Moosend Review: Features and Pricing 2021

If you’re looking for an intuitive and affordable email marketing platform, you might want to try Moosend. This software offers a free trial and lots of useful features. In this Moosend review, I walk you through the main capabilities and weaknesses of this platform. At the end, you’ll be able to figure out whether it is a good choice for you or not.

Moosend review
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    Professionally Reviewed by: Alex Gurevich

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/01/2021

    Moosend In A Nutshell

    Best for

    Ecommerce, SMEs, online marketing

    Free plan

    Yes, up to 1,000 emails per month

    User accounts

    Yes, allows multiple accounts

    Segmentation and GEO


    Timezone-based delivery


    Free trial


    Media available

    Mobile, web, and social media


    Online marketing, advertising, ecommerce

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    What is MOOSEND? 

    Moosend Introduction

    Moosend is a robust email marketing platform that can help you design attractive emails, automate your campaigns and easily track their progress and results. Moosend is suitable for marketers with any experience level and small companies. Besides a generous free plan, Moosend provides different affordable subscription options. 

     MOOSEND Pros & Cons 

    • User-friendly interface
    • Free trial
    • Built-in automation
    • Flexible templates 
    • Limited support for the free plan
    • Fewer integrations compared to some of its competitors
    • The sign-up forms are limited 


    • User-friendly interface: Moosend provides multiple features that makes it a user-friendly platform, starting with its intuitive design, smart interface, and the way it displays its features. Moosend’s drag-and-drop email builder and ready-made templates allows you to build email campaigns easily without requiring any HTML coding experience. 
    • Free trial: Moosend provides a free trial, which is a rare advantage you’ll hardly find in other similar tools. The trial version allows you to experiment both with the platform’s advancedfeatures as well as the basic ones that are also available with the free plan.  
    • Built-in automation:  Moosend’s automation features can compete with those provided by its more expensive rivals. This software enables you to create drip campaigns and email workflows using ready-made designs. There are pre-defined templates for 18 typesof campaigns, including upsell and cross-sell, offer reminders, birthday emails, abandoned cart emails, etc. You can build complex workflows by adding triggers, tags, custom field values, webhooks. Moreover, you can easily split flows.  
    • Flexible templates: You can access around 70ready-made email templates and easily customize them for your needs by drag and dropping elements such as images, videos, buttons, social media icons, text, products, timers, etc. You can also use conditional blocks to create dynamic emails.

    moosend templates


    • Limited support for the free plan: Just like many other similar email marketing software providers, Moosend limits its customer support for the free plan that excludes phone or priority support. These options are only available for the higher tiers. 
    • Fewer integrations compared to its competitors: Moosend does offer a diversified array of almost 40native third-party integrations. However, this is a limited number compared to other platforms such as MailChimp that offer more than 200 integrations. 
    • The sign-up forms are limited: The forms you get as a part of Moosend features package are quite basic compared to other platforms. You don’t have a lot of customization options that would allow you to capture lead data easier.  

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    Who Is Moosend Good for?

    • Beginners and bloggers: Due to its user-friendly interface, Moosend can be a great choice for these two categories because it requires some time to get used to it with little to no experience. The drag-and-drop editor and cleverly-placed functions are easy to access. 
    • Marketers looking for a free trial: Only a few email marketing platforms allows you to test their features for free, like Moosend. The free trial is excellent for you if you want to get a sense of what Moosend can do. 
    • Those who prefer highly personalized emails: While Moosend only offers around 70 templates, it does an outstanding job in terms of customization. You can easily adapt these templates to your needs by editing their content or adding graphical elements. 
    • Whoever needs robust automation: One of the strong point of this platform is its flexible automation builder. You can build automations of any complexity level and rely on the platform’s ready-made templates to ease your work. 

