Metrilo Review: What Can This Marketing Platform Do in 2021?

Metrilo is a marketing-focused online platform that aims to help companies and entrepreneurs increase their sales and reputation through in-depth business analysis tools. In this Metrilo review, I will present its most prominent e-mail marketing-oriented features along with many other interesting details that any possible future clients should know about.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is Metrilo?

    This platform means to help brands and online stores develop their marketing strategies better and allow them to connect with their clientele more smoothly, for long-term contact. It was launched back in 2014 and it has two offices, one in Bulgaria and one in the United States.

    Metrilo Pros & Cons



    • A free 14-day trial is available
    • Highly professional customer support
    • Easy-to-use UI
    • There is no mobile app available
    • Might be expensive for some clients


    • A free 14-day trial is available: Metrilo offers all of its possible clients a completely free 14-day trial during which they can try all of the premium features. Besides that, you don’t need to insert your card details when registering which is a very good thing.
    • Highly professional customer support:  Clients can ask for help via a 24/7 live chat that can be accessed from the official website of the software. You can also call for support or access the help center. The customer support team is very professional and always quick to provide you with an answer. 
    • Easy-to-use UI: The Metrilo user interface looks great, is intuitive, and easy-to-use even for a beginner. All of the functions are clearly displayed so that nothing looks crowded or confusing.


    • There is no mobile app available: Metrilo doesn’t have a mobile version of its software, at least for now. Clients can only use the web-based software for their marketing and eCommerce endeavors.
    • Might be expensive for some clients: It’s a bit of a paradox that Metrilo works best for small to medium brands but its prices start from $119 per month. There are many other much cheaper options on the market and the fact that it is rather expensive might diminish its popularity.

    Who Is Metrilo Good For?

    • Small and medium-sized brands: Metrilo is best suited for small and medium-sized brands and online stores that want to build a connection with their clientele. Its many features work incredibly well and can aid these types of clients by providing a platform that is able to increase sales and, of course, revenue.
    • Clients who are willing to pay: In case you are not on a budget and are looking for a high-quality e-mail marketing and eCommerce growth platform, you can definitely count on Metrilo. 

    Metrilo Isn’t Recommended For:

    • People who want to grow their business for free: Potential clients who want to grow their business and increase their client base for free are not the target here. Metrilo doesn’t provide a free plan but only a free 14-day trial during which you can only try its best features.
    • Large companies and online stores: This platform might not be that beneficial for a very big company or online store with hundreds of thousands of customers. Its overall vibe is that of a tool meant for small brands that might become overwhelmed with the demands of a large business.

    Metrilo Pricing

    Team members



    Ecommerce analytics

    Ecommerce CRM

    E-mail marketing












    From $299

    As you can see, the e-mail marketing features are only available for the premium plan which can be customized according to your goals and which also can cost a lot. However, the other two plans have a large number of features too that clients can take advantage of depending on their marketing growth strategy

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    A client may cancel their account on Metrilo at all times and for any reason either via e-mail or by accessing the Cancel account option. The platform can also do the same. The company will not provide refunds for the unused days of your account, in case you choose to cancel it before the cycle ends. 

    Metrilo Features

    The Metrilo features that I will detail in these following lines are mostly e-mail marketing-oriented and can help a brand grow and develop a better relationship with its clients. Here are some ideas on the most important features:

    ·       Targeted communication

    Rating: 4.9/5

    Metrilo offers targeted communication between a brand and its clients through its over 30 filters that help you segment and analyze your audience and plan your next step. Plus, this is the only platform that you need to use if you want to come up with custom-made e-mails and offers because there’s no need to export your lists to other platforms. 

    ·       Automation for increased engagement

    Rating: 5/5

    This platform helps you send the right e-mail at the right time through its e-mail automation tools. There are over 20 filters that you can use for setting up automatic e-mail sending. This includes “thank you” and “welcome” messages, as well as many other occasional e-mails that will be sent automatically to your audience.

    ·       Feedback gathering

    Rating: 5/5

    Another very useful feature of Metrilo is the feedback gathering tool that provides insights on reviews, without clients having to use an extra tool for this. You can know at all times what orders pleased which customers and persist in doing exactly that.

    Feedback gathering

    The home page on the official Metrilo website looks like this

    ·       E-mail performance tracking

    Rating: 5/5

    Metrilo doesn’t only help brands send e-mails to clients but it also helps them monitor and analyze how they performed. Thanks to the advanced reports, you are able to see exactly what each person did, whether they opened the e-mail, clicked on your offer, or unsubscribed.

    ·       The Assistant tool

    Rating: 4.9/5

    The so-called Assistant tool on Metrilo acts like an extra person who only searches through your customer data and solves all issues. It can automatically send alerts in case your campaign underperforms so you can save precious time. 

    The Assistant tool

    How the customization of a template looks like on Metrilo

    Metrilo Automations

    The Metrilo e-mail automation tools are nothing exceptional but they work great and do exactly what they promise. You can save a lot of time by using this feature and keeping close to your clients.

    • E-mail marketing automation: Clients can set up e-mails to be automatically sent after more than 20 different action triggers, like action performed or not, orders, interaction with products, coupons used, abandoned cart, etc.
    • Occasional automatic e-mails: In the case of occasional e-mails, things are almost the same. Clients can replenish orders, send welcome messages, remind people about abandoned carts, recommend products, etc.

    Metrilo Automations

    A look at some of the available e-mail templates on Metrilo

    Metrilo Integrations

    Metrilo has a lot of useful integrations that are mostly meant as a way of helping online stores increase their revenue and number of customers. So, its most important integrations are WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Magento 2. It’s interesting and definitely useful that the platform also offers you a guide on how to actually use these integrations so you get the best results possible. 

    Metrilo Integrations

    The integrations page that also explains how to use them on Metrilo

    Metrilo Alternatives

    Mailerlite is a very useful e-mail marketing online platform that comes with a wide variety of features that can prove helpful for all kinds of brands and businesses, regardless of their communities, experience, or size. The software has an attractive free trial and its paid plans begin at the price of just $10/ month.

    SendX represents a good option for smaller brands or individuals who are not willing to pay too much but still need good software for marketing growth. Its customer support system is top-notch, quick, and professional. Also, its user interface is highly intuitive and certainly easy to understand even if you lack experience.

    Constant Contact is another alternative to Metrilo but one that is focused only on e-mail marketing and strengthening the bond between the brand and its community. This is another platform that is more suitable for entrepreneurs and small brands rather than for large companies. Its prices start at just $10/month.


    All in all, I think that Metrilo is, without a doubt, a very good e-mail marketing and eCommerce platform that can do wonders, especially if you have a small brand that you want to develop and grow. Its multitude of features along with its automation tools can fortify the connection with the client base and even enlarge it. However, its prices might seem high, especially for a brand that’s just now starting to grow. I think that for a marketing-oriented online platform, this one is worth taking a look at but only if you are within the range that I’ve mentioned and if you’re willing to pay for its features. Remember that there’s no free version available.