Keap Review: Features and Pricing 2021

In this Keap review, I’m sharing all the information I can about the platform. I will cover some of this email marketing software's features, prices, pros, and cons. By the conclusion of this review, I hope to have assisted you in making an informed decision as to whether Keap is the platform for your needs or not.

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    Written by Ria du Plessis - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated 9/2/2021

    Keap in a nutshell

    Free Plan: No
    User Accounts: Option for multiple different logins 
    Segmentation and Geo: Yes
    Delivery by Time zone: Yes 
    Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
    Means of UseTablet, Mobile, Desktop
    Industry: eCommerce, healthcare, Legal, Fitness

    What is Keap?

    Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft before its name change in 2019) is an online software that offers a sales and email marketing platform for small businesses. Additionally, it provides customer relationship management, eCommerce, and various forms of marketing solutions. 

    Keap Pros & Cons



    • Analytics
    • Templates
    • Free trial
    • Support 
    • Segmentation
    • Expensive
    • Complicated
    • Limited SMS and phone call region


    • Analytics: Keap’s analytics software helps you keep an eye on your sales reports, contact growth, engagement, payments, revenue, and refunds through the dashboard on your home screen. 
    • Templates: this platform includes twenty-seven templates for you to use. You can also create your email and text message templates from scratch.
    • Free trial: if you want to see what this platform has to offer without any obligation or credit card details required, Keap generously allows you fourteen days of full access to its features. 
    • Support: if you’re confused at any point, community forums, training, tutorials, and customer support are available for you to use. Additionally, about an hour after I registered with Keap, I got a phone call from a friendly representative asking if they could assist me in any way.
    • Segmentation: with this platform, you can segment your clients into different groups (e.g., current, prospective, or past) and email them simultaneously.


    • Expensive: Keap is priced higher than other CRMs on the market that offer more options. Moreover, once you’ve signed up for a payment plan, you must pay an additional one-time payment of $499 for ‘Expert Coaching’ so you can implement the software effectively.
    • Complicated: this platform’s software can be overwhelming for you at first. It is a huge learning curve for you if you aren't technologically or logically inclined.
    • Limited SMS and phone call region: while you can create your text messages from scratch with Keap, if you aren’t in the United States or Canada, you won't be able to send them or place phone calls to your clients.

    Who is Keap Good For?

    Keap will be beneficial for you if:

    • You need to invoice your customers: this platform’s invoicing software allows you to create and track your invoices to see which have been paid, viewed, or are past due.
    • You need to set up appointments with your clients: Keap’s appointment software allows your customers to decide when to meet you with a booking link. Additionally, once an appointment has been settled upon, you can send confirmations and reminders to your contacts closer to the time. 

    Keap Isn’t Recommended For:

    Keap is inadvisable for you if: 

    • You don’t have the time: this platform is so difficult to use at first that unless you're willing to invest hours of your time into learning how to use it properly, you won't get very far.
    • You’re a small business: if you're a small business and just starting, Keap will be incredibly pricey. If $79/month for the cheapest payment plan isn't enough, you have to pay a mandatory once-off payment of $499 for expert coaching on top of that.

    Keap Pricing


    Comes with

    Landing Pages



    A/B Split






    $56 for 1st 3 months, $79/m 


    500 contacts,

    1 user














    $112 for 1st 3 months



    500 contacts,

    1 user














    $140 for 1st 3 months,



    500 contacts,

    1 user













     Keap’s price plans increase on a sliding scale as additional new contacts are added to your account. While each plan comes with a minimum of 500 contacts and one user free, you’ll have to pay $30 for each additional user and $21 per 1000 extra contacts. Furthermore, an additional, once-off, compulsory fee of $499 will be added to your account to access a coach to help you work out how to successfully use the software. 

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    If you want to cancel your account with this platform at any point, you’ll have to put your request in at least ten days before your next invoice date. You must also initiate your request verbally through a Keap representative; sending in an email is not adequate.