    Moosend Isn’t Recommended for:

    • Those who need a variety of sign-up forms: Unfortunately, Moosend doesn’t provide a very flexible form-building process, and the ready-made forms are pretty basic.  
    • Marketers who require lots of different integrations: Although Moosend integrations comprise the most common marketing tools and social platforms, they are fewer than what you typically get with other services. For example, there is no Android integration.
    • People who want to use the free plan for a large list: Although Moosend’s free plan contains many of the features you get with the paid plans, you can only use it for a maximum of 1,000 subscribers. Also, the free plan’s customer support options are limited.      

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    Key Features And Workflows

    According to Moosend reviews, it’s hailed as an easy-to-use state-of-the-art email marketing platform offering amazing marketing automations, personalization tags, subscription forms, and detailed campaign reports. Primary features include:

    • Creating messages and campaigns
    • Reporting and analysis
    • Integrations
    • Email automation
    • Design and ease of use

    Creating Emails And Campaigns

    One of the major advantages of Moosend email marketing is that the entire process has been made a lot simpler by its user-friendly features. Creating personalized emails is much easier thanks to its drag-drop capability and customization option. You don’t have to worry about becoming an HTML expert, as there’s no need for it on this platform. You can create stunning and impressive campaigns with absolutely no sweat. There are also numerous pre-built templates to choose from.

    moosend campaigns

    In most campaigns and email marketing, you might not see the calculated progress or the result you expected. In scenarios where you’re not making any improvements through these strategies, you might have to start analyzing the process.

    You can personalize all your messages and workflows based on your requirements. This way, creating and sustaining even a complex campaign will be made accessible. There are multiple features that will help you populate the needed emails and filter the entities based on different criteria. You can also effectively manage your marketing interactions with the help of this platform. 

    This platform provides you with a very precise and comprehensive report that’ll help you do the required analysis with much accuracy and speed. There are multiple standard features and advanced ones that help make your mail marketing campaigns more prosperous and progressive over time. 

    Reporting And analysis (Rated: 5/5)

    The comprehensive report offered by Moosend can help in improving your future email campaigns, with both standard and advanced features available to users. They earn a perfect score for their analytics offering.

    Moosend Reports

    The reporting features offered are quite impressive as they help you get a deeper insight into your email marketing performance. You can clearly understand the number of messages sent, opened, and the number of links clicked. Scheduling options to make the process more efficient are also available. 

    The data translator feature helps convert the subscribers’ overall information into attractive visual formats to make the raw data more consumable and useful. You can also take a look at the engagement metrics with the subscribers and other more in-depth specifics.

    moosend reports

    If you’re looking forward to having full control of the campaigns in progress, the bird’s eye view is about how to do it. You can track every single factor, such as click-through rates, open rates, unsubscribes, and subscribers. You can see all the relevant stats in your emails as well. You can get a complete hold of all your recipient’s moves and plan your actions accordingly.

    It also allows you to build comparative reports to help you study the performances of different campaigns. You can even locate your customers and make an overall analysis of geographical influence. This feature can help you figure out the areas that are doing well and those that need more attention. Additionally, you can send custom newsletters to subscribers based on their location, which improves the relevance factor. It also allows you to analyze only the devices of your subscribers, making the testing efforts more fruitful and effective. 

    Moosend Integrations (Rated: 3/5)

    Moosend offers fewer integrations than some of their competitors, but they do still offer a diverse range of integrations readily available for you to expand your marketing efforts. I give them a score of 3.

    No email marketing platform works effectively without integration. The integration allows the system to connect to various sources and receive data from them. This can include CRM and CMS. Third-party connectivity and interactivity is a major factor when it comes to effective online marketing.

    moosend integration

    • API integrations– Moosend’s API can be used via various programming languages and can be used to manage and maintain multiple email campaigns. You can efficiently carry out email list management as well using this platform. With the aid of the API, you can connect to various third-party tools easily and quickly.
    • SMTP server – The platform features a direct SMTP service that can be integrated with all the existing applications of the user. The SMTP server can also be used to send transactional emails directly
    • CRM integrations– It’s important to connect all your CRM tools to make the most out of any marketing software. Moosend helps in integrating different CRM tools in a wholesome manner to make it work
    • Plugins– It allows you to use various plugins to make your everyday operations more comfortable. Right from the basic integrations to complex ones, everything can be managed using the solution

    Moosend Integrations

    Moosend Email Automation (Rated: 4/5)

    The scalable automation tools, along with amazing automation templates, makes the email process all the better and competes with some more complex competitors. Moosend earns a score of 4.

