the results. While you’ll only be able to send two different types of email per campaign, Campaign Monitor does provide advice on where you might be going wrong, such as tweaks to subject line, length, and word order.


    You can personalize just about every aspect of your campaigns, including content, copy, imagery and even emails delivered to customers based on previous purchasing habits.

    Reporting and analysis

    Good reporting, statistics and analytics are vital to the success of any email campaign. Luckily, the software offers a full suite of insight and reporting tools to help you make decisions in real-time.

    Engagement reports

    You’ll find a range of engagement metrics in your campaign dashboard such as open rates, number of bounces, customers that unsubscribe, number of social shares, and link clicks. The reports let you know what’s going well, and what you need to work on. 

    Heat maps

    You’ll have access to real-time tracking metrics to see which customers are engaging, when, and for how long.

    Campaign comparison report

    While Campaign Monitor offers a wide range of analytics via your dashboard, you can’t easily compare the results of two different campaigns.


    Segmentation can be entirely personalized to suit your business. Create groups that cover geographic location, purchase history, personal interests and those that’ve engaged with past campaigns. You can create unlimited lists to cover every conceivable type of segmentation.

    Social media tracking

    All major social media platforms can be integrated into the software, and you can even get detailed analytics such as the number of times someone has shared your content via social media, and those buying as a result of social media marketing efforts.

    ROI analysis

    While you won’t find a return on investment analysis, you will get a list of instructions showing how you can calculate this figure yourself.


    You’ll find a decent range of integrations and add-on tools with your membership. As expected from most email marketing tools, you can integrate the software quite easily into just about every web building platform, as well as find apps to give you extra functionality.

    Google Analytics

    You can integrate Google Analytics into the software, primarily to give you more detailed information on links clicked, and heat maps to find out who’s visiting your site directly as a result of your marketing efforts. This lets you know which regions and segments might need more work.

    API integrations

    The platform has a flexible API that’ll allow you to integrate the software into just about any blog, content management system or other third-party app. You can integrate any software that uses Ruby, Python, PHP, .Net, Perl and Objective-C programming languages. 

    eCommerce tools

    Campaign Monitor has easy one-click solutions to connect you to Magento, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify, WooCommerce and WordPress. However, you might have difficulty when trying to link other eCommerce platforms. 

    CRM integrations

    You’ll find some big name CRMs to integrate with Campaign Monitor, including Zoho, Insightly and Zapier. If you can’t find your particular CRM in the app store, get in touch with customer service as there’s usually a way to get it integrated.

    Social media integrations

    Integration is easy with most social media accounts. Find out how many times people are sharing your newsletters and products, as well as how many conversions you’re getting through social media.


    Campaign Monitor has around 250 apps available in its store. Most are the kind you might expect to see across any typical email marketing tool like extra analytics options and eCommerce store integrations. 

    However, Campaign Monitor goes a step further and invites you to build your own apps for the platform. So, if you have the developer skills, or can afford to hire someone who does, you could build precisely the app you need.


    You’ll find plugins for popular web builders like WordPress, Magento and Shopify.


    Automation works via a pathway system. At the start of every email campaign, you’ll map out all potential responses and routes it could take, and when an email hits one of those criteria, an automated step is activated. 

    For example, step one could be an initial contact. If the customer spends $200 or more, they’d then activate the VIP email and receive a discount in the next message. Or, if a customer doesn’t open the mail, you could set the campaign to issue a follow up a few days later. Automation is completely customizable so you can build any email pathway you’d like.

    Design and ease of use

    Drag and drop interface

    You’ll start with a choice of hundreds of templates, and you can fully customize each one with a drag and drop tool. It uses a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, meaning you get to see exactly what your customer will see as you edit.

    Landing page creator

    You’ll have to download a landing page tool from the app store, and most are perfectly serviceable. You can direct traffic to your landing page from social media posts as well as email campaigns.

    Email templates

    From hundreds of different templates, you can choose emails tailored to special offers, outreach mails, newsletters and new customer welcome notes. Each template is fully customizable for fonts and colors, and the adventurous among you can even create a brand new HTML template from scratch.

    Campaign Monitor pricing



    Basic - $9 per month

    • Send up to 2,500 emails per month
    • Get basic automation tools
    • Customer support via email

    Unlimited - $29 per month

    • Send unlimited emails each month
    • Get a priority response to customer service queries
    • Time zone mailing
    • Advanced automation tools

    Premier - $149 per month

    • Everything include in the previous two tiers
    • Advanced link tracking and analytics
    • Pre-built segments

    Bear in mind, the prices listed above only cover up to 500 subscribers. For every 1,000 subscribers you add, you can expect to pay around an additional $30 per month. 

    For example, if you had 3,000 subscribers on the Unlimited plan, you’ll need to pay $90 per month.

    Customer service

    Customer support is a little limited as there’s no phone or live chat available. You’ll need to email customer service and wait for a response. In addition, the online forum was retired back in 2018, which is a shame as it’d built up a strong archive of user-resolved issues. 

    Contact Information

    At the moment, you’re limited to the how-to articles on the website, which don’t always go into enough detail for newcomers.

    My verdict 

    Campaign Monitor is a very solid email marketing platform, and is a great addition to any medium sized business. With unlimited emails starting at just $29 per month, and a host of customization and automation tools, you’ll be able to run large marketing campaigns. 

    However, it might not be for you if you don’t have a lot of experience in email marketing. The limited customer support means you might find yourself struggling with some of the more advanced features. In addition, if you have a lot of subscribers, things can start to get quite pricey very quickly. 

    What I liked about Campaign Monitor

    • Great automation tool
    • Able to send unlimited emails
    • Wide range of email templates
    • You can connect to social media easily
    • Good selection of reporting and analytics

    What I didn’t like about Campaign Monitor

    • It doesn’t have the best customer support
    • The full suite of automation tools is only available on the highest paid tier
    • Prices start to increase sharply the more subscribers you have

    Campaign Monitor FAQs

    How can I export contacts?

    You need to go to ‘Lists and Subscribers’ on your dashboard. You’ll then be able to choose which contacts you’d like to export. This can be a full list, or you can break it down by segment, export single entries and even export by heading. Your export will be in CSV format.

    How can I delete my account?

    You simply have to log into your dashboard and select ‘Close my account’. You may be charged depending on your subscription level.

    Are there any other payment methods besides credit card and PayPal?

    If you’re a large organization, you can choose to have invoices sent to your finance department and pay via bank transfer.

    Does Campaign Monitor have discounts for prepayments?

    No, but you’ll receive a 15% discount if you run a non-profit organization.

    What happens if I want to send more emails than my current plan?

    You’ll be asked to join one of the higher tiers. Both Unlimited and Premier plans have unlimited emails.

    Does Campaign Monitor have training materials available?

    Yes, you’ll be able to access how-to articles via the website.

    Does Campaign Monitor accept marketing affiliate links?

    Yes, you can send affiliate marketing links and join Campaign Monitor’s own affiliate program.