    Keap Features

    Keap has 134 total features that you can fully access during your fourteen-day free trial, but you have to pay for them after that, depending on which payment plan you go with. Here are a couple of attractive features worth noting:

    ·       Customer Relationship Management

    This platform’s CRM system automatically responds to incoming leads and existing contacts, as well as sending out follow-ups and updates to your clients. Additionally, you can find all the details of a specific client on your dashboard, including their phone numbers, email addresses, social media websites, addresses, and birthdays.

    Customer Relationship Management

    ·       Sales Pipeline

    Keap’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop sales pipeline software automatically syncs with your contact list information. You can use templates, set up easy automations, track and manage leads on your dashboard, trigger automated follow-ups and actions, and assign tasks to team members, which will help you nurture leads.  

    Sales Pipeline

    ·       Invoices

    This platform’s invoicing software generates and tracks invoices so that you can find out which of them have been viewed, paid, or are past due. Keap also allows you to set up daily, weekly or monthly payments and automatically send out friendly reminders to your clients to help you get paid on time. Additionally, this platform integrates with PayPal, Wepay, and Stripe, three well-known payment apps.


    ·       Ease of Use

    Setting up your account with Keap takes no longer than ten minutes. After answering a few questions about your business that helps the software recommend tips in the ‘Getting Started’ tab of your dashboard, you get through to your home screen. With a white background and green text, the entire website is very pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate around. 

    The Keap website has a simple design that even a novice could casually use. The service advertises itself as being for small businesses, so there’s little prior technological knowledge necessary.

    Drag and Drop Interface

    There are a variety of design choices for emails, or you can start from scratch, and then drag and drop the visuals where you’d like

    Landing page creator 

    Even those without any coding experience can casually use this creator to fine-tune their landing page, starting with a template or a blank canvas

    Email templates 

    There are 27 email templates to choose from, with options to purchase more ‘packs’ for a reasonable price

    Sign up forms within newsletter tool (opt in-opt out process)

    It’s possible to add a signup form when sending a newsletter to help to drive customer engagement

    ·       Reporting and Analytics

    Reporting and Analytics

    Keap’s software allows you to keep an eye on five different categories: marketing analytics and reporting, including email opening rates and form completions. You can also keep track of your sales reports by day, week, or month. Viewing this platform’s payment and revenue analytics means you can manage your invoices and payments. You can also see your contact growth and engagement statistics by clicking on the relevant category on your dashboard.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Engagement reports (Email open rate and CR tracking)

    There’s a simple system for assessing the engagement rate of your email campaigns

    Heat maps

    You can use heat maps to track recipients and subscribers by their geographic location

    Campaign comparison report

    There’s a tool that lets you compare your current campaign with previous ones to assess which is more effective


    You can segment your target audience by time zone, interests, or any category you desire. This means you can optimize who receives what and when

    Social media tracking

    Automation and management tools are available for social media tracking to help you increase interaction and create metrics for your social media accounts

    ROI analysis 

    The return on investment tool helps you evaluate the efficiency of your campaign

    ·       Appointments

    This platform's appointment software allows you to consult your calendar and propose a time to meet your client by sending them an email link. Once a time has been decided and booked, a confirmation email is sent before intuitively updating your Outlook/Google Calendar. You can also access your prospect data, notes, and calendar in one place – the dashboard.

    ·       Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Keap's CRM software alerts you via text messaging when your leads or clients text, email, or call. You can also add SMS messaging to your business, but unfortunately, it is only currently available to Keap customers who reside in the United States or Canada. 

    Creating Email Campaigns and Managing 

    Ease of making and managing campaigns is important with an email marketing service. Below are some key features of Keap and how it can help.

