Coherent Path Review 2021: The Most Affordable Option for Marketing?

Coherent Path was founded in 2013, with a view to enabling struggling marketers to adapt their email outreach to match their customers’ evolving tastes. It has a special focus on email calendars, and is most useful to those who intend to target customers over an extended period of time, adapting as more information is gathered.

Coherent Path Review
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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/02/2021

    Coherent Path in a nutshell

    Free Plan: No
    User Accounts: Options for Multiple
    Segmentation and Geo: Yes
    Delivery by Time zone: Yes
    Free Trial: No
    Means of Use: Mobile, Tablet, Computer
    Industry: Technology, Retail, Marketing

    Key features and workflows

    Creating Email Campaigns and Managing

    Below are some functions that allow you to create and run your campaigns.

    Emails sent/opened and links clicked

    Every link that’s delivered can be tracked

    Deliverability rate and delivery by time zone (spam)

    You can alter your delivery rates in a massive number of ways using the calendar planner

    Creating and importing email lists

    It takes just minutes to upload your current contact list

    Split tests and A/B tests

    You can finetune emails by sending two similar ones and comparing the results


    You’re able to constantly optimize your response by customizing emails

    Reporting and Analysis

    You can analyze most customer interactions, and act accordingly.

    Engagement reports (Email open rate and CR tracking)

    Every single email sent is tracked, and the records won't be deleted 


    You can segment your customers into certain demographics 

    Social media tracking

    Social media widgets included in emails can be tracked

    ROI analysis 

    You’re unable to predict upcoming ROIs


    There’s a fair range of options for connecting with extra platforms.

    API integrations

    An API allows you to program your own apps

    Integrations with these platforms: Ecommerce, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce 

    Of the above, only Magento is unavailable

    CRM Integrations

    A range of CRM applications are on offer, such as Streak

    Social Media integrations

    Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter are supported


    You’re unable to see the full list of available apps until you sign up


    There’s no information on the website about plugins


    Most of the automation options here are related to your email delivery calendar, and managing who receives what, and when. These systems will be most beneficial to you once you've gathered some data from multivariate testing and engagement reporting.

    Design and Ease of Use

    It’s mentioned that the design interfaces are accessible.

    Drag and Drop Interface

    All creative tools allow you to drag and drop 

    Landing page creator 

    You can just drag content blocks, rather than having to code

    Email templates 

    Send millions of individually personalized emails every day with dynamic templates

    Sign up forms within newsletter tool (opt in-opt out process)

    It isn't mentioned whether you can create forms with this provider


    One great downside to this service is that there’s absolutely no information on pricing whatsoever. So many options for automation and the ability to oversee the delivery of millions of emails suggest that this service is rather expensive, but without beginning your application there’s no way of knowing.

    Customer Service

    You can contact the team at, but there’s no phone number to call.


    Coherent Path could be of benefit to your email marketing campaigns, especially if you're planning on sending thousands or even millions of emails, and want to plan far ahead. However, there’s no information on the cost, which suggests it could be unaffordable.

    You might want to try Get Response instead, where there are more options available, and prices start at just $10.50 per month.