Pure Send Review 2021: The Best Way to Maximise Your Sending Results?

Pure Send has been around for over 17 years, an impressive period for this type of organization. In that time it’s gathered a decent amount of support and experience, with previous customers rating this provider highly.

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    Written By Jason Rowse - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/02/2021

    Pure Send in a nutshell

    Free Plan: No
    User Accounts: Options for Multiple
    Segmentation and Geo: Yes
    Delivery by Time zone: Yes
    Free Trial: No
    Means of Use:Mobile, Tablet, Computer
    Industry: PR, Marketing, IT

    Key features and workflows

    Creating Email Campaigns and Managing

    The following can be used to create and run your campaigns.

    Emails sent/opened and links clicked

    You can assess open rates dating as far back as you’ve been subscribed

    Deliverability rate and delivery by time zone (spam)

    You can automate delivery so that contacts all over the world will receive messages at the optimal time of day

    Creating and importing email lists

    It just takes a few minutes to upload any number of contacts from excel

    Split tests and A/B tests

    Using split testing allows you to compare the success of two similar emails


    Customizable content blocks let you engage more personally with thousands of customers

    Reporting and Analysis

    An intuitive tracking dashboard allows you to easily overview your statistics. 

    Engagement reports (Email open rate and CR tracking)

    Real-time delivery reports are updated constantly


    Manually segment contacts to deliver more personalized content

    Social media tracking

    There are currently no options for tracking social media

    ROI analysis 

    You're able to review each campaign, or your overall ROI


    There’s almost no information on this organization's website with regards to the integrations that are supported, or which programs you can add on. It’s stated that a Puresend Web Service API is available that allows you to send emails and manage lists, and that SES and SendGrid integration can be used.


    The automation options with Pure Send are slightly limited, but useful. You can create a variety of so-called ‘triggers’, that’ll initiate your automation. For example, you can automate a reminder email when someone still has an unpurchased online shopping cart.

    Design and Ease of Use

    The creation system is straightforward and accessible.

    Drag-and-Drop Interface

    When designing an email or webpage, you’re able to simply move content with your mouse

    Landing page creator 

    There are templates and even tutorials to advise you on your landing page

    Email templates 

    There are no premade templates, but it should take a matter of minutes to create your own

    Sign up forms within newsletter tool (opt in-opt out process)

    A user-friendly tool allows you to draw forms and tables in any medium 


    There are no plain figures present on the website to give you an idea of this service's costs, unfortunately. It's mentioned that the pricing structures are highly flexible and can meet most budgets, but also that monthly subscriptions start at $300.00, which will certainly be out of some people’s price ranges.

    Customer Service

    You can contact this company via phone at 212 381 7374, or email the team at inquiry@puresend.com.


    Pure Send has some useful features, especially in regards to personalization and delivery reporting. However, the mysterious pricing that starts at $300.00 per month seems far too steep for what's on offer. 

    For a similar service that has much more affordable costs, try Send In Blue instead. It has an even more comprehensive reporting section, and prices start at just $25.00 per month.