SendX Review: Pricing, Features and Workflow

One of the best and fastest growing brand's of email marketing, SendX has managed to attract many users with its great features.

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Table of Contents

    SendX in a NutShell

    Also Best For:Saas companies, and eCommerce
    Free Plan:No
    User Accounts:Multiple, with individual logins
    Segmentation and Geo:Yes
    Time-zone-based Delivery:Yes
    Free Trial:Yes
    Means of Use:web
    Industry:Real estate, Marketing, SaaS Companies, Crypto and Blockchain, Ecommerce

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    Key Features and Workflows

    Creating Emails and Campaigns

    When I first tested out SendX I wanted to know how easily I could create a campaign.

    The drag-and-drop editor makes it very simple to start building. You can speed up the process even more if you take advantage of SendX’s library of pre-made email templates.

     The software also allows you to boost conversions and open rates with the SendX 1-Click Resend to Un-openers feature.

    The Smart Send feature lets you optimize your campaigns by sending emails based on click behavior and past opens while the Geo feature enables you to send your campaigns based on selected geographical locations.

    • Emails Sent/Opens and Links Clicked—Every time you send an email campaign, a report is generated. You can view the total number of sent and delivered emails, unique opens and total opens, unique and total clicks, and bounce rate. You can also see the total number of people that have not opened your emails and much more information that you can use to optimize your campaigns.
    • Deliverability Rates and Delivery by Time Zone—SendX offers its users multiple features such as the PostMark Spam Check, Mail Tester and Litmus Spam filter tests, all of which offer suggestions on how to prevent emails from going into the recipient’s spam folder. With DKIM and SPF, all emails sent are digitally signed which also keeps them from landing in the spam folder. You can also create and schedule drip sequences to send your campaigns in the recipient’s time zone.
    • Creating and Importing Email Lists—SendX enables you to easily create and import your contacts and email list. You can import your contacts from a CSV file either by clicking the “upload” button or by using the drag-and-drop feature. You will get an email from SendX telling you the total number of contacts uploaded as well as highlighting the duplicates. 
    • Split Tests A/B Testing—I found the SendX A/B testing feature to be simple to use, requiring only a few straightforward steps. The feature creates different variations of your email campaign and sends it to a segment of your email list. The results from the A/B tests will show you which campaign outperforms the others and helps you make the changes and adjust accordingly.
    • Personalization—SendX offers you basic personalization tools using various tags. You can also create custom fields for your email list and tweak them to make your email campaigns more engaging. You can even go a step further with the SendX advanced personalization which gives you even more options to fine-tune your content based on segment preferences and individualized subscriber lists.

    Reporting and Analysis

    SendX offers you a number of different reporting and analytics features. You can see the results of your email campaigns and how they are performing and use the data to improve the click rates and conversions.

    I was able to view the open rates, deliverables, unsubscribed list, and more. You can also segment your email list based on your customer actions. 

    • Engagement Reports— SendX engagement reports provide you with data on how your email list is interacting with your email campaigns, including click-through, total opens, total clicks, and unique clicks and opens. You also have multiple options to increase the email open rates such as segmenting your email list and sending customer-specific campaigns. SendX’S CR tracking feature can help you see whether your conversions are going up.
    • Heat Maps—You can make use of the SendX heatmap feature to monitor your different campaigns. This allows you to visually see which links have the most interactions. By focusing your efforts on the most popular links you can increase conversions. I found the SendX heat map feature to be easy and fast to use.
    • Campaign Comparison Report— While SendX doesn’t have a special campaign comparison reporting feature with graphics and tools as you can find on other platforms, you can use the A/B testing feature to compare the results from the different email campaigns.
    • Segmentation—the SendX segmentation feature allows you to segregate your email list based on different conditions. I didn’t have much trouble sending targeted email campaigns to a group of contacts. I also found the SendX segmentation feature useful in analyzing certain behaviors about my contact list such as people who have opened my emails in the last month.
    • Social Media Tracking—I could not find any integrations for social media tracking which is unfortunate when you consider the power of social media in boosting your email campaigns.
    • ROI analysis—The SendX conversion tracking features lets you see which of your email campaigns are getting the most attention. The data will help you make small tweaks that maximize your rate of investment.


    A proper email marketing software needs to integrate easily with different plugins to be able to maximize your email marketing potential. I was happy to find that SendX could connect with multiple integrations such as payment gateways and CRMs.

    The Zapier integration, for example, allows you to connect SendX with over 1000 other apps.  If you are using a WordPress site, you can easily connect SendX using the Email Marketing by SendX plugin which you can use to send pop-ups on the site.

    • Google Analytics—This is the best app for tracking the traffic on your website. You will need to create a landing page and then log in to your Google Analytics account to connect to the landing page in a few steps.  Connecting lets you see how your users interact with your website after clicking through your emails.  
    • API integrations—With the SendX API, you can send emails to your contacts with full control of email deliverability. The SendX JavaScript API enables easy adding of contacts and initiation of drip sequences. You can also easily update custom fields as it is simple to associate tags with the contacts.
    • Ecommerce Tools— I liked the fact that you can connect SendX with any of the major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento. Using Zapier you can find several different integrations for each eCommerce platform. What’s more, is that the process is simple and quick.
    • CRM integrations—SendX offers CRM tools such as Agile, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zapier, all of which enable you to create more personalized email campaigns that cater to the needs of your customers. As with most integrations that I tested, connecting your CRM integrations takes just a few minutes.
    • Social Media Integrations—Zapier gives you access to over 1500 integrations which you can connect with SendX. You do not need prior coding experience to integrate SendX and Facebook Lead Ads or Instagram Lead Ads.
    • Apps—The SendX Zapier integration opens a whole new world with over 1500 apps at your disposal. The NeverBounce app, for instance, allows you to verify the authenticity of your contacts’ email addresses while the Google Sheets apps enable you to easily and quickly update your contact list on SendX.
    • Plugins— SendX offers plugins that are simple to download and install. For instance, The WordPress plugin made it easy for me to send widgets and pop-ups which ultimately helped me grow my mailing list.


