GMass Review - Unlock The Power Of GMail

With Gmail being the most popular email provider out there, a tool that allows you to send bulk emails from your account, this could be an appealing prospect to many. If you think you fall into that group, keep reading to see if GMass could serve a purpose for you.

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    Written by Ria du Plessis - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated 9/2/2021

    What Is GMass?

    GMass is a plugin for your Gmail account, which gives you the ability to send automated emails to segmented groups of people directly from within your own inbox. Usually, Google puts restrictions on sending large volumes of emails, but GMass circumnavigates this by sending excess through an external SMTP relay.

    GMass Pros & Cons



    • Directly integrates with G-Suite
    • Break Google’s sending limit
    • Contact list management
    • Delayed sending
    • No email designer


    • Directly integrates with G-Suite - All you need to do is download the Chrome extension and add that extension to your Gmail account. There’s no need to learn a new interface as everything is available directly from your existing account and integration with Google Sheets allows you to auto-populate and maintain your contact list with ease
    • Break Google’s sending limit - With GMass, you can bypass Google's sending limitation to send campaigns of up to 10,000 emails in one go. This is managed by sending your mail in chunks over a period of time to avoid spam filters. If you set up an external SMTP, you can get around these limits too
    • Contact list management - With Google Sheets integration, you can build your mailing list to populate automatically with automatic cleanup features to keep it tidy. When you have your list set up, you can segment them based on previous conversations to quickly send your campaigns to the right people


    • Delayed sending - The main drawback of having an email marketing service integrated with Google is that your emails need to be sent in blocks of 2,000 every 24 hours to bypass their sending limits. This means an email campaign of 10,000 emails could take 5 days to complete
    • No email designer - Don’t go in expecting to create dazzling email campaigns with this tool, as, unlike many standalone platforms, GMass doesn’t give you the benefit of an email designer. Instead, you’ll be limited to the capabilities given to you in the normal Gmail software

    Who Is GMass Recommended For?

    Already using Gmail to conduct business? Need some extended capabilities to spend less time sifting through your inbox? Then GMass would be perfect for you. 

    It doesn’t have advanced features and is therefore easy to implement and understand, making it ideal for people who need to send in larger capacities but without the large costs and learning curve.

    Who Is GMass Not Recommended For?

    If your business needs include having to send time-sensitive emails, this tool isn’t for you. GMass needs to send large volumes of emails in segments of 2,000 in each 24 hour period, so campaigns could potentially take several days to send to all recipients.

    The streamlined product offered here doesn’t include some more advanced features like A/B testing or advanced campaign builders.

    GMass Pricing








    No sequences or follow-up emails




    All features

    Team Premium



    All features



    Price packages are per month and come with an individual or team option, with the team option allowing for multiple users. If you want to commit annually, you’ll be awarded a discounted price. The number of emails you can send on each plan can vary based on how you’ve set up: A standard Gmail account delivers 500 emails/day, and a G Suite account has 2,000 emails/day. If you want to send more, you can set up an SMTP relay and control sending externally with no limit.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    Refunds are dealt with case by case and will be granted for setting up the wrong account or if you forgot your subscription was still running and you’ve not been using the service. Cancellations can be made by sending an email with addresses associated with your GMass account stating your intention.

    GMass Features

    The kind of features available to integrate directly into your Gmail account is quite impressive. While they might not be as advanced as other standalone tools and services, they give you many extra capabilities that still allow you to increase the power of your inbox.

    ·       Ease of Use

    Open Chrome, download the plugin, automatically populate your email list, and off you go! It’s really that simple. If you’re thinking of getting this, you’ll already be familiar with the Gmail interface, and having this integrated directly means you only have to learn a few shortcuts to get going.

    Ease of Use

    ·       Spam Solver

    Testing your emails can be a frustrating and tedious process of trial and error before you find a deliverable formula, so automating this process could save you bags of time. GMass gives you the option to send a tester to a range of addresses with various filters. When you get the results in, you can automatically apply different rules to your email contents which Google will implement until you get your desired result.

     Spam Solver

    ·       Automatic Email Verification

    Another great way to improve deliverability is to make sure your email lists are clean, and there’s an option here where you can automatically verify email addresses before sending a campaign. This feature will scan for invalid and bounced addresses, remove them from your sending list and transfer them into a “bounced” list.

    Automatic Email Verification

    ·       Personalization

    Add any interchangeable information into your google sheets to be automatically pulled into your email campaigns. This can be anything from customer names and products to specific deals. Just about anything you can think of. For example: “Hi [name] we want to gift you with [offer] when you next purchase [product]” where the [bracketed information] is automatically populated from your Google Sheet. Big time saver right there!

    ·       Tracking & Reporting

    It’s important to learn from past mistakes when trying to improve so being able to see how your campaigns performed is a great tool for bettering them next time. GMass will track opens, clicks, replies, unsubs, bounces and blocks, which you can view as a total, or import into Sheets to see exactly how each contact interacted.

    Tracking & Reporting

    ·       Email Warm-Up

    A barrier to fully utilizing this service is the sending limitations posed by Google, which I mentioned briefly earlier. A new account needs to prove it has a healthy sending reputation before Google lifts restrictions to allow higher volumes. GMass offers a service that’ll do this for you by training Google’s algorithm to see your address positively so you can get sending in less time.


    GMass Automation Features

    Email marketing automation - You’re able to set up scheduled emails with automated follow-ups, triggered if the first email hasn’t been opened. Email campaigns can automatically scan your contact lists at intervals and send existing campaigns to new additions, which can be super useful for purposes like automating welcome messages and purchase follow-ups.

    Contact list population/cleanup - If you’ve already been using a Gmail account for business, you can simply use the search bar to pull emails containing certain words or phrases to automatically populate all linked email addresses into new mailing lists. 

    GMass Software Integration

    This plugin is an official extension to Gmail and is only compatible with the Google Suite. This means that to download it, you must be using the Chrome browser, you must have a Gmail account ready to link, and you can only store your contact list using a Google Sheet. While this may limit access to a few people, the integration within the Google Suite is seamless.

    Currently, GMass has no possibility for third-party external integrations.

    GMass Alternative Brands

    MailerLite - Built with simplicity in mind, this is another tool that’ll allow you to create effective email campaigns, automate your workflows and gauge the success of your campaigns without having to fork out a lot of money.

    Sendx - For an affordable, yet very effective email marketing tool, Sendx could offer you a solid solution. Their responsive 24/7 live support and the option for a free migration service makes this a great all-around option for small businesses

    Sendinblue - If you’re looking for something with more integration possibilities outside of just the Google Suite, maybe consider Sendinblue. It has plugins available for a range of integrations for an email marketing tool that you can easily incorporate


    GMass acts as a very handy tool for turning your Gmail account into a hub where you can conduct business communications. Although some limitations might rule it out for some, like having to send campaigns over time, these are mainly due to the limitations with Google itself. 

    If you want a simple email marketing tool without the big price tag or learning curve, this plugin will allow you to start utilizing your Gmail account in the highest capacity.