Mail250 Review - Start Reaching More People

In search of a new email marketing tool? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be reviewing Mail250 to see what it has to offer in terms of features, pricing, and capabilities. By the end, you’ll hopefully have all the information needed to decide whether this service is perfect for your needs.

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    What Is Mail250?

    Mail250 is a web-based email marketing tool powered by AI to deliver bulk emailing campaigns. A clean and simple layout, cost-effective plans, and built-in AI learning make it the perfect choice for companies simply looking for an easy tool for email sending. 

    Mail250 Pros & Cons



    • Easy to use
    • Bulk sending capabilities
    • Cost-effective
    • AI learning
    • One-directional emailing
    • Analytical limitations


    • Easy to use - A simple layout and web-based UI means you can set up your email campaigns in minutes. The ability to import contact lists via Excel sheets and upload custom template files makes for an easy migration if you’re already using a different service
    • Bulk emailing capabilities - Being the focus of the service, the ability to deliver emails in bulk, with no monthly subscriber/email limit, is offered at every price plan. Their basic $20 package is still capable of sending at speeds of 1000 emails per hour
    • Cost-effective - Their no thrills approach results in a very cost-effective product catering to specific needs. There’s a free option at 100 emails per hour, with paid subscriptions ranging between $20 and $399, affording scalability for startups and small-medium businesses
    • AI learning - The in-house AI offered by Mail250 allows for bulk emails to be sent without being flagged as suspicious. You can control factors such as the speed at which emails are delivered, this makes for more effective delivery


    • One-directional emailing - Only offered by a one-directional service means that features relating to specific clients, like confirmation and retention emails, aren’t present. This limits your customer interaction capabilities and creates a less personal experience
    • Analytical limitations - Mail250 only provides basic analytical information for open tracking and click tracking. The open tracking system relies on hidden images, which won’t trigger if the sent email is text-only or opened by a text reader

    Who Is Mail250 Recommended For?

    Startups and small-medium businesses with bulk emailing needs would benefit from Mail250. Their price plan is affordable and scalable with a month-by-month contract for more flexibility. The UI system is web-based, simple, and user-friendly.

    Who Is Mail250 Not Recommended For?

    Mail250 is not recommended for those needing more advanced automation and analytical features. It only offers a one-directional mailing system with features such as autoresponders. A/B testing is missing from all packages. The inability to integrate these features into this service, while possible, might not be beneficial for those wanting to control all their customer interactions in one place.

    Mail250 Pricing



    Emails per hour

    Dedicated IPs




    Shared IP




    Shared IP




    Shared IP

    Pro Plus

    $35 (30% off)


    Shared IP




    1 Dedicated IP

    SMB Starter



    Shared IP

    SMB Pro



    1 Dedicated IP

    SMB Pro Plus

    $250 (15% off)


    2 Dedicated IPs

    SMB Dedicated



    2 Dedicated IPs

    Mail250 has dedicated plans for startups and small-medium businesses (SMB); none of the price plans have a limited number of subscribers or emails that can be sent per month. The focus in pricing is on the volume of emails sent per hour with the number of dedicated IPs on each plan. Subscriptions last for 30 days, and if you want to change, you can do this easily within your profile before the next payment is due.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies

    Pricing Plans last for 30 days, so you’re never locked into a contract for longer than a month and are free to cancel any time before the next payment is due. If you aren’t happy with their service, make contact within 7 days of purchase, and they’ll offer a partial/full refund.

    Mail250 Features

    All of the features Mail250 has to offer are available on any price plan, even if you have a free account! Below I’ll take a look at a few of the stand-out features available to you.

    ·       Ease of Use

    The Mail250 website has a dedicated help page with clear categories for easy navigation. The web-based browser links act as useful guides when creating your campaign, so you’re less likely to be hunting down solutions for yourself.

    Ease of Use

    ·       Quick Migration

    The ability to upload a list of contact information via an Excel sheet can save a lot of time. An optional ‘quality check’ function, which will scan your list and remove invalid or repeated email addresses, is another step you can automate to make migration easier.

    ·       Free Plan

    The free plan on offer with Mail250 gives you full access to the service with a limit of 100 emails per hour. This is a great option if you’re looking to explore what’s on offer or only a small subscriber list.

    ·       Reporting Analytics

    With reporting analytics, you can check how many people have opened your emails, who has clicked on links and if any of your emails have bounced. It’s worth noting that open tracking relies on image processing to register, which doesn’t work for text-only formats.

    Reporting Analytics

    ·       Customization

    The web-based application gives you plenty of design possibilities, including the ability to link a webpage and an option to upload/edit existing templates, saving them for future use.


    ·       Scheduling

    Mail250 comes with the option of scheduling campaigns. You can decide whether you want your campaign to be delivered instantly, or at a specific time and date in the future. 

    ·       Suppression Lists

    Control the health and reputation of your domain by allowing Mail250 to filter through your emails to remove bad addresses. You also upload your own custom email suppression lists.

    Suppression Lists


    Mail250 Automation Features

    The automation features Mail250 offers are concentrated on bulk emailing distribution. When sending large volumes of emails, the rules are constantly changing; make sure you are aware of the rules to avoid campaigns being flagged as spam. 

    i-MTA - “Intelligent Mail Transfer Agent” is an AI system managed by specialized engineers that automates the process of delivering your content reliably and consistently, so you don’t have to worry about it.

    Email marketing automation - Mail250 offers the option to send emails automatically at a manually set time but doesn’t offer any other automation systems apart from this. There are missing features, like autoresponders and testing, that can limit the possible uses of this service for more advanced email marketing needs.

    Mail250 Software Integration

    SMTP integration - You can integrate your Mail250 campaign with other email distribution systems, allowing you to sync data through servers such as Microsoft Exchange by configuring an SMTP. 

    Other than this, Mail250 stands on its own as a tool. This can be quite a disadvantage if you ever want to expand your capabilities, as there isn’t an in-house option to expand features, and there aren’t any other external services to integrate.

    Mail250 Alternative Brands

    MailerLite - This could present a good alternative if you require bulk emailing needs at a budget. MailerLite has a variety of price plans, all with unlimited emails per month with an optional free add-on for a dedicated IP. Other features such as A/B testing and advanced automation allow for effective marketing campaigns.

    Email Octopus - Email Octopus is an email marketing tool with a pricing model that’ll scale with your business. With in-depth reporting, segmentation, and an automatic engagement feature, this service is perfect for ensuring your campaigns are tight and effective, helping you grow your customer base and subsequent relations.

    AWeber - They provide a scalable email marketing service starting at $19.99 per month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited email sending. A sleek and intuitive design interface allows you to create professional-looking templates while also providing advanced automation, reporting, and testing capabilities.


    Mail250 is pretty much tailored to your bulk emailing needs, and sometimes that’s just what you want. Who wants to pay for a load of additional features if you aren’t going to use them, eh? 

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-use service that’ll give you bulk emailing potential at a tiny price with a solid delivery, then Mail250 would suit your needs just fine.