    One of the factors I always look at first with email marketing software is automation.

    I was happy to see that SendX lets me create triggers and condition-based events to build email drip sequences for lead captures, or even stop drips after a reply (even going so far as adding tags for successful captures).

    Automated campaigns are ideal for keeping your readers engaged and SendX does not disappoint.

    SendX to me was a great tool for a small business looking to scale up. In fact, it can be hard for a business to grow without such automation features.

    Design and Ease of Use

    Having tested some of the top email marketing software on the market, I was surprised at how SendX compared when it comes to ease of use. The SendX interface is one of the most intuitive and simple to understand.

    • Drag-and-drop Interface—SendX’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to design your email campaigns without HTML. With pre-built email templates, its personalization features and extra features such as count down timers, you can easily and quickly create a professional looking email campaign that drives higher engagement.
    • Landing Page Creator—The SendX landing page creator lets you create a new landing page from scratch as well as edit existing templates. Start by creating a title and choosing a template. With the SendX content editor, you can easily add images, text and HTML onto your landing page.
    • Email Templates—I especially enjoyed the 20 main email templates that you get with SendX, although can also choose from over 1500 email templates by searching on the SendX ultimate free email templates collection. You can find anything from drip templates, dark templates and even light templates for all your email marketing needs.
    • Sign-up Forms Within Newsletters Tool—SendX enables you to grow your email list through its sign-up forms. You can start with the form templates and customize using the design-builder. SendX also allows you to send automated thank you emails. You can create a double opt-in or single opt-in process for your subscribers

    SendX Pricing

    • Price: Starts from $9.99
    • Unlimited email sends
    • Custom HTML and CSS
    • Segmentation
    • Form automation
    • Price: Custom priced
    • Unlimited email sends
    • Custom HTML and CSS
    • Advanced Automation
    • Executive ROI review
    • Advanced Email Marketing Training

    SendX Discount

    SendX is the platform of choice for all kinds of industries and that includes non-profits. With the aim to recognize the great work these organizations are doing, the email marketing provider makes its high-powered platform available at just 75% of the original asking price. Use promo code WECARE to get 25% off.

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    Customer Service

    No matter how simple email marketing software is, there will always come a time when you need additional help and support. 

    They are very friendly and will reply to all your questions. Regardless of the paid plan, you will get 24/7 customer support either by email, live chat, or phone.

    In case you need more extensive information, you can access their help center. Here you will find articles, tutorials and guides on how to use the various features and integrations.

    SendX regularly updates its software and the great thing is that users can see the updates as soon as they are available. You can also find additional support on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Contact information

    16192 Coastal Highway, Lewis
    Delaware 19958, USA

    My Verdict 

    When I was searching for a reliable email marketing software, I was intrigued by the number of positive reviews for SendX. After trying out SendX for six months, I discovered why the company has such a strong reputation.

    Not only is the software easy to use, but you also get unlimited emails regardless of the pricing plan, great features for a growing business and excellent 24/7 support.

    What I liked About SendX

    Overall, I really liked how simple it was to use the SendX platform. Integrations are also simple to connect and use. Their customer support is excellent and is available 24/7. SendX worked great for my opt-in email campaigns as well and I also liked the extensive tutorials and guides as well as the blogs and articles.

    What I didn’t Like About SendX

    Despite the many beneficial characteristics and qualities, there are a few areas that I found where SendX could Improve. First off is the price. Their plans are quite expensive, especially for small businesses. Granted the SendX platform is simple to use, but they could do better on the administration side. Also, their email tracking feature has some room for improvement.

    SendX FAQs

    How Can I Export Contacts?

    It is simple to export contacts from a list to a CSV file. Simply open the email list from which you want to export contacts. Next, go to “Contacts” you will see a big “Export Contacts” button. Click it and you are done. A confirmation will be sent, and your contacts will be exported to a CSV file.

    How Can I Delete an Account?

    To delete your SendX account, you will have to raise a request via chat/email to close the account, and SendX will close your account within 24 hours.

    Are There Any Other Payment Methods Besides Credit Card and PayPal?

    SendX will accept bank transfers for anything above $1000. They normally accept credit cards but do not accept PayPal.

    Do They Have Discounts for Prepayment?

    While the enterprise plan has a custom payment plan, you will receive a discount if you pay annually. The cost of a monthly payment starts at $9.99. However, you get a discount and save $2.5 if you paid yearly at $7.49 per month.

    What Happens If I Want to Send More Emails than My Current Plan?

    Both the SendX business plan and the enterprise plan give you an unlimited number of emails each month.

    Do They Have Training Materials Available?

    SendX has a large resource base with plenty of articles, blogs, tutorials and guides that provide ample information on using the various SendX features and integrations. This resource base is available to any person regardless of the payment plan.

    Do They Accept Marketing Affiliate Links?

    While SendX does not accept marketing affiliate links, you can join their affiliate program and refer customers to SendX. You get a 30% commission from the paying customers which you receive every month.