PlanPlus Online Review 2021 : About a User-Friendly CRM Software

PlanPlus Online is a user-friendly web-based CRM software that offers a lot of services to its clients. Some of those include task management, sales automation, contact management, and customization tools. In this review, I will talk about its most important features, including email marketing, and decide whether or not it’s worth a shot.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is PlanPlus Online?

    PlanPlus Online is based in Salt Lake, Utah, and provides reliable and easy-to-use solutions for businesses of all sizes and from all domains. It was founded back in 2003 and aims to decrease its clients’ costs by offering an all-in-one software. 

    PlanPlus Online Pros & Cons



    • Offers a large number of features
    • Free trial is available
    • A mobile app is available
    • Not suitable for beginners
    • Requires card details even if you want a free trial


    • Offers a large number of features: PlanPlus Online offers just about everything that a client could need to create a strong and professional customer relationship. From email marketing tools and goal-setting to scheduling and numerous integrations, it can do almost everything.
    • Free trial is available: PlanPlus Online has a 7-day free trial that anyone can try. The trial provides all features so you can get a glimpse of what this software can do.
    • A mobile app is available: This platform also comes with a mobile app that’s available for free on any app store, Apple or Android. You only need to be subscribed to PlanPlus Online and you can install the app in seconds. The app can sync all of your data so you don’t have to worry about that.


    • Not suitable for beginners: In case a client has never worked with a similar CRM suite before, PlanPlus Online could seem intimidating and difficult to grasp. The platform does provide training manuals, webinars, and coaching sessions that you can purchase.
    • Requires card details even if you want a free trial: The platform asks you to submit your card details even with the free trial. This is a detail that might trigger many possible clients to keep looking and not pick PlanPlus Online.

    Who is PlanPlus Online Good For?

    • Medium and larger companies: This is a very complex platform with a wide range of features and services that can be used at their maximum capacity by medium and large companies with lots of clients and employees. 
    • People with experience in CRM: People who already have some experience with CRM systems and frameworks are the best clients for this platform. These people will know exactly what to look for and how to use certain features to provide the best results possible for their companies. 

    PlanPlus Online Isn’t Recommended For:

    • New companies: If you are a new company without much experience this platform could prove a bit too complex.
    • Inexperienced individuals: On the same note, I would not recommend inexperienced individuals, like freelancers or entrepreneurs, to jump on the PlanPlus Online bandwagon. 

    PlanPlus Online Pricing



    All-in-one organization

    Mobile app

    Mission statement builder

    Effectiveness tools & goal tracker







    PlanPlus Online offers a free trial with its two paid plans. The Business plan is extremely complex and includes numerous tools that the essentials one does not have. This makes it perfect for large companies with big audiences who perform large-scale marketing campaigns meant to increase sales and the number of customers.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    Clients can only request a cancellation ten days before the subscription renewal date. In case someone requests a cancellation through email, the processing period may take up to 14 business days. As for refunds, the company asks that you pay a 70% termination fee that will account for your remaining balance. . 

    PlanPlus Online Features

    The number of features that PlanPlus Online offers to its clients is huge, which is why I only discuss the most important features

    ·       Highly-customizable CRM system

    Rating: 5/5

    A customizable customer relationship management system is important for any kind of company, especially a large one. This feature helps companies because they no longer need to hire a developer to do all this work. You can create custom apps for everything you need that will make your job easier from sales and marketing to management and productivity tools.

    ·       Multi-platform management

    Rating: 5/5

    Regardless if you have a Mac or Windows computer or a certain number of users that need to be connected, this platform can easily do that for you. Integrating these systems into a single one that centralizes all of your team’s efforts is mandatory for the efficient development of your campaigns and overall CRM. 

    ·       A large number of integrations

    Rating: 5/5

    PlanPlus Online has a large number of integrations in its offer for each of your company’s needs. Regardless if you’re looking for integrated productivity or any other kind of benefit to ease your job, there are numerous third-party apps that can help you with that, through this platform.

    A large number of integrations

    The home page of the PlanPlus Online official website

    ·       Google sync

    Rating: 5/5

    Synching your account to Google Calendar is very easy to do thanks to one of this platform’s most useful features. It functions with all kinds of accounts and even allows you to sync your data with all types of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. 

    ·       Action sheets 

    Rating: 5/5

    Whenever you need to create appointments, tasks, or reminders for a certain organization or contact, these action sheets can help you a lot. They are incredibly easy to do and require almost no time.

    ·       Automation

    Rating: 4.9/5

    PlanPlus Online also deals with email marketing campaigns and offers tools that companies can use to automate their emails so that the audience remains engaged for a longer period.


    A look at how the platform presents its features

    PlanPlus Online Automations

    To present you with a more in-depth look at this platform’s automation would mean to offer you a look inside one of the most prominent and useful features, as follows:

    • Email marketing automation: This is one of PlanPlus Online’s best features and one of its most popular to date. Integrating drip campaigns or sending automatic emails to your audience is easy to do. Clients can program occasional messages that announce events or messages that trigger follow-ups after certain actions, like a purchase or unsubscribe.
    • Numerous email templates: PlanPlus Online also comes with a large collection of email templates that clients can use and modify according to their goals. They can also create their own for an even more personal touch and form a stronger bond with the audience.

    PlanPlus Online Automations

    This is the page that loads when you request a free trial on PlanPlus Online

    PlanPlus Online Integrations

    The vast collection of integrations that this platform offers to its clients is useful, especially if you’re running a large company. You can pick from apps like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google Contact, Calendar, and Maps, Skype, LinkedIn, Hotpads, Realtor, and many others. 

    PlanPlus Online Integrations

    Some of the integrations you get with PlanPlus Online

    PlanPlus Online Alternatives

    Aweber is a very good alternative for companies looking to strengthen the bond with their audience professionally and engagingly. It offers a landing page builder, email marketing automation tools, push notifications, and many other features at a starting price of $16.15/month.

    Active Campaign can also be a good choice in case you want to go beyond basic email automation. Similar to PlanPlus Online, this software also comes with CRM instruments, training, and a free trial. Its most basic paid plan starts at $9/month.

    Benchmark starts pricing at $13/month for a marketing experience that promises to deliver results through a collection of useful and streamlined tools. This software also comes with a free plan in case anyone wants to get accustomed to it without paying.


    Wrapping it up, I definitely recommend PlanPlus Online for medium to large companies that need to streamline their CRM systems so that they get results back. This platform offers all kinds of features that can aid clients in their efforts to establish a better connection with their audience. I don’t recommend it for individual entities with a low amount of subscribers or too much experience because the entire process might become overwhelming.