    A major factor that has to be taken into account in any marketing platform is the efficiency of its automation. Email marketing automation, without a doubt, makes things easier for anyone who’s just beginning to create campaigns. Moosend does the same by efficiently intertwining the abilities of automation with marketing. 

    Even if it’s your first campaign, a well-regulated workflow will make the process simple and familiar. You can choose from predefined automation templates and start working right away. These templates comprise multiple email flows that are relevant to ecommerce sites, abandoned carts, and post-purchase updates. These messages deliver more engagement and information for clients.

    moosend automation

    There’s a provision to draft automated email triggers by linking user-defined messages to certain logics. There are a lot more advanced features in this aspect that can be mastered quickly with the help of this platform. The spot-on personalization features that are offered make your emails more relevant to your clients. This way, you can amplify your conversion rates in almost no time with the least effort.

    It also allows you to send customized newsletters automatically at a time that could benefit your business. The automation features offered are infinitely scalable, making them the perfect set of solutions to make achieving goals and sales easier. Each step of the automated workflow can be conditionally controlled; thus, providing the necessary flexibility.

    Design And Ease Of Use (Rated: 4/5)

    Moosend stands out amongst its competitors with its beautiful template options, newsletter feature and landing page capabilities. It’s well designed to make the whole process streamlined and earns a score of 4.

    User experience is of paramount importance for any e-messaging software, or any software for that matter. An interface must be designed to make the usage simpler for the end-users. Email marketing platforms, in particular, must make things easier for you to build campaigns. Moosend turns out victorious in that aspect because of its intuitive design and smart interface. There are multiple features in the UI front that make it stand out amongst its competitors. 

    moosend mailing list

    Some of these features are listed below.

    • Drag-and-drop features– It has a very straightforward drag and drop feature that’ll allow you to build messages with ease. You can use a predefined template and use the drag-and-drop feature to bring the theme to the desired format. This completely takes out the usage of HTML from the picture
    • Landing pages–Landing pages are vital when it comes to any website since they create the first impression. You can create these pages using this module. With this platform, it’s quite easy to build multiple pages to uplift your campaigns. You can use specific UI aspects and other features to draw more attention to the landing pages.
    • Email templates– E-messaging templates are handy, especially for a beginner. Not all of us are design experts, and that shouldn’t cause us to send out mediocre messages. With the templates, you can choose the right one for the occasion and instance. These themes are beautifully crafted and can be used to uplift the overall idea of email marketing

    Moosend Templates

    • Newsletters feature – If you’re looking to engage with more customers, youwill need to expand your contact list. This is probably the easiest way to build a clientele. Moosend is very helpful in constructing sign-up forms. The platform has adopted an “opt-In” mode. You can choose a bunch of people to whom the newsletters are sent to. This list can be maintained and effectively managed by multiple newsletter tools

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    Moosend Deliverability (Rated: 4/5)

    Moosend does offer time-zone based delivery, as well as deliverability optimization available for their Enterprise Plan. Their deliverability is decent, and they earn a score of 4.

    Moosend claims to have a delivery rate of around 98%, which is supported by their features. They offer email deliverability optimization for those on their Enterprise Plan, as well as features that allow for geographic segmentation and time-zone scheduling.

    Moosend Pricing Plans (Rated: 4/5)

    Moosend does offer a free plan, with pricing that is reasonable depending on the plan that you choose. The pricing is decent overall, earning them a score of 4.

    Moosend pricing plans are relatively straightforward. You can also access a forever free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited messages per subscriber. The pro plan is billed at $8.00/month when paid annually and $10.00/month when paid monthly. It includes all of the features such as heatmap analytics, SPAM testing, chat and phone support, branded emails, and subscription forms. Then there is the enterprise plan, which offers all of the integrations and features, a dedicated account manager, priority support, custom reporting, and strategy optimization. If you need this plan, you will have to request a quote from the company.




