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So you’ve established an online platform and now you’re looking for a way to grow that subscriber count. What’s the next step? EasySendy is focused on supporting young entrepreneurs with steps to increase their influence and subscriber count. Read our EasySendy review to see if it’s the company for you.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What Is EasySendy?

    There are lots of email marketing firms out there for salespeople and online shops, but EasySendy focuses on the new wave of entrepreneurs created in the digital age - content creators. Let’s see if EasySendy can hold its own in this competitive landscape. 

    EmailSendy Pros & Cons



    • Cheap and scalable
    • Features on all plans
    • Free account
    • User friendly
    • Time zone difference
    • Basic reporting/analytics


    • Cheap and scalable - Starting at $19/month for up to 10,000 subs and unlimited email sending, EasySendy is a cost-effective alternative to other big-name brands. The prices are scalable based on subscribers, sending speeds, and number of email servers
    • Free account - And no time limit either! You can easily set up a free account to experiment with up to 2000 subscribers and play around with plenty of different functions 
    • Features on all plans - Having essential features locked behind a plan you probably won’t properly utilize can be a pain in the butt. Don’t worry about that here, as all features are available for all paying customers; even the free version has more features than some paid alternatives!
    • User friendly - Integrated live chat is always a useful feature and my experience with it has been positive (and quick). The UI is laid out nicely and a drag-and-drop editor makes it a breeze to create professional-looking templates


    • Time zone differences - While the live team works 24/6, the business team only operates 10 am - 8 pm IST, Monday through Friday. This could result in delays for query responses
    • Basic reporting/analytics - Don’t expect to be getting into the nitty-gritty here, as EasySendy only has basic analytical tools, excluding more advanced features like timeline reporting

    Who Is EasySendy Recommended For?

    If you’re new to the world of email marketing or just getting started growing an online reputation, this platform could offer a great service to get going. The low starting price combined with the features available on all plans, not to mention the free account without time limits, makes it a great way to test the waters without putting a dent in your pocket.

    Who is EasySendy Not Recommended For?

    If you’re after a lot of business help, the difference in working hours between India and USA will mean inevitable delays in responses. The reporting and analytics, while enough for many purposes, might be underwhelming if you’re used to using lots of data to fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

    EmailSendy Pricing

    Price / month

    Subscriber limit

    Emails / second

    Delivery servers

























    The pricing model here revolves around subscriber counts. The prices stated are starting prices and are scalable, with three factors affecting the overall package price: subscriber count, emails/second, and servers. Pick and choose what combo works best for you and work from there. You’re able to pay either monthly or annually, with annual subscriptions receiving two months free.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    It’s possible to cancel your subscription before your next billing from account settings in the web app, and this applies to both monthly and annual contracts. While you’re not able to switch from an annual subscription to a monthly one, you’re able to adapt the parameters of your subscription to be applied in the month, following a written request.

    EmailSendy Features

    So what can you actually do with this platform to support your email marketing needs? Let’s take a look. All features listed below are available on all price plans.

    ·       Ease of Use

    I found the setup for this relatively straightforward. Within the tool, there are tutorial videos dotted throughout for setting up new processes with deeper documentation on its site. What’s more, the UI is neat and allows for easy navigation.

    ·       Drag-and-Drop Editor

    An easy way to design effective email templates without all the hassle of coding. While pre-existing templates may be lacking, upon some digging, I found a few recommended downloads from EasySendy, giving you a base to work from which you can import your own files for a unique design.

    Drag-and-Drop Editor

    ·       Dashboard

    Keep your important information on one page for a quick overview of your latest campaigns, lists, subscribers and templates, with easy access to each from this page. Beats having to flip between endless tabs of information.


    ·       Facebook Messenger Integration

    With a higher response rate than emails, social media is a tried-and-tested platform for marketing and generating new customers. Importing your Facebook leads and automating personalized bulk messaging is a great addition to the email marketing function. It’s always better to have more than one method of communication.

    Facebook Messenger Integration

    ·       Social Media Automation

    EasySendy allows you to automate comments, likes, and responses in Facebook and automates messenger responses to make sure you’re constantly active and engaging. We all know how fickle a social media presence can be, so this is a powerful feature to use if you have a place there.

    Social Media Automation

    ·       Personalized Email Tagging

    Nobody likes receiving an impersonal copy-and-paste email. With personalized tagging, you can extract contact information to be included in sent emails. A happy birthday message, for example, is a nice personal touch that might drive more interactions.

    ·       Email Verification

    This system will track certain criteria needed for a functional email address, even going as far as correcting common errors such as spaces within emails and typos like “.cm” instead of “.com”. Removing unnecessary deadwood should improve your delivery rates.


    EmailSendy Automation Features

    It’s important to engage across as many fronts as you can when establishing an online profile. It might be an impossible task to juggle websites, email campaigns, and social media interactions. Lucky for you, EasySendy can make this process, well, easy.

    Email marketing automation - Plot trigger events to automate processes at each stage of interaction, from subscribing to purchasing and browsing. Having an automation tool to keep customers engaged at all times could result in more sales without you having to chase everything individually.

    Create subscription pop-ups for websites to automatically feed into your emails, creating campaigns through time sequencing and autoresponders. In the meantime, automate your social media interactions to establish a constant presence and keep that engagement up! The automation features here ultimately result in more time you can spend on other important tasks.

    EmailSendy Software Integration

    EasySendy already has a large number of integrative apps and services, and it seems they’re constantly looking to add to this. Importantly, they have integration with social media, allowing you to access lead data and to apply it to your campaigns - important for the demographic this product is aimed at. A simple link-up with the software on Zapier allows for this. 

    The bulk emailing features will integrate with Amazon SES among several other email distribution services, but you’ll still need to pay the charge they impose on bulk sending.

    EasySendy Alternative Brands

    EmailOctopus - A solid tool for email marketing with great automation capabilities. The pricing is scalable with your business and allows you to cancel any time. They start cheap, from $20, but there’s also a free option to appease those of you with tight pockets.

    Hubspot - A familiar name in the CRM world, Hubspot gives you a highly reputable service. While the prices might start higher, they offer in-house email marketing services as well as other automation services. The paid plans come with social media management software as part of the package.

    Benchmark Email - Another service that allows you to create automated email marketing campaigns and numerous social media integrations, with the ability to link the two. Some features are locked behind more expensive plans, and although they do have a free account, it’s limited to 250 emails/month.


    It doesn’t seem like EasySendy has had the smoothest of roads since its launch in 2013 - a quick browse can find plenty of negative reviews from early days. However, it looks like they’ve listened to their customers and worked on correcting those initial complaints since.

    Yeah, there might be a few missing functions, but for the very affordable price plans in comparison to some market leaders, I’m ok with that. Maybe you can even find another service to integrate from its large list of compatible apps with that leftover money, eh?