Email Blaster Review

Email Blaster is a simple solution meant to ease clients’ development of email marketing campaigns. The team is based in the United Kingdom and the company was founded in 2009. It promises to deliver top-quality services to individuals and companies, therefore facilitating their connection with their subscribers and clients. In this review, I will talk about all the important factors that could make anyone choose this software or not.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is Email Blaster? 

    Email Blaster claims to offer a highly advanced yet simple-to-use email marketing software that employs several tools and features aiming to deliver quality results; clients no longer need graphic designers or coders to develop an efficient marketing campaign. Email Blaster can be used by anyone, experienced or not, in whatever way they see fit for their goals.

     Email Blaster Pros & Cons 



    • Ease of use
    • Advantageous rates
    • Templates available
    • Free plan available
    • Share screen demo available
    • No mobile app is available
    • UK-only customer support


    • Ease of use: Email Blaster is incredibly easy to use, even simplistic some might say. It gets your job done easily and quickly, without much hassle at all. The UI is intuitive and bug-free too.
    • Advantageous rates: For the number of features it offers, Email Blaster has advantageous rates, especially compared to other similar services. 
    • Templates available: There are several email templates available for clients to pick from. So, in case you don’t want to create it from scratch (with their drag-and-drop builder), you have a nice set of options provided to you.  
    • Free plan available: Email Blaster comes with a free plan for people who only send email occasionally and don’t necessarily want to pay monthly for a subscription. 
    • Share screen demo available: You can take part in a demo with a team member. It’s a screen share that usually lasts for about 45 minutes.


    • No mobile app available: Email Blaster does not yet have a mobile app. 
    • UK-only customer support: You can only count on Email Blaster’s customer support if you are in the United Kingdom. 

    Who is Email Blaster Good For?

    Email Blaster is good for you in case:

    • Freelancers: In case you are a freelancer mingling in the marketing industry and need some emails sent regularly, this software is absolutely perfect. It gets the job done very well, and it’s simple to use even for a beginner.
    • Small businesses: Email Blaster is very good for small businesses who need to keep their clients interested using smart email marketing campaigns.  
    • Medium businesses:  In case you are a medium-sized business looking for a good email marketing software that can automate some things and make your life easier, Email Blaster is the one.  

     Email Blaster Isn't Recommended For:

    • Large businesses: In case you want your email marketing software to keep up with the demands of a large business, look elsewhere. Email Blaster is a good option but not for a large number of emails.
    • People outside the UK who might need help: Email Blaster only offers support within the borders of the United Kingdom. So, if you are anywhere else on the planet and might need some help from a staff member, this is not for you. 

    Email Blaster Pricing

    Number of e-mails/month


    E-mail templates

    Tracking Analytics

    Automated e-mails

    Drag and drop builder










    Pay as you go



    Email Blaster is that kind of email marketing software that offers all features for free, so all types of clients can use them for the success of their businesses. The first 100 email sends are free, and you don’t need to enter your card details to create an account. 

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    Email Blaster offers all clients the possibility to cancel their paid accounts at all times, with a 30-day notice beforehand. In the case of free accounts or pay as you go, the team can cancel an account that has been inactive for three months without notice. A refund will be offered to the client in case of a system failure or a grave mistake from the staff. 

    Email Blaster Features

    Email Blaster has a plethora of interesting email marketing-oriented features that they display on their official website. In the following lines, I will discuss the most important:

    E-mail Automation

    Rating: 5/5

    Email Blaster’s automation feature makes your job a lot easier, as it should do, while organically increasing your engagement and helping your clients make decisions based on their preferences without being forced by anyone.

    ROI Tracking

    Rating: 5/5

    The insights that this feature offers clients are extremely valuable and mandatory for an efficient marketing campaign. Tracking these people’s journeys across your business can do wonders for your success. It’s about having visibility when it comes to what your subscribers are doing at all times.

    List Management

    Rating: 4.9/5

    The tools that this software offers are extremely useful when it comes to managing your lists of contacts. From removal of duplicates and auto clean to organization filters and subscriber verification, this feature has it all. 

    Email Blaster dashboard

    How the dashboard of a free account looks like on Email Blaster

    Campaign Stats and Scheduling

    Rating: 4.8/5

    All the e-mail marketing stats that you need in one place through cool and easy-to-understand charts and graphs. This feature also offers you the possibility to manage your send times and schedule your campaigns however you like, according to your subscribers’ behavior.

    Open Source API

    Rating: 4.7/5

    Thanks to their open-source API, you can sync any app with Email Blaster and make your campaigns more complex and attractive. There are also some development instruments available that can aid you in any way you want.

    Social Media & Opt-in Forms

    Rating: 5/5

    With Email Blaster, you have the possibility to post your emails on your social media profiles with ease and create opt-in forms for anything you need like a blog, website, or eve app. This way you can convert visitors to subscribers and increase your campaign database.

    Email Blaster templates

    These are just a few of the templates available on Email Blaster

    Email Blaster Automations

    The email marketing automation feature on Email Blaster is comprehensive and useful. It can save you a lot of time and it offers some interesting possibilities too:

    • Engaging with subscribers: each time a new subscriber arrives you have the mission to keep them interested. With email automation, you can engage with them in a personal and friendly manner.
    • Decision-based campaign creation: analyzing what your subscribers prefer makes it easier for you to follow up with a certain campaign that fits their interests. Based on each individual’s choices, you can come up with targeted emails that will draw their interest.
    • Sending occasional messages: Everyone loves a happy birthday message or any kind of occasional email that makes them feel special. Email automation allows you to send them messages triggered by certain important dates.

    creation of a campaign

    This is how the creation of a campaign from a template looks like

    Email Blaster Integrations

    Email Blaster offers mainly WordPress integration by installing a plugin that then does everything you want it to. All the other integrations available on this software are API-based. The platform also provides extensive API documentation for everyone to know what they’re doing right from the start. 

    WordPress integration

    A look at the WordPress integration page on the official website

    Email Blaster Alternatives

    Sendinblue is a very good email marketing campaign software that offers high-quality automation tools that can fit any client’s needs, regardless of experience or size. It also has a free plan and the paid ones start at €19 per month.

    Constant Contact is a nice alternative to this software because it also comes with a wide range of features that can help your email marketing campaigns. It’s the perfect choice for individuals and small businesses that don’t have too many clients. It has a lot of integrations and email automation tools that work flawlessly.

    SendX  is an email marketing software that can be the perfect alternative for people who are on a budget but still need useful tools for their campaigns. It’s a very easy-to-use platform with a professional and dedicated client support team.


    To wrap it all up, Email Blaster can be the perfect choice for freelancers, small-, and medium-sized businesses that want professional-looking email campaigns. The software has a lot of useful features along with a nice-looking dashboard, fast and easy to use UI, and affordable prices plus a free plan that you can try out.