    Free Forever Plan

    Unlimited emails per subscriber for up to 1,000 subscribers


    Pro Plan

    SPAM testing, landing pages, email heatmap analytics, subscription forms, phone and chat support

    $8.00/month for an annual subscription.

    $10.00/monnth for a monthly subscription

    Enterprise Plan

    Supports all features and integrations, priority support, dedicated account management, email deliverability, and strategy optimization

    Request a quote (custom pricing)

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    Cancellation/Refund Policy 

    If you decide to cancel your Moosend subscription, the company states on their website that you should get in touch with their support team, provide your account username, and ask for your subscription to be canceled. The same goes for refund requests, and not much information is available online on this topic.

    Moosend Alternatives

    AWeber is an alternative to Moosend and a powerful email marketing platform that features affordable and flexible pricing plans, as well as a 30-days free trial. Some of this platform’s strong points include its advanced reporting tools, handy ready-made workflows, reliable integrations, and the rich library of stock photos. 

    Constant Contact has been on the market for more than two decades. It is a good choice for marketing agencies or small companies. Constant Contact features a user-friendly dashboard, multiple reporting and engagement tracking features, reliable integrations, especially with social media platforms, and a multitude of list management options.  

    HubSpot Email Marketing is part of a powerful suite of digital marketing tools signed by HubSpot. This platform provides more than 300 integrations, in-built CRM, numerous email personalization possibilities, autoresponder templates, comparative reports, and plenty more. 

    Customer Service (Rated: 3/5)

    Moosend’s support is reliable and efficient, but priority support is only offered to those with paid plans, which means that Moosend receives a 3.

    Customer service is extremely efficient and reliable. There’s constant support notification in the standard version. At the same time, other plans offer access to priority support. The paid versions have 24/7 live chat and customer service options, which are great, especially when you face technical difficulties in using the application.

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    My Verdict

    The features exhibited by this marketing platform are very useful for a day to day practices. Even the most straightforward tools used in this online marketing platform can be beneficial in easing the process. Besides that, the user interface is very approachable and easy to work with. 

    Along with all the excellent points listed above, it has its fair share of drawbacks, such as the absence of mobile integration and the occasional slowing down of the application. Some features of this platform have minimal documentation which can cause user confusion. However, on the positive side, the real-time chat support helps with customer service needs, and the documentation is gradually improving.

    What I Like About Moosend

    The well-designed and easy-to-use interface are the primary factors that attracted me. Some numerous tools and plugins can be used to make your email process simpler and more straightforward.

    It has a free trial option that is not available to most of the competitors. To add to that, the company has added powerful automation tools, even in free plans. Finally, the template customization options and the built-in automation features makes it a good pick.

    What I Didn’t Like About Moosend

    One of the major setbacks in Moosend is the basic nature of the sign-up form. This might require a little bit of work and additional customization. It also doesn’t provide android native integration.

    To stay in line with competitors, Moosend will need to come up with additional features and customizations.  Further to this point, there have been reports of the application lagging while loading segments, which is a significant drawback and needs the company’s immediate attention.

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    1.     Is Moosend free software?

    Yes, there’s a free forever plan that allows you to add up to 1,000 subscribers and offers unlimited emails per subscriber.


    2.     Does Moosend integrate with Shopify?

    Yes, you’ll be able to integrate Moosend with Shopify using Zapier.


    3.     Does Moosend have a tutorial?

    The official website has all the services explained clearly with step-by-step demos and detailed guides. For more information, you can connect with the chat support 24/7 for additional queries.

    4.     Does Moosend offer a free SMTP server?

    Yes, but it isn’t included in the free plan. You’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan to use this feature.

    5.     Which companies are using Moosend?

    Some of Moosend’s clients include TED x, Vogue, Dominos, Gucci, Sephora, Isobar, and Ogilvy.