Kajabi Review: Is It Good for 2021 E-Mail Marketing?

Kajabi is an online e-mail marketing tool that also offers a wide range of other features to clients that want to increase their revenue by selling educational services. In this review, I will detail its functionality, advantages, and disadvantages, while also telling you whether or not it’s worth checking out.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is Kajabi?

    This interesting online platform has been around since 2010 and it is based in the United States. Its offer includes the possibility to create landing pages, build websites, and marketing campaigns, among other things. It can be considered an all-in-one tool that helps brands and individuals increase their reach and connect with their audience. 

    Kajabi Pros & Cons



    • It comes with a mobile version
    • It offers a 14-day free trial
    • It provides extensive training for new clients 
    • It might be expensive for some
    • E-mail deliverability is not the best
    • Customer support could be better
    • It asks for card details even for the trial


    • It comes with a mobile version: Kajabi does have a free mobile app that clients can download both from the App Store and Google Play. The mobile version does its job well and makes it easier to check up on your campaigns, sales, and revenue than it would have been on a browser. 
    • It offers a 14-day free trial: This online tool also offers potential future clients a free 14-day trial during which they can get accustomed to the platform and see whether or not it fits them. 
    • It provides extensive training for new clients: Their new client onboarding process is extremely nice and it offers a wide range of instructional videos, a lot of documentation, and even training, all so you can know where you stand and what you should do right from the start.


    • It might be expensive for some: Kajabi offers clients the possibility to choose whether they want to pay monthly or annually. In case you choose the latter option, you benefit from a 20% discount. Still, this doesn’t make this tool a cheap one.
    • E-mail deliverability is not the best: It's e-mail deliverability is one of the biggest problems for people looking to build efficient e-mail marketing campaigns. More often than not, these messages end up in the spam folder of the clients. This can definitely defeat the purpose of using Kajabi.
    • Customer support could be better: When it comes to customer support, you can either talk to a team member via a live chat or by submitting a request. Unfortunately, they don’t always get back to you with an answer and you can wait for a long time before that happens. 
    • It asks for card details even for the trial: Asking for your card details even when you only want to join the trial is a bad thing and it’s usually the one problem that makes most possible clients give up, generally speaking. 

    Who Is Kajabi Good For?

    • Small to medium businesses: Kajabi gives me the feeling that it’s best suited for small to medium-sized businesses and brands. It does its job very well but not on a very large scale. 
    • Individual freelancers and entrepreneurs: This online platform is extremely helpful if you are a freelancer or a digital entrepreneur who wants to sell products, keep in touch with clients, and create a bond, all in an attractive and professional package.

    Kajabi Isn’t Recommended For:

    • Big companies with many clients: In case you have a large company with tens of thousands of subscribers and want a tool to connect with them better and even increase sales, you might want to keep looking. Kajabi might not be powerful enough for your goals.
    • Clients who want a free tool: As I have already detailed, this platform doesn’t have a free version. All of its plans require payment and the only way in which you can avoid doing that is through its 14-day free trial.

    Kajabi Pricing


    Number of products

    Number of pipelines

    Number of contacts

    Number of users



















    There are many other extra advantages that you can benefit from by choosing a more expensive plan. For example, the Growth one offers advanced automation while the Pro one adds on that with a code editor, among other things. 

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    Clients can cancel their subscriptions anytime by contacting the team via e-mail or through the account management page. Kajabi can also do the same for any account and for any reason they see fit. There are no refunds available. 

    Kajabi Features

    Kajabi has a wide range of features that clients can use for a variety of needs, from website and landing page building to sales. However, in this part of the review, I will talk a bit more about the most important e-mail marketing features that this tool offers. 

    ·      Flexible e-mail marketing campaign creation

    Rating: 4.9/5

    Kajabi offers customers the possibility to come up with flexible e-mail marketing campaigns which are personalized for the audience. Thanks to the available templates, the e-mails look professional and are targeted at your community. There is also automatic subject line validation so you always know if your message looks and sounds right. 

    ·       Simple and efficient campaigns

    Rating: 4.8/5

    This tool bases its features on simplicity and efficiency so that your e-mails are clear and personalized for each individual customer. You can send automatic occasional e-mails and use the multi-touch sequence tool that works based on your community’s behavior.

    ·       Stunning visuals

    Rating: 4.8/5

    The Kajabi visual editor is a very useful tool that helps clients customize their e-mail marketing campaigns according to their goals. You can also preview each e-mail and add interactive elements like countdowns, videos, etc. 

    Stunning visuals

    The e-mail marketing home page on Kajabi’s website

    ·       Sales funnels done right

    Rating: 5/5

    When it comes to sales funnels, Kajabi does a very good job at instructing you what to do, even if you’re a beginner. There are pre-made frameworks that you can personalize and launch. Moreover, pipelines with pre-written copy that has already been successful are available. You only need to make small adjustments and launch your pipeline.

     Sales funnels done right

    This is how creating an e-mail broadcast looks like on Kajabi

    Kajabi Automations

    Kajabi comes with automation tools that are meant to create a smoother experience and save you a lot of time. They can be found in almost all features of this online platform but the most important are:

    • E-mail marketing automation: Adding automation to your e-mail marketing campaigns is extremely easy. In fact, the website has a comprehensive guide on all things that could interest you regarding this function. You can add those either from the automation dashboard or from the form editor directly. As I said, these are powerful tools that make the whole process of creating and sending a marketing campaign a lot easier to handle.
    • Other options: You are also free to add any automation in the same way to your pipelines, events, offers, forms, posts, etc. This platform has automation tools for almost all services and they all work very well.

    Kajabi Automations

    Creating automations on Kajabi

    Kajabi Integrations

    Kajabi offers a vast collection of integrations that you can use to create better and more efficient e-mail marketing campaigns or to increase your sales. These integrations are split depending on the domain they’re meant for. So, the most important e-mail integrations are MailChimp and Aweber, for analytics you can use Google Analytics, and you also have integrations with Zapier and ClickFunnels

    Kajabi Integrations

    Here are some of the most important integrations on Kajabi

    Kajabi Alternatives

    Aweber is a very good solution in case you are looking for a platform that’s similar to this one. It is definitely less expensive (from $16.15/month) and it still offers a plethora of e-mail marketing tools, like automation tools, templates, integrations, etc, all within an easy-to-use interface.

    Benchmark represents another good option, especially if you want a tool that focuses only on e-mail marketing and automation. It’s even cheaper than the previous one, with prices starting at only $13/month, and it can be used by larger brands too.

    Sendinblue comes as a nice alternative to Kajabi because it’s a complex tool that has a large number of e-mail marketing features that all types of clients can use, regardless of their background and experience. At $25/month, it’s a bit more expensive than the other two but certainly worth every penny. 


    In the end, I am left with a bittersweet taste when it comes to Kajabi. It’s a very useful and interesting e-mail marketing tool that can help many small and medium companies. It also has a plethora of other services to offer, like website and landing page building, but some things about it might make you scratch your head and I’ve already mentioned most of them in this review.