GroupMail Review: A Look at This Old-School Tool, in 2021

GroupMail is a downloadable software that is very easy to use and which aims to help businesses deal better with bulk e-mail marketing campaigns containing announcements, newsletters, or personal messages. Through this GroupMail review, I will extend on what this software offers, who it is good for, and what are its most important features, among other things.

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    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is GroupMail?

    GroupMail makes it easier for businesses and brands to mass-manage large customer databases and automatically send bulk e-mails as part of extensive marketing campaigns. This brand has its headquarters in Ireland and it is not web-based, as it requires downloading.

    GroupMail Pros & Cons



    • Intuitive and easy to understand
    • Comes with a free Lite version 
    • One-time payment, no monthly or yearly fees
    • Looks outdated and cheap
    • The program freezes sometimes
    • It lacks better templates


    • Intuitive and easy to understand: The GroupMail software interface is very simple, even basic some might say but this also makes it very easy to use and understand and work with. All the features are clearly displayed and the UI is intuitive most of the time.
    • Comes with a free Lite version: This software offers clients the possibility to download its free Lite version that lacks some features but can easily be used for more basic tasks. 
    • One-time payment, no monthly or yearly fees: When it comes to its paid versions, customers should know that they all request one-time payments. In short, you only need to buy it once and then use it forever, without monthly or yearly fees. 


    • Looks outdated and cheap: For those of you who are used to more modern-looking platforms and interfaces, GroupMail will look outdated. The program even has that cheap vibe to it, especially the Lite version. 
    • The program freezes sometimes: I encountered numerous issues when using the program but most of the time it simply freezes on you while you’re in the middle of a task. This is a downfall that could make many people pick another platform.
    • It lacks better templates: Apart from the fact that it's e-mail templates are not that many, they don’t even look too good. They are rather basic and dull. GroupMail has another selection of templates that can be downloaded for free from the website but this requires additional time and effort.

    Who is GroupMail Good For?

    • Small to medium businesses: Even if it does its bulk e-mail marketing job well enough, I wouldn’t recommend this tool for large companies. I feel like their target clientele is small to medium ones that don’t require features that are too advanced. 
    • Entrepreneurs: Individual entrepreneurs or freelancers might find GroupMail very useful too, especially since its UI is so clear and simple. Plus, these people might do well even with the free version of the software.

    GroupMail Isn’t Recommended For:

    • Very large companies: I do not think that GroupMail is suitable for a very large company that wants complex and super-professional e-mail marketing campaigns done. I feel like this tool lacks some advanced features that these big businesses could find mandatory to have. 
    • People who don’t like one-time payments: As I already explained, this tool works on a one-time payment system. This means that you only pay for the software when you download it on your computer. In case you prefer to have a monthly or yearly subscription that you can cancel at any time, this is not the right software for you.

    GroupMail Pricing


    Number of connections

    Number of templates

    Multiple users

    Priority support for 1 year



    Max. 3












    142 + opt-in form builder

    GroupMail has a lot of other features that are bound to the type of software that you choose to download. Most of them are basic but can definitely help you create and send a good e-mail marketing campaign to increase your community and revenue.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    This software has a 30-money back guarantee system in place through which they promise to refund you if the tool doesn’t work for you. I have no proof of that ever happening but they claim it’s a real thing. In case you no longer want to use GroupMail, simply uninstall the program from your computer.

    GroupMail Features

    In this part of the analysis, I will talk a bit more about some of this tool’s most important features that clients can make use of for their marketing endeavors. Here we go:

    ·       Unlimited groups

    Rating: 5/5

    One of the most important features of GroupMail is the possibility for clients to have unlimited groups so it is easier to manage and increase their contact list. Besides that, this software also offers the possibility to create opt-outs and to do website subscriptions automatically. 

    ·       Personalized e-mail designs

    Rating: 4/5

    Clients can pick from the pre-made e-mail templates on the platform or create one that suits their campaign and subscribers the best through their HTML editor which can be easily used even by inexperienced individuals.

    ·       Smart delivery tools

    Rating: 4.8/5

    Thanks to the software’s autoresponder, which is its version of e-mail automation, clients can send e-mail responses automatically either when they are away or triggered by certain events or occasions. You can also perform testing and preview your messages before sending them to make sure they fit your vision.

    Smart delivery tools

    The GroupMail dashboard that you see after installing the client

    ·       Cloud synchronization

    Rating: 5/5

    One of the most useful integrations that GroupMail has is with Microsoft’s OneDrive which allows you to store all of your data, synchronize it, access it, and share it at all times, from whatever device and from wherever you are. 

    ·       Result tracking

    Rating: 5/5

    This software also comes with an integrated message and result tracking tool, all in real-time. Thanks to this feature, you can see all the actions that a subscriber has taken, from the time they have opened the e-mail and with what operating system to how much revenue came in. 

    ·       Backup and restoration

    Rating: 5/5

    Thanks to the fact that this program can backup and restore all of your data, you will always be sure that your campaigns and databases are safe and secure. There are also some other interesting features that GroupMail offers to its clients, depending on how much they’re willing to pay for the program.

    Backup and restoration

    Some of the available e-mail templates on GroupMail

    GroupMail Automations

    GroupMail provides some e-mail automation tools for clients to save some time that would have otherwise been spent on sending lots of e-mails manually. Here are some of them in more detail:

    • E-mail marketing automation: This is a highly useful feature that is thankfully provided by this software and it also does its job relatively well. You can schedule certain types of messages to be sent to your community at whatever time you want or make them be triggered by events or occasions, like birthdays. Automatic responses are also possible.
    • Smart sending tools: As part of its other smart sending tools, GroupMail promises to deliver speed and accuracy and to stop your e-mails from reaching the spam folder. 

    GroupMail Automations

    The schedule and autoresponder features are not available for the Lite version of GroupMail

    GroupMail Integrations

    I have already mentioned the OneDrive integration that makes clients’ lives so much easier. However, besides that, GroupMail also allows integrations with Microsoft Outlook and most social media platforms. This is meant to help you reach as many people as possible even if the number of integrations doesn’t compare to that of the competitors.

    GroupMail Integrations

    How it looks like when you have created a group on GroupMail

    GroupMail Alternatives

    Benchmark is an alternative if you want a good e-mail marketing campaign platform that is a bit more advanced than GroupMail. Its prices start at $13 per month and it definitely offers a wider selection of features that even large companies can make use of.

    Aweber is another nice option in case you’re looking for a tool that has e-mail automation features, many integrations, and it’s easy to use. At only $16.15 per month, this one is certainly worth taking a look at.

    SendX is truly useful for all kinds of companies and businesses because it has a large variety of tools and features at a starting price of only $7.49 per month. Its price-quality ratio is incredibly good, especially for an individual looking to create engaging e-mail marketing campaigns.


    In the end, the conclusion that I have reached concerning GroupMail is that it’s a fairly good downloadable e-mail marketing campaign tool but not if you want the highest quality possible or if you have a very large business. The fact that it’s a one-time payment might be either an advantage or a disadvantage for some, while its antiquated look is certain to make some people think twice about downloading it.