    Emails sent/opened and links clicked

    It’s simple to navigate through all relevant statistics related to your email campaigns, and all links clicked and all other activity is tracked automatically

    Deliverability rate and delivery by time zone (spam)

    You can schedule when your emails are delivered so they’ll be received at a convenient time, regardless of the time zone. There’s an automated process to ensure your emails won't be flagged as spam

    Creating and importing email lists

    You can easily import email contacts from CSV, xlsx, and xls files, and creating a list from scratch is more than simple

    Split tests and A/B tests

    There’s an easy to use A/B testing tool that allows you to optimize your email campaign by sending two emails to small groups and assessing which emails were most effective, and which times were best to send them


    There’s a variety of customization options, for both aesthetics and content

    Keap Automations

    This platform has two different automation levels for you to use, depending on your skill level. You can use Easy or Advanced Automations together or separately, depending on how technologically savvy you are. Keap's email automation software uses a drag-and-drop editor with simple when/then actions. You can easily see what will happen when you send your automation. Additionally, here are a few of the Easy Automation features, including:

    • New Lead Capture: using Keap, you can set up an automation to intuitively take your leads from a contact form to booking an appointment 
    • Appointment Reminder: with this platform, you can automate scheduled appointment reminders to your clients once a meeting time has been settled upon
    • Sales Nurture: you can automate emails about promotions and offerings to your clients, potential, new, and current alike.
    • Purchase Follow-up: Keap allows you to automate reminders to your clients when they've overlooked an invoice and then thanks them once they've paid you.

    Keap Automations

    Keap Automations

    It’s important that the email marketing service you use has as many options for automation as possible, cutting down your work hours and making business processes more efficient and streamlined. Keap allows you to automate your marketing, sales, and data entry. 

    There are automated processes for sending customizable pre-written emails and texts, moving leads up your sales process ladder and essentially any other process you desire. With a flexible marketing campaign builder, you can personalize and create any sales and marketing automated process you like. 

    Keap Integrations

    Keap gives you the option of over two hundred different total integrations over nine different categories, including but not limited to eCommerce, Landing Pages/Forms, Lead Generation, Membership, Reporting, and Scheduling. Furthermore, if you integrate your Zapier app with Keap, you'll have over 2000 different apps to help with your automations and productivity. Some of the more well-known apps that Keap can integrate are Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, QuickBooks, and WordPress, to name a few.

    Keap Integrations

    For your email campaign to be a success you’ll need to have a variety of services integrated, including software and databases. Keap offers hundreds of integrated services to cover almost anything.

    API integrations

    The application programming interface can be used to access streamlined combinations with third-party providers

    Integrations with these platforms: eCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce and Woocommerce 

    You’re able to connect with the above major eCommerce platforms to assist with targeting emails and tracking your campaign’s engagement

    CRM Integrations

    Keap offers integration with a range of CRM tools, including Zapier and Parsey

    Social Media integrations

    You can share your product on most popular social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook


    There are hundreds of apps that you can link when using Keap, such as PieSync and AppointmentCore


    It’s possible to integrate a large number of plugins to assist with your email marketing, like the Infusionsoft WordPress plugin

    Keap Alternatives

    ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform that assists over 130,000 businesses in 170 countries. This platform allows users access to 500+ automation templates and 850+ integrations at an affordable price.

    HubSpot CRM is an innovative email automation software aimed at small businesses with its perfectly adequate free model that gives you the option to pay for add-ons if and when you require them.

    Benchmark was founded nearly two decades ago as an email automation service suitable for enterprises of any size. This platform is affordable, with both a free version and paid plans starting from $13/month. Both paid plans include unlimited email sends every month, where the free version limits you to 250.

    Customer Service

    There’s over-the-phone support and online chat support.

    Phone number : +1 866 800 0004 Ext. 2

    M-F  6AM - 7PM PDT

    My Verdict 

    The provider offers a reasonable service that helps small businesses thrive, and has extra services to assist budding entrepreneurs.


    Keap is most suited to well-situated businesses that can pay for its high prices. If you're a small business just starting, I'd recommend you stay away until you're regularly earning a high amount of income. I liked how simple and easy on the eyes the entire Keap website was, but I did not like how complicated some things were to implement correctly. Furthermore, you have to pay nearly $500 extra simply to get trained on how to use the software properly before you even begin. It is a huge downside for me. 

    Keap offers some attractive products for small businesses, and could certainly help you see a higher level of engagement to your email marketing than going it alone. However, for the high price you could find a better service, such as SendX, which offers a similar product but at a much lower price.