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If you’re trying to bolster sales or marketing, having an organized tool to generate leads, automate processes and email en-masse is essential if you want your business to grow. promises to provide you all that and more, so let’s break it down to see if it’s suited to your needs.
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    Written by Ria du Plessis - Digital Marketing Expert

    Updated 9/5/2021

    What Is is a customer relationship management company focused on helping you generate new leads, which means reaching more of your customers on a personal level and tracking your campaigns. If you struggle to find new leads, some advanced features available here could be the key to unlocking that. Pros & Cons



    • Responsive customer support
    • Generates more leads
    • Free limitless trial
    • Flexible credit system
    • Account sending limitations
    • Lack of documentation and tutorials


    • Responsive customer support - You’re able to contact the support team through multiple channels - email, phone or through the live chat widget. Any queries I had (asked through the live chat) were answered straight away with supportive links to explore the subject in more depth
    • Generates more leads - Find new leads with real potential and scrape associated contact info for more refined contact lists. Over 2000 integrations are available for you to generate leads from a multitude of sources and automate your flow of data
    • Free limitless trial - Enjoy 50 monthly credits and 100 drip campaign recipients, unlimited renewal, and no limitations on any of the features available to you. Try out the platform and see if it’s right for you without any financial commitment before jumping onto one of the paid subscriptions
    • Flexible credit system - Each payment plan gives you a certain amount of credits you can spend on different features depending on what you need, whether that be email verification, consolidating leads, or scraping contact information. You’re free to spend these whenever and wherever you want every month


    • Account sending limitations - doesn’t impose monthly sending limits, but the domain of your sign-up email will determine the volume of mail you’re able to send per day. This can be limiting if you’re using providers such as Google or Outlook, that enforce harder rules to prevent spam
    • Lack of documentation and tutorials - When I first signed up, I found myself lost in the interface without any real guidance on what I needed to do to get going. Some quick introduction to the interface would’ve been really handy to cut down that learning curve

    Who Is Recommended For? has an array of features that let you scrape data to expand and maintain your mailing lists. This makes for a great choice for small businesses with sales and marketing needs wanting to grow their contact lists to start contacting relevant potential clients. 

    Who Is Not Recommended For?

    This tool will still send emails through your email provider, so if you’re with a client that has stricter sending regulations, you’ll be limited by this when trying to send large volumes.

    The lack of an advanced email builder could also put off those with more creative design needs.






    Email Finder

    Email Validation









    1,000 searches

    2,000 addresses





    5,000 searches

    10,000 addresses





    20,000 searches

    40,000 addresses





    50,000 searches

    100,000 addresses





    100,000 searches

    200,000 addresses

    Plans here come with a set number of recipients and credits you’re entitled to every 30 days. Recipients are the number of unique addresses you can email per month and the credits are available to spend on various email search and verification tasks. You can track how you’re spending these through your account.

    Cancellation / Refund Policies has a generous refund policy and will give you a full return on funds if you haven’t used your account in the requested billing period. If you have used your account, you’ll still be entitled to a prorated refund taking into account your usage. Features

    ·       Ease of Use

    The signup process is straightforward with a freemium option to get acquainted with first. Although the interface does get some getting used to at first, it quickly becomes familiar, and the chrome extension allows you to instantly find email addresses from different domains in just one click.

    Company Profile Search

    A very useful tool for finding potential new leads for targeted campaigns with more relevancy. Say you’re a cartoonist wanting to reach out to potential clients, well, with this tool, you’re able to quickly generate a full list of animation studios in a particular area to start marketing to the right people.

    Company Profile Search

    ·       A/B Testing

    When designing your campaigns, you’ll be given the option to add a variant to an email. This will let you test out multiple variations of the same email before sending the best performer to your remaining contacts. Here, you’re able to add up to 5 different variants!

    ·       Email Finder

    Available to download as an extension with Google Chrome, the Email Finder will automatically scour web domains and pull a list of associated contacts for you to import directly into your own mailing list. Generating new leads has never been easier!

    Email Finder

    ·       Email Drip Campaigns

    An intuitive email campaign designer with drag-and-drop functionality turns complex drip campaigns into a walk in the park. Blocks are split into different functions with drop-down menus for you to select from a range of responses and triggers that can result in various outcomes.

    Email Drip Campaigns

    ·       Technology Checker

    Also available to download through Chrome, this feature will scan a website to give you a rundown of which technologies they utilize. This is great, especially if you’re selling software or online services, so you can cater your sales pitches to their needs. Just be wary, though, that this isn’t compatible with every website.

    Technology Checker

    ·       Gmail Tracking

    Especially handy if you set up your account with a Gmail address, this feature lets you track exactly who’s opened your emails and who’s clicked the links within. You’re also able to schedule emails to send at specific times with this extension.

    Gmail Tracking

    FEATURES SCORE: 4.5/5 Automation Features

    The email campaign builder allows you to create a range of different campaigns like welcome emails and scheduled material releases. Advanced trigger options with yes-no outcomes mean you can create different paths depending on how each contact interacts with the previous email. If it didn’t get opened, send a reminder. If it was opened and clicked, send a follow-up, which moves them onto the next stage. 

    Personalization is also possible by setting fields that will auto-populate with contact information. Addressing people by their actual name is a lot more welcoming than “to whom it may concern”, don’t you think? Software Integration

    With, you’re able to integrate with over 2,000 different products and services through Zapier. These potential connections span a range of different functions you might need to improve your marketing campaigns and are pretty easy to set up. 

    You’re able to access an integration window through your account, where you can pick from pre-built “Zaps” or create your own unique automations.

    You’ll have to use the Google Suite if you’re wanting to utilize some of the web extensions, as the lead generation tools will only integrate with Chrome; and, the click/open tracker will only integrate with Gmail Alternative Brands

    Hubspot - This CRM gives you many different services for an all-in-one platform for your email marketing and workflow organization. Each of these “hubs” is available to purchase separately so you’re only paying for what you’re using.

    Omnisend - This platform is made with sales and marketing needs in mind. This isn’t just a platform for sending email campaigns: Omnisend also allows you to conduct campaigns via SMS, push notification, WhatsApp, and web pop-ups. Why limit yourself to just email?

    Active Campaign - With this platform, you’re getting access to some of the best automation capabilities out there. With over 500 premade automation options and an array of templates to pick from, you’ll have intricate campaigns up and running in no time.


    This is a top-quality tool if you’re in the business of marketing and selling. The numerous features you can utilize here will generate more leads, and relevant ones at that, to increase your reach. In my opinion, you’ll be rubbing your hands with glee at the thought of all the prospective sales you’ll be capturing!