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Many email marketing solutions available in the market today are designed for larger enterprises, which is why I found Sendinblue intriguing when I first discovered it. The platform seems designed specifically to serve small and medium-size businesses

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    Sendinblue in a NutShell

    Free Plan:Yes
    User Accounts:Multiple with individual logins
    Segmentation and Geo:Yes
    Time-zone-based Delivery:Yes
    Free Trial:Yes
    Means of Use:Tablet, mobile, social media, web
    Industry:Agency, enterprise, eCommerce, NGOs & public sector, Marketing

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    Key Features and Workflows

    Creating Emails and Campaigns

    The first thing I noticed about creating emails and campaigns on Sendinblue is the simplicity involved. With Sendinblue, just four simple steps are needed to design the message, personalize the content, select your audience and intelligently send your messages.

    When creating your message, you can either choose from the app’s catalog of templates or build your own. This is made easier with the drag-and-drop designer.

    • Emails Sent/Opens/and Links Clicks – From the statistics tab, you can select the timeframe and access information such as the total number of emails sent, the total number of emails opened and the total number of links that were opened in your messages. You can also check the total recipients, the total hard bounces as well as the total unsubscribed.
    • Deliverability rates and Delivery by Time Zone – Sendinblue automatically blacklists email addresses that have a high bounce rate, which stops you from sending emails to them. This helps boost deliverability rates. There is also the double opt-in feature that limits emails sent to spam by sending the subscriber a confirmation email. Premium, Premium+ and Enterprise packages offer send-time optimizations which allow you to send your email campaign at the best time to maximize the results.
    • Creating and Importing Email lists – To import your email list, Sendinblue offers you three options. You can upload a .CSV or .TXT file containing the email addresses, add your contact one-by-one manually or copy and paste the list. The latter is recommended if you have a large email list.
    • Split Tests and A/B Testing – I found creating an A/B testing campaign to be easy and intuitive on Sendinblue. All You have to do is navigate to the email campaign page, click on the A/B test tab, create a design, select recipients and choose your split rules. After creating your A/B test campaign, you have the option of choosing to send it now or at a later date and time.
    • Personalization – You have multiple options to personalize your email campaigns, all of which center around the contacts in your email list. You can personalize the subject line of your email, the email “from” name or the entire body of your email. While it does take some time to get familiar with the process, it becomes easy after a while.

    Reporting and Analysis

    Sendinblue reports allow you to effectively analyze your email campaign and to use the data to make the campaigns more effective.

    I could easily find out the total number of clicks on my email campaigns as well as where they were located around the world.

    • Engagement Reports – Sendinblue engagement reports allow you to monitor how your readers are engaging with your email campaign in real-time. This enables precision analysis making it possible to make quick changes to adapt the email campaign to the needs of your readers.
    • Heat Map – the Sendinblue heat map shows you exactly what parts of your emails are generating the most clicks and engagement. This way, you can find which combination of links and text offer the best results and constantly fine-tune your campaigns.
    • Campaign Comparison Report – to help you monitor and compare the activities from different campaigns, Sendinblue lets you add data either manually or automatically from previous email campaigns. I found the graphic visualizations quite appealing made it easier to compare data and see how each strategy performs.
    • Segmentation – This is at the heart of every successful email marketing campaign. Sendinblue allows you to manage contacts by dividing them and grouping them into segments based on interests, conditions (frequency opened, links clicked, stage in funnel, etc.). You can then tailor your campaigns to offer more relevant content to each segment.
    • Social Media Tracking – Sendinblue has plugins for different social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Once you have created a Facebook ad, for example, a report page will show once the ad is running. It gives you information such as number of people reached and number of clicks.
    • ROI Analysis – the app’s conversion tracking allows you to see which email campaigns have the highest return on investment and which are lagging behind. By making small tweaks in your email campaigns you can make them even more effective. The feature lets you boost conversions, track how each strategy is performing with regards to revenue, and tweak them on the fly.


    You can integrate Sendinblue with hundreds of plugins regardless of the plan you choose.

    This includes a variety of different categories, ranging from analytics and social media to more performance-based tools such as APIs, plug-ins like WordPress, and CRM integrations.  

    • Google Analytics – When it comes to tracking web traffic, there is no better plugin than Google analytics. I integrated my Google analytics account with Sendinblue in just four simple steps. This lets you see how your users are interacting with your site once they’ve clicked on your emails and track their journey through your website and app.
    • API Integrations – You can access API support through your Sendinblue account. The REST API allows you to create accounts, send campaigns as well as manage email lists. The SMTP enables you to set up webhooks and web sockets while the SMS allows you to send SMS campaigns and transactional messages.
    • Ecommerce tools – I found that you can integrate most of the major eCommerce platforms with your account, including Stripe, WooCommerce, PayPal, and Magento. This lets you better track how each campaign is translating into website visits, sales, and engagement.
    • CRM integrations – You have a host of different CRM tools such as Zoho, Everwin CXM, SugarCRM and Intercom. This makes it easier to share information about your users and email subscriptions, giving you more in-depth segmentation options and letting you better tailor your content for maximum engagement.
    • Social Media Integrations – Sendinblue also lets you share your campaigns on social media using a variety of integrations. Simply click on the sent campaigns tab, click on the actions tab and share. You can choose to send to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
    • Apps – With hundreds of Sendinblue app integrations, you can find what you need from eCommerce apps, CMS, CRM, Lead generation to developer tools and event management.
    • Plugins – Sendinblue helps you make the most of your experience using plugins designed for every part of your email campaign. From WordPress and Wix plugins to WooCommerce and Magento. Sendinblue plugins will help you manage your contacts in a single location and include valuable features such as segmenting customers based on purchase behaviors.  


    Another excellent aspect of Sendinblue’s tools is its automation feature, which lets you easily create communication flows that keep your customers engaged without requiring intense effort on your part.

    When I was testing out Sendinblue automation, I was amazed at how easy it was to create targeted messages and emails based on customer behavior. You can also create advanced workflows on your website.

    The data will be sent to your Sendinblue account automatically.  Think of welcome messages, anniversary date gifts, or reminders after days of inactivity.

    Sendinblue is fully integrated into your email SMTP campaigns. This enables you to use your email clicks to add workflows or conditions.

    Design and Ease of Use

    The first thing that struck me when I started using Sendinblue is its intuitive design and easy-to-use interface. The main menu is located at the top, and you can easily access your contact management, automation, campaigns and transactional email.

    • Drag-and-drop Interface – You can create responsive email campaigns that fit both web and mobile screens thanks to Sendinblue’s drag-and-drop editor. it’s designed to make it easy to build new emails even if you’re inexperienced with HTML or graphic design. Simply select any of the different types of layouts available and place them where you think they fit best.
    • Landing Page Creator- With the Sendinblue landing page creator, you can develop a more target-oriented landing page that enhances the user experience. What I enjoyed about the landing page builder is that you do not need any coding experience. Like the email creator, you can use the drag-and-drop designer to build on existing landing page templates.
    • Email Templates- Sendinblue offers you over 70 free responsive email templates. It can be time-consuming to design emails from scratch. The templates make it easy to design your newsletters, B2B and transactional emails. Simply pick an email template that you prefer and customize it to fit your needs.
    • Sign up forms within newsletter tool- To help drive engagement even further, you can include signup forms within your newsletters. This makes it easy for new user to sign up for your emails, and the opt-in feature means users feel less pressured to join.

    Sendinblue Pricing

    Lite$25 Monthly
    Essential$39 Monthly 
    Premium$66 Monthly
    EnterpriseGet quote 

    Free: 9000 emails a month, Mobile-friendly email designer, Sales CRM, Advanced templating language

    Lite: 40,000 emails a month, No daily sending limits, Advanced segmentation,  Core API features

    Essential: 60000 emails a month, Advanced open and click statistics, Phone support, Heat map reporting

    Premium: 120,000 emails a month, Landing pages, Facebook ads, Multi-user access, Retargeting ads

    Enterprise: Managed set up and priority report, Dedicated infrastructure and account manager, Priority sending

    Customer Service 

    All of Sendinblue’s plans are accompanied by email support. However, there is no phone support for the Free and Lite plans.

    Additionally, all users are granted access to Sendinblue’s extensive resource base. Here you can find all the information you need from Automation, CRM, Integrations and API.

    Contact Information:

    o Paris, FR

    47 Rue del la Chaussee


    My Verdict

    From email marketing, chat marketing, marketing automation and CRM, I found Sendinblue to be a great option for small business.

    With a client base of over 80,000 small companies located around the world, Sendinblue is well worth considering.

    What I liked About Sendinblue

    After using Sendinblue for a couple of months, I was really satisfied with how user-friendly the software is. You have access to all the important features that you will need to run a successful marketing campaign.

    The plugins are easy to integrate and easy to use. I also liked the customer support. The team at Sendinblue is quick to offer support and will answer every question that you might have.

    What I didn’t like about Sendinblue

    However, I also found several areas where Sendinblue could improve. First, the number of landing pages is somewhat limited. The available landing pages have few functionalities as well.

    Some may argue that for someone with an agency and handling a lot of customers, the price for the dedicated IP is a bit high.

    Sendinblue FAQs

    How Can I Export Contacts?

    Go to your Sendinblue account and click the contacts tab, get the email list you want to export. You can either export all contacts or find a segment such as customers that clicked on your campaign for the last 30 days.

    Select the filtered contacts by checking the box next to them and click export. Select if you want to export just once or daily. A window will open that gives you the option of selecting the field you want to export then click ok.

    How Can I Delete an Account?

    To delete or close your account, go to your name on the top right corner of your screen and click on it.

    On the page that opens scroll down to the bottom and click delete my account.

    Are there any other payment methods other than credit cards and PayPal?

    Yes, there are.

    While you can use credit cards or PayPal for payment, you can also use direct debit. Note, however, that direct debit is for European customers. You can do this using Ayden, an international Payment Service Provider.

    Do They Have Discounts for Prepayments?

    Yes, they do. You can get discounts on their plans if you pay annually. You will get a $2.5 discount on the Lite plan, $3.9 on the Essential plan and $6.6 on the Premium plan.

    What Happens If I Want to Send More Emails Than My Current Plan?

    Sendinblue has no limit on the number of emails you can send each day as long as you are on the Lite, Essential, Premium and Enterprise plans.

    Do They Have Training Materials Available?

    Yes, they do.

    Sendinblue have a vast resource base that has all the information you need to learn how to create the perfect email campaign, SMS campaigns, automation, integrations and APIs as well as any other area in email marketing. What’s more, is that this resource center is accessible by anyone regardless of the plan.

    Do they accept marketing affiliate links?

    Sendinblue does not allow affiliate marketing on their platform. However, Any person you refer that creates an account will earn you 5€. Any person that buys a subscription will earn you 100€. To receive your payout, you need to reach at least $100.