QuickMail Review: All of Its Best Features in 2021

QuickMail is an online platform that allows customers to send a high number of automated cold emails and receive answers to them. In this review, I will discuss the process in which this platform does that and whether or not it’s a successful endeavor, and for whom.

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    Written By Henry Walden - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated: 09/05/2021

    What is QuickMail?

    The team behind QuickMail claims that its services improve email deliverability and automate follow-ups so that their clients receive a lot more answers than ever before. This software works with any type of inbox and has a wide range of features meant to improve your reach and create long-term connections.

    QuickMail Pros & Cons



    • Extensive training
    • Top-notch support
    • Free trial is available
    • Difficult setup
    • No free plan is available
    • Card details are needed even for the free trial


    • Extensive training: QuickMail offers training options for people who want to learn more about this domain. It has a live online or video training option along with comprehensive documentation and even in-person training. It also has several paid and free courses available that anyone can access.
    • Top-notch support: It appears that one of the best things about QuickMail is its support team. They are quick, professional, and available 24/7 via live chat, e-mail, a forum, FAQs section, a help desk, or a knowledge base.
    • Free trial available: QuickMail has a 14-day free trial available for anyone who wants to test the software’s features and see how they accommodate them.


    • Difficult setup: The setup of QuickMail can be difficult to understand and work with, especially at first or as a beginner. 
    • No free plan available: QuickMail doesn’t provide clients with a free plan. You have to pay to be able to use the software for cold email marketing. It does, however, provide a free trial.
    • Card details needed even for the free trial: I found it weird that this software required me to enter my card details even when I wanted to test the free trial. This could sadly make many possible clients look the other way.

    Who is QuickMail Good For?

    • Large agencies: QuickMail is a good option for large agencies that want high-quality software to improve their cold email campaigns and outbound efforts
    • Sales teams: This is also a nice choice for sales teams that are looking to grow their reach and their community through the power of professional cold emails.

    QuickMail Isn’t Recommended For:

    • People who want free software: This software doesn’t provide a free plan to its clients, so anyone looking to use such a service from time to time with zero money is not in the target audience.
    • Individuals: In the case of freelancers or individual entrepreneurs, QuickMail is not the right choice because it doesn’t provide the necessary tools to increase the subscriber amount. This software is based on cold email campaigns meant to attract new clients to large brands and keep them interested.

    QuickMail Pricing

    Number of e-mails



    Auto follow-ups & stop on reply

    A/B testing & live notifications

    Multi-touch e-mail campaigns

    Zapier integration


    up to 500




    up to 1,500



    up to 50 inboxes






    *The Auto-Warmer plan on QuickMail is free because it is based on the community of the software. This means that this plan generates positive engagement with real people, has an auto-reply feature, and your emails no longer reach the spam folder. So, the more people use it, the larger the community, the better the results.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    A client can terminate their account whenever they wish by simply announcing their decision in an email to the QuickMail support staff. The QuickMail team can also deactivate any user account with or without notice, with or without reason. Their Terms & Conditions page does not mention any details concerning a possible refund for their clients.

    QuickMail Features

    There are several email marketing-related features that the official QuickMail website displays for its clients. In this part of the review, I will review the most important ones so everyone can understand this software better:

    ·       Create or Import Contacts

    Rating: 4.8/5

    All clients can either create or import a list of contacts that they think could be used for future cold email marketing campaigns. They can use Google spreadsheets or CSV to do that. Moreover, a client can also automatically import a contact spreadsheet whenever there are any changes in it.

    ·       Personalized email content

    Rating: 4.9/5

    To have personalized content for your emails is extremely important if you want to draw a large audience and make them stick with you. You can use A/B testing to come up with variations and make your own attributes for improved deliverability and replies.

    ·       Email automation

    Rating: 5/5

    Clients can find new leads day after day thanks to QuickMail’s automation feature. This tool finds out who replied to your emails and reaches out again to convert them into your clients. You don’t have to move a muscle because automation does everything for you.

    Email automation

    A look at QuickMail’s website homepage

    ·       Auto-Warmer tool

    Rating: 4.7/5

    This very interesting Auto-Warmer tool helps your emails reach their destination and not end up in the spam folder. It’s based on the software’s community because it works by automatically sending emails to inboxes that can “talk” to each other. This way, real engagement is generated and deliverability gradually increases, everything through a professional tone of voice, not a robotic one. Moreover, this tool is 100% free because the more users it has, the better results it gives. 

    Auto-Warmer tool

    This is how the Auto-Warmer page looks like on the QuickMail website

    QuickMail Automations

    The QuickMail email automation feature is based on constructing predictable pipelines that allow clients to stumble upon new leads day after day. The tool also allows customers to send personalized automatic sequences in bulk. 

    • QuickMail’s Close integration: This integration is extremely useful for email automation because it helps you automatically send follow-ups to people who showed interest in your business. You will only need to open an account and check the Settings tab to the left. The only thing left to do is for you to copy the API key and that’s it.
    • Email automation: It’s worth noting that the QuickMail email automation feature also reaches out to members of your community who replied to your emails and helps create a stronger connection with your brand. 

    QuickMail Automations

    Some details about QuickMail’s automation feature

    QuickMail Integrations

    When it comes to integrations, QuickMail stands very well in comparison with other similar services I’ve tested. They have a plethora of integrations, including email providers like GSuite and Outlook, and email verification apps like Hunter and Dropcontact. Besides those, they also have some other useful integrations like Slack, Hyperise, Calendly, and their most important one, Zapier.

    QuickMail Integrations

    The website page that shows all the available QuickMail integrations

    QuickMail Alternatives

    ActiveCampaign is an online email marketing software that helps clients automate their email marketing campaigns. It uses a powerful and advanced CXA platform and is currently one of the most popular such services worldwide. It also has more than 850 active integrations for everyone to use.

    EmailOctopus is another good alternative to Quickmail because it is easy to use, quick, and error-free. It’s truly one of the best such platforms in case you are a complete beginner in this field or want to create email marketing campaigns quickly and without too much trouble.

    HubSpot is an email marketing campaign-focused platform that has a huge database of clients from all over the world and a highly advanced CRM (customer relationship management) tool. HubSpot doesn’t impose a maximum number of login users for an account.  


    In conclusion, I think that QuickMail can be the perfect solution for cold email marketing, especially if you are within their target audience, meaning a bigger agency or a sales team. The software has many useful and well-implemented features that can help you gain a much bigger following. Their automation tool is well-done, does its job, and the pricing for their plans is attractive. Plus, it comes with a free 14-day trial that everyone can try out. The only big downside is the necessity to enter your card details regardless of what plan